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"Pitons" (Japanese: ハーケン Hāken) is the twenty-second episode (and the ninth episode of the second cours) of Haikyū!! To The Top, season four of the anime based on Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on November 27, 2020[1].

The opening theme of this episode is Toppakō by SUPER BEAVER and the ending theme is One Day by SPYAIR.


Inarizaki begins to take the set back with unexpected and powerful attacks, with each play continuing to chip away at the spirits of the Karasuno team. When all begins to seem hopeless, a miraculous play made by the last person they expected brings a new wave of hope.


At witnessing Atsumu's amazing set, Riseki feels that he has only been playing with half enthusiasm during the match until Coach Kurosu tells him that even the best teams and players will need to try new things least they wish to be defeated. He encourages Riseki to follow the team's motto of not holding onto memories of the past and instead try to challenge himself. With a new sense of inspiration, Riseki moves onto the court and right away lands a service ace.

In an attempt to disturb Inarizaki's flow, Ukai calls for a time-out. As he informs the team that Riseki's serves should be manageable for them to receive and stop, Daichi comes to realize that the Inarizaki cheer section is much like Shizuyasu Yokoyama; in the sense that they will cheer when a good play is made but will also ridicule when a bad play is done. The time-out ends and Riseki serves again. This time, Tanaka is able to receive but the ball heads toward the net where Aran appears and lands a direct spike. With this, Inarizaki and Karasuno are now tied 11-11. Daichi is able to receive Riseki's third serve and Tsukishima is able to counter and stop Riseki. As he moves off court, Riseki is congratulated by the rest of team but promises that he will do better next time.

Omimi and Tanaka s4-e22-1.png

Ready to use one hundred percent of his power, Asahi unleashes an incredible serve that narrowly lands out. Despite this, he was still able to impress some of the Inarizaki fans at how he has not let up in his play. Asahi is then able to receive Osamu's serve. Kageyama sends the set to Tanaka who attempts a cross shot but is completely blocked by Ōmimi who labels Tanaka as nothing more than a weaker version of Bokuto. Inarizaki has now taken the lead. At Johzenji High, Coach Anabara is watching the match in the faulty lounge and notices how Inarizaki is showing some instability in their plays. Even though there is a chance that this will backfire on them, Anabara also sees that Inarizaki could make this work to their advantage.

Asahi receives Osamu's serve again. Tanaka gets the last hit to Kageyama who attempts to spike past the block but Atsumu is able to dig the ball. As Karasuno tries to figure out if Ōmimi or Aran will receive Osamu's set, everyone is stunned to see Atsumu approach the net. To the total shock of those watching, the twins perform a reverse minus tempo quick attack. As all of Inarizaki celebrate, Karasuno becomes on edge. Atsumu and Osamu especially celebrate their play until Atsumu points out how the set was a little low and short, leading Osamu to point out that he isn't the setter and argue if they should try a move they have been experimenting with. Ukai tries to get the team to move past the play while pointing out that it was most likely a fluke. Kita also sees that twins may have pulled off a fluke but admits that it was still able to cause Karasuno's anxiety to rise. With Karasuno most likely feeling upset about the lead being reverse and now having faced an unexpected move, Karasuno is surely starting to panic. This becomes more evident when Atsumu was able to block Asahi's spike. The feeling of despair and panic does not easily leave Karasuno when it's pointed out that Atsumu touched the net during his block. As Hinata joins the rotation, some feel a sense of hope arise within them as they believe that Hinata will surely be able to get back some points for Karasuno.

For several plays, the two teams continue to attempt to gain the next point. After Tanaka's attempt at a feint shot is countered, he makes an unseen request from Kageyama. After Hinata is able to get a point for Karasuno, Kageyama prepares to serve while all of Inarizaki gets ready for what they deem is Karasuno's most annoying rotation. When Akagi receives Daichi's spike, Atsumu attempts what looks like an obvious setter dump. Hinata and Tanaka are quick to block before Atsumu can land the shot but everyone is confused when the referee calls the point to go to Inarizaki instead. Shimada is able to tell that Hinata and Tanaka, while having thought they would block a possible setter dump, actually blocked the ball when Atsumu switched to make a set. Because of this, the play resulted in a reach over, blocking the setter before he could set, and therefore gave Inarizaki the point since the two stopped the ball while it was still in Inarizaki's court. However, Kageyama immediately picks up that Atsumu baited Hinata and Tanaka into blocking him.

