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"Playground" (Japanese: アソビバ Asobiba) is the one hundred twelfth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 28th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Karasuno has won the first set thanks to the impulsiveness of Johzenji. With the second set, Terushima is excited to be able to play against Hinata and Kageyama's super quick after believing that they are the interesting ones and calling Daichi the least interesting person on Karasuno's team. However, Terushima finds himself seeing someone he once played with in Daichi.


All eyes are on Johzenji as they carry out their own synchronized attack. Futamata sets to Terushima but stuns everyone when he misses the set. The ball lands on Johzenji's side and therefore wins the first set for Karasuno.

As the teams switch sides, Ukai realizes that Johzenji did the synchronized attack after seeing Karasuno do it. Takeda questions why Johzenji would attempt such a thing when they were behind in the score and when Karasuno was at set point. Ukai guesses that the team decided to try it out since they were still in the first set and had plenty of time to catch up. Takeda observes the Johzenji team banner and says that the motto 'Simplicity and Fortitude' does not seem like it would fit the team very well. Ukai informs Takeda that Johzenji was a team of Simplicity and Fortitude until the current generation and the change most likely came from the fact that the team has a new coach.

Coach Takaaki Anabara questions the players about what they were planning by trying the synchronized attack when Karasuno was at set point. Terushima insists that they would be able to pull it off but is continually scolded for not thinking ahead. Bobata suggests that the team get a new banner as he believes the current one is lame. Misaki tries to defend the banner but Terushima agrees with his team that the banner does not fit the current team and the teams that will come after them.

Kageyama is subbed back into the game and as Hinata is being subbed back in as well, Ukai warns him and the others that if it looks like Johzenji will try something odd for the last hit to not try to block and instead try to go for a dig. Sugawara tries to get Hinata and Kageyama to be calm at seeing how they seem too eager to be back in the game.

Terushima takes the chance to tell Hinata that he's happy he and Kageyama are back in the game as things seemed boring without them and their super quick. Terushima says that Daichi in particular was the most boring of all since he does not seem to be anything flashy some of the other Karasuno players. Hinata does not see what Terushima means by this and assures him that all of Karasuno will not allow themselves to be defeated by Johzenji.

At the start of the second set, Hinata and Kageyama right away attempt the quick attack but are out of sync and Hinata misses the set. Daichi is fortunately able to get the last hit over, having expected this situation to happen according to Takinoue. Daichi then receives Terushima's spike and Hinata and Kageyama are able to perform the quick perfectly this time around. The two apologize to Daichi for getting over excited. Daichi admits that he was aware of the possibility of the two flubbing on the first try due to being too worked up.

While aware that he is not a flashy player like some of the others, Daichi is confident that he can at least create a solid foundation that they can rely on. All this being witnessed by Terushima as Daichi reminds him of the former Johzenji captain.



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