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"One vs. Many" (Japanese: () VS (バーサス) (かず) Ko Bāsasu Kazu) is the one hundred and sixty-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 35th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Karasuno starts off the fourth set strong. They rely on their numerical advantage to counter Shiratorizawa's individual strength. However, as the set draws on, Karasuno finds themselves at a slight disadvantage.


With Tsukishima and Asahi cutting off the cross trajectory, Nishinoya successfully receives Ushijima's spike. Asahi recalls Ukai's earlier advice about lining up their blocks to make it easier for their teammates to receive. Tsukishima wastes no time and makes fun of Hinata for his weak understanding of the game. Ukai continues to emphasize that they win by outnumbering Shiratorizawa in both offense and defense. Moments after, Tsukishima asks Asahi to guard the cross to increase Nishinoya's chance of digging Shiratorizawa's hits. Asahi begins to realize that Tsukishima is stepping up as the leader of blocking this game.

Following Nishinoya's receive, Kageyama sets to Asahi, who slams the ball down to put Karasuno 2 - 0 in the fourth set. Others watching are noticing Tsukishima's change in demeanor and his contribution to the game. Meanwhile, Goshiki is discouraged after facing a barrage of criticism from Washijō. Reon reassures Goshiki that Washijō has high expectations of him, and the first-year becomes fired up.

After Reon receives Daichi's serve, Shirabu sets for Ushijima. Despite a double block from Tsukishima and Asahi, Ushijima breaks through with his power. Shirabu's unwavering dedication to Ushijima shocks Ukai, who realizes that the Shiratorizawa setter is more strong-willed than he appears. Washijō also confirms that Shirabu is stubborn and aggressive but in a way that demands the other team to respect his ace.

Ushijima drives his serve into the net. Tendō scores in the next rally and comes face-to-face with Tsukishima. The two clashes over their contrasting blocking philosophy. Later, Hinata rotates in. Yamagata receives Tsukishima's serve, and Reon spikes over the blockers to score. In the next rally, Kageyama and Hinata attempt to cut off Goshiki's line shot. However, Goshiki manages to break through the tiny gap between Kageyama's hands and the antenna. Afterward, he brags about being an ace and making miracles happen.

Daichi acknowledges Goshiki's amazing shot but insists that Karasuno can score more points their way. Ukai silently agrees as he points out that it's not solely skills but a team's style that decides the outcome of the game. With the score tied at 7 - 7, Karasuno relies on the synchronized attack to outnumber the opposing defense. However, Kawanishi accurately reads the attack and shuts down Asahi's spike. Washijō is confident that individual strength will triumph all, but Ukai believes that height and power are not absolute deciding factors in volleyball.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Tendō believes good blocking consists of good reads and a keen sense for the game.
  • Tsukishima thinks good blocking comes from a solid system.


  • In commemoration of the first compilation movie, a center color page of Shimizu (with a hachimaki) in front of Karasuno's banner. With her are Yachi, Saeko, and Michimiya dressed in cheerleading outfits. The text reads: "You can do it, guys!!!"


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