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"Playground: Part 2" (Japanese: アソビバ・2 Asobiba・2) is the one hundred thirteenth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 29th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


With Karasuno getting further ahead in the score, the players of Johzenji begin to panic and rush their plays. It's up to team manager Hana Misaki to get them back on track with the faith put in her by the former team captain.


An opening flashback reveals when Coach Anabara become the new coach for the Johzenji boys volleyball team two years prior to the current second years joining the team. From the start, Anabara had plans of rebuilding the team from the foundation as they had mostly been known as an average team before he became the coach. The new method worked well enough that the team had managed to place within the top four of the recent InterHigh preliminaries.

After the loss during the Interhigh preliminaries, third year Seiji Okudake questions Terushima about what he will do when a situation comes when he isn't having fun during a game. Terushima answers that he'll just have fun anyway.

In the present, Tanaka lands a spike that puts the score 13-09 with Karasuno in the lead. Terushima tries to keep the team together despite getting blocked by Hinata moments later.

Futamata is able to save the ball before it lands and Terushima makes the next save. The last hit goes to Nobuyoshi Īzaka as Daichi calls for the Karasuno players to step back. Now at a better position, Tanaka is able to save the spike. Takinoue sees that the team is starting to adapt to Johzenji's chaotic plays when Hinata is able to spike past Terushima.

Misaki observes how Daichi compliments Hinata and Kageyama on their play and remembers when she last spoke with Okudake about her plans involving the volleyball club. Because she had yet to find someone to become the new manager once she retired, Misaki decided to stay on until the Spring Tournament. Okudake admits his relief that she would stay with the team since they still needed guidance and someone to keep them in line. Though Misaki says that the younger boys don't pay her any mind, Okudake believes otherwise.

Hinata lands another spike that puts Karasuno five points ahead in the score. Hinata is next to serve but the ball goes directly into the net and allows Terushima to serve next. The Johzenji captain is determined to get them caught up but he inadvertently put too much power into his serve and it lands out.

Daichi's serve gets Rintarō Numajiri and Arata Tsuchiyu mixed on who will receive but Arata ultimately makes the receive. Futamata attempts a direct spike but it lands out. As Johzenji calls for a time-out, Takinoue realizes that the players are starting to panic.

Terushima tries to keep the team fired up and telling them to keep attacking as hard and fast as possible. His speech is interrupted when Misaki begins scolding them by thinking that they can solve the problem by just partying through. Reminding Terushima of his talk with Okudake about a time coming when he is not having fun, Misaki asks him if that situation has finally come and if he believes he is still having fun while being losing then he is probably in denial. Anabara questions Misaki of what she is doing and she answers that Okudake put his trust in her to keep the team in line by giving them a kick in the ass if they were becoming out of hand, leaving many of the players stunned with her choice of words.

Terushima finally admits that he is not having fun with how things are going and that Karasuno is playing more freely than they are. Misaki quotes how Okudake would say that in order for them to have fun they first need to build a playground and that when things are not going how they want they need to toughen up and keep going.

Hinata overhears Misaki say 'ass' and Kiyoko notices his distracted behavior. Tanaka and Nishinoya approach Kiyoko and tell her that they suddenly feel the need to be scolded and spanked by her. Kiyoko refuses to spank them but the two are still flattered by her using the word spank.

The time-out ends and the players return to the court. With the set already half-way through, Ukai notices the change in behavior from Johzenji and believes the set is really about to begin.


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