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"Playground: Part 3" (Japanese: アソビバ・3 Asobiba・3) is the one hundred fourteenth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 30th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Thanks to Misaki, the Johzenji players have calmed down and begin thinking their plays through. They start to give Karasuno trouble when their new tactics prove to work to their favor.


After remembering times when Seiji Okudake helped the players with individual things and helpful advice, Misaki tells the team that they don't have to play any one certain way and that they are smarter than they come off as. She tells them that they should be thinking just as much as they have fun.

Katsumichi Higashiyama lands a feint before Daichi can save it. When Johzenji has the next chance ball, Futamata looks to try another direct spike and manages to get Kageyama to jump to block. Futamata suddenly changes to a setting position and Terushima scores. Everyone, including his own team, had believed that Futamata was going to do a direct spike and surprised them by giving the last hit to Terushima.

While watching Terushima set to a teammate, Tsukishima remembers how Ukai told them not to block and instead pull back if Johzenji looks like they will try something crazy for the last hit. Despite this, Tsukishima is able to block Bobata and is praised by Ukai for the block, stating that if Tsukishima is able to block someone then he is not upset.

Hinata returns to the court, causing the Johzenji team to be nervous until Terushima calls them over for a plan. Takinoue sees that Johzenji has yet to figure out a way to stop Hinata and thinks Karasuno should finish the game while the first year is still in the rotation. When Hinata starts to do another quick attack, everyone notices that the Johzenji team is leaving him unmarked and are instead in position to receive. The plan works when Arata makes the receive and get the ball up. Terushima kicks the ball into the air and Rintarō Numajiri lands the last spike. Terushima is incredibly satisfied that his plan worked.

Takinoue recognizes the method used to counter Hinata was the same that Aoba Johsai used during the Interhigh Preliminaries, though it should not be a surprised that this tactic is used since Hinata's spikes still don't have too much power behind them.

Hinata becomes infuriated by the fact that he was ignored by the blockers and informs Kageyama of a plan he wants to do during the next play. Takeda watches as the Johzenji players once more do not attempt to block Hinata when he goes to do another quick. While in the air, Hinata sees a clear spot to aim the ball and successfully scores when the spike lands out of Tsuchiyu's reach. Hinata attempts to use this method again after a few more plays but Terushima shocks him when he does a close receive and let's his teammates score.

Daichi notices Hinata becomes irritated against and reminds him of his new special move he learned during the training camp. Seeing Hinata going to attack, Terushima braces for what he believes is another quick attack only for Hinata to do the feint shot. The feint is successful and puts Karasuno at match point.

When Hinata's serve is received, Takinoue notices that Johzenji is once more trying the synchronized attack. Misaki realizes that the players are not concerned about what will happen if they fail because they are too focused on the joy success brings them.

Terushima gets the last hit but the ball lands out of bounds. Karasuno has won in straight sets.


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  • In celebration of the Johzenji High vs Karasuno High climax and the anime entering the Interhigh Arc, a center color page of Terushima and Hinata facing each other and holding volleyballs. The text reads: “This is a clash of potential!!”


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