Thanks to his successful trick, Atsumu is now up to serve. He hits a powerful spike serve that Daichi is able to save. The sheer power behind the serve causes the ball to head back to Inarizaki's court and land before anyone can save it. As the players shift rotations, Takinoue and Shimada see that Inarizaki's rotation will have Atsumu in the back row and the two become nervous at the possibility of the twins attempting their own freak quick attack again. Hinata serves and Aran receives. Tsukishima watches the players carefully and is able to block Ginjima's spike but Atsumu quickly makes the first touch into a set to his brother. Tsukishima quickly hurries to the left to assist in the block only for Osamu to switch from a spike motion to a set. Now having shaken off most of the blockers, Aran has the chance to land a clean spike.

Hinata s4-e22-3.png

However, Karasuno and several teams watching online all become utterly speechless when they witness Hinata make a perfect receive on Aran's spike and keep the ball alive. Despite his shock, Kageyama utters the words that he admits he never thought he would one day say to Hinata: nice receive. He marvels at how Hinata was able to use his entire body to kill the velocity of the ball and send it up high into a gentle spin. Kageyama quickly tries to stop himself from giving Hinata anymore silent praise than he already has as the team begins a five person synchronized attack. Atsumu receives Asahi's spike. Osamu sets to Ginjima but his spike is deflected off the block. When the ball appears to be heading out, Hinata makes another miraculous save when he chases the ball and gets it back to Kageyama. Kenma watches in amusement as Hinata hurries back onto the court while calling for the set.

Thanks to Hinata causes the blockers to hesitate, Tanaka was able to get the ball past Osamu and Suna. Aran misses making a proper receive but Akagi saves the ball with his foot. As Atsumu is about to send the ball back over, Karasuno backs away from the net for the chance ball only for the ball to clip the net and drop in the front before Daichi or Asahi can save it. With their attempts to score gone to waste, it becomes apparent that Karasuno is starting to feel at a loss. Ukai requests Takeda call for a time-out and tries to get the boys to see the last play as nothing more than Inarizaki's tenacity and try to move past it. Despite Ukai's attempt to comfort them, several of the players start to worry about losing the game until Hinata questions if any of them saw his receive of Aran's spike. Kageyama bluntly says that he didn't see the receive but Hinata calls him out by saying he was sure he heard the setter compliment his receive. He tells Kageyama to be sure to watch the next receive he makes. Sugawara remembers how Hinata was when they first met and how the younger boy was able to overcome many obstacles to be where he is now. As the team begins to laugh and the tension eases, Osamu watches their interactions.

Hinata s4-e22-2.png

Atsumu hears Osamu make a food related comment and points out that Osamu has been doing this at several points during the game. Osamu explains how people will sometimes overeat and then swear they will never eat that particular food again only to crave it again the next day. He further speaks how people can be happy when eating and that this feeling never goes away. Osamu states that Hinata is similar in this manner; that he can play volleyball over and over again without ever getting tired of it and after having a small taste of something will make him even hungrier. Atsumu comes to understand what his brother means as he sees all of Karasuno seem to have become inspired by Hinata's hunger.




Episode Notes


  • Players and faculty from other schools that were shown in the end credits throughout the second part of season four make official appearances in this episode.

Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Manga: When Daichi compares Shizuyasu Yokoyama to the Inarizaki cheer section, Shizuyasu is shown at the Karasuno café watching the match. Anime: Shizuyazu is only shown in a flashback.
  • Manga: When the Miya twins are about to perform the reverse minus tempo quick attack, Hinata, Tsukishima, and Ukai are able to tell what they are attempting. Anime: Kageyama is the only one who notices the attack before it happens while everyone else is shown reacting afterwards.
    • Manga: Kuroo and Kenma are also shown reacting. Anime: Only Kenma makes a single appearance later.
  • Manga: Takinoue explains what a reach over is. Kenma also notices that Atsumu tricked Hinata and Tanaka. Anime: Shimada makes the explanation and only Kageyama notices what Atsumu did.
  • Manga: Kuroo comments how Tsukishima is in top form. Kuroo and Kenma are also shown being annoyed when Osamu makes a set to Aran. Anime: Ukai makes the comment. Kuroo does not appear in the episode.
  • Manga: During Hinata's minor flashback of being able to tell where Aran would spike, he remembers spikes made by Hyakuzawa, Kindaichi, Tsukishima, Kunimi, Goshiki, and Ushijima. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: During the second viewing of Hinata's receive, the Nekoma team is shown reacting. Anime: Only Kenma was seen in the episode but at a later time.
  • Manga: One more play takes place before Atsumu sees Karasuno be affected by Hinata's inspiration. Anime: The final play is not shown.

OSTs Used


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