"Order and Disorder" (Japanese: 秩序 (ちつじょ) 無秩序 (む ちつじょ) Chitsujo to Muchitsujo) is the two hundred ninety-ninth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 21st-22nd double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


Nekoma cuts off Yamaguchi's third serve, giving the team a chance to counter-attack. Nekoma's defense is gradually coming together as they catch up to Karasuno. However, Kageyama and Hinata halt Nekoma's momentum with their quick attack, widening the point gap once more.


Lev has changed compared to before.

Yaku cleanly receives Yamaguchi's third serve, ending Yamaguchi's serve streak. It's Kuroo's turn to serve, and he gets a service ace right off the bat. Karasuno takes their first time out. During the break, Yamaguchi reflects on his performance. Although his third serve missed, the first and second are just as he planned.  He feels his heart beating quickly as he recalls his practice sessions with Shimada and becomes determined. 

After the time out, Kuroo hits his second serve, but Daichi makes a perfect receive that ends with Tsukishima scoring. 

Kageyama dominates with his skills.

After a few rallies, Kinoshita notices that their spikes are getting past Lev more easily than usual, but Tsukishima realizes that Lev's play has become less reckless. Back on the court, Hinata is about to hit a spike before he notices Lev's block restricting its pathway. Hinata adjusts the direction in the last second to hit a straight, but still finds it received by Fukunaga. Nekoma uses their synchronized attack once again with Yamamoto scoring for the team. With the score at 14-15, Nekoma is gradually catching up to Karasuno. On the sidelines, Akaashi notices that Nekoma's defense is strengthening.

Nekoma continues to demonstrate their play style by having their blockers restricting Tanaka's inner cross for Yaku to make a perfect receive. Daishō, who is familiar with Nekoma, knows fully well that Nekoma's strength is their ability to deal with opponents' attacks perfectly before counterattacking. He describes Nekoma as a team that is not one to overwhelm the opponents, but rather one that will creep up on you before you realize. Meanwhile, Fukunaga comes in for a back row attack. Nishinoya manages to save it but the receive goes awry. Kageyama quickly moves across the court to coordinate a minus-tempo quick with Hinata, who successfully spikes past the unprepared blockers. Karasuno, although unable to successfully deal with Nekoma's attacks, can counterattack with pure force. It's now clear just how different the two teams' are. With the point gap widening once again, Kuroo grudgingly acknowledges Kageyama's overwhelming skill and presence. 


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