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"Polish" (Japanese: (みが) Migaku) is the three hundred seventy-fifth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 1st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


Hinata and Heitor discuss what volleyball mean to the each of them. The two soon face off against their last opponents with the stake of Heitor's proposal to his girlfriend, Nice, on the line.


Hinata and Heitor advance through the Solcard Cup and are one match away from qualifying for the next level. While conversing on the beach, Heitor asks about the company logo displayed on Hinata's attire. Hinata reveals that it's a company founded by his friend Kenma. After high school, Kenma became a college student as well as a stock trader, Youtuber, pro gamer, and the CEO of Bouncing Ball LTD. Before heading to Brazil, Hinata visited Kenma's house and discovered various expensive gaming equipments. When asked why he would be Hinata's sponsor, Kenma replied that he has the money but made it clear that he will stop if Hinata ever became boring.

Heitor reveals that he will propose to his girlfriend, Nice, if they win the next time. Hinata grows excited, and their conversation transitions to what volleyball meant for the two of them. Heitor thinks of volleyball as only work but believes it to be a hobby that is deeply ingrained into Hinata's everyday life. Soon, Heitor leaves for a celebratory drink.

Later that evening, Lucio Katō finds Hinata shopping for grocery in the market. Katō is surprised at how well-adjusted Hinata is to Brazil, but he senses that Hinata might have experienced difficulties in the past. He notes that Hinata does not take being healthy for granted and instead train hard to maintain it constantly.

On the final day of the Solcard Cup, Hinata and Heitor face off against Lucas Santos and Carlos Carvalho. Nice cheers them on while Pedro also drops by to watch Hinata's match for the first time. Hinata checks the wind direction before declaring that he will win, watch Heitor get married, and return to Japan. Carvalho starts the match with a serve targeting Hinata. Heitor immediately recognizes the opponents' plan of forcing the shorter player to spike. Hinata, having learnt the necessity of a solid kick-off, soars high into the air and slams the ball down despite a block to earn the duo their first point.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Kenma is a college student, stock trader, Youtuber, pro gamer, and the CEO of Bouncing Ball LTD.
  • Hinata's new height is confirmed to be 171 cm or 5'7".
  • Ushijima's wears #11 in Schweiden Adlers while Kageyama's number is in the 20s.


  • The chapter includes a cover showing Kageyama and Ushijima in their Schweiden Adlers uniform signing autographs for their young fans.


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