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Oriver Barnes (Japanese: オリバー バーンズ Oribā Bānzu) also known as Oliver Barnes in the English translation, is currently an opposite hitter for the V.League Division 1 team, MSBY Black Jackals.


Barnes has short hair and an extremely tall, athletic build; being the second tallest character after Alexandre Joffe


Barnes appears to be a friendly player. Notably, before the game starts, he high-fives Hinata despite Hinata taking his place as regular for the match.


Prior to the MSBY Black Jackals vs. Schweiden Adlers game, Barnes was swapped out so that Hinata would be able to be a starter in the match. He is one of the Black Jackals wing spikers and main attackers.


Final Arc

MSBY Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers

Barnes is first introduced in the MSBY Black Jackals vs. Schweiden Adlers match[1]. He is seen cheering on his teammates throughout the game. 


Barnes is a very skilled volleyball player. It is stated that Hinata needed to be able to do virtually everything (receiving, attacking, being a decoy, and even setting) in order to replace Barnes in terms of value for the team. 

Barnes is known for his strength and pure offensive power. He is an opposite hitter in the traditional sense; meaning he avoids receiving and only focuses on attacking.