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"Particular" (Japanese: こだわり Kodawari) is the one hundred seventy-eighth chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 47th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


After leaving the game due to a hand injury, Tsukishima must put his trust on his team not losing the game. Meanwhile, Tendō remembers his childhood when he was bullied for his looks and reminisces to the moment when he discovered what he enjoys about volleyball. Shiratorizawa Academy maintains their lead over Karasuno with a score of 8-4.


With Shiratorizawa now three points ahead in the score, Semi scolds Shirabu that he is setting to Ushijima too much. Kawanishi believes that Shirabu was doing this because Tsukishima and his blocking were being too problematic and Shirabu wanted to settle things quickly.

They soon notice the commotion happening on Karasuno's side. Ukai notices Tsukishima's hand is bleeding and guesses it happened during his last attempt to block Ushijima. Ukai calls for Narita to head into the game while Tsukishima gets medical attention. Despite his injury, Tsukishima wonders how soon he can return to the game depending on how serious his injury is. As Kiyoko begins to escort Tsukishima off the court, Tsukishima calls out to Hinata to buy him some time only for Hinata to reply that they'll already be set to go to Nationals by the time Tsukishima returns.

Shimada notices that Sugawara is being kept in the match and guesses it must be because Narita is now in the match and will feel more at ease with Sugawara setting since he has worked with him more. Nishinoya also assures Narita that he will have his back.

Akiteru meets with his brother and Kiyoko when they enter the hallway and Tsukishima fakes being surprised that his brother decided to attend the match. Tsukishima pretends to take this chance to rest from playing so much but Akiteru is able to see that his younger brother is concerned about how his team will play without him.

Daichi recalls the face Tsukishima had made when he was removed from the game and is determined to not let Karasuno fall. Daichi receives Ushijima's serve and Narita attempts to spike but Tendō is quickly able to stop it. The ball is still alive when Sugawara right away makes the first receive. Nishinoya attempts a jump set while everyone else goes to attack. As he joins the attack, Sugawara admits his own fear of setter dumps but also knows that if he does not try new things then he and the team will never get stronger.

Sugawara gets the set but Tendō is able to stop it. Remember how one of his previous coaches told him that he shouldn't rely on his guesses, Tendō questioned what was the point of trying something unless it felt good to do; such as the first time he blocked one of his bullies and saw his look of despair. Tendō knew since that moment that one-touches would never be enough to satisfy him. Now he looks down at Sugawara with a look of complete satisfaction.


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