"Particular: Part 2" (Japanese: こだわり·2 Kodawari 2) is the one hundred eightieth chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 49th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Karasuno successfully scores with a group attack thanks to Sugawara channeling Hinata's "decoy" mentality and Tendō falling to the trap of overthinking the attack. Kageyama returns to the game and immediately sets at the first touch, allowing Hinata to score with a vertical spike. Karasuno almost catches up to Shiratorizawa with the score at 8-9 in the fourth set.


Saeko wonders if Hinata is ok from having been hit on the cheek with the ball but she and Shimada feel better knowing that someone was covering during the attack.

After Reon scores, Shiratorizawa students question why Ushijima doesn't get all of the sets now that Tsukishima is out and are unaware that Shirabu is giving the other attackers the chance to attack. Nishinoya receives Reon's next attack and Hinata gets a spike past Tendō but Ushijima receives the spike. Sugawara spots Goshiki approaching and, knowing that he most likely will not be able to stop his straight shot feels confident in being able to block the path for a cross shot. When Hinata joins in blocking the path for a cross shot, Sugawara knows that if Goshiki will go with the straight that Daichi will be waiting.

Goshiki does indeed attempt a straight but Daichi is able to receive. The ball goes back toward the net where Tendō attempts to slam the ball down but Hinata is able to get a one-touch. As Sugawara makes the first touch and Nishinoya prepares to set, Sugawara knows that he cannot keep playing it safe otherwise things will never change. Sugawara joins in the synchronized attack. Tendō studies the players carefully and tries to rule out which players Nishinoya will most likely not set to but gets to trapped by his thoughts that he quickly realizes he will not be able to block anyone. Nishinoya sets to Tanaka and he successfully scores.

Tendō is quickly yelled at by Washijō for not trying to block, stating that he is fully aware that Tendō's guesses may be wrong at times but still wants him to try to block. As Sugawara is about to serve, Kageyama is subbed back into the game. When Hinata teases the tired setter for finally returning, Kageyama warns the middle blocker to watch the back of his head.

Kageyama delivers a powerful serve that Yamagata receives but the ball heads back to Karasuno's side. Kageyama then surprises everyone by jumping forward and making a set right away. He and Hinata appear to be ready to use a quick attack and Tendō attempts to block but Hinata instead spikes the ball straight down to score.


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