Promises (Japanese: 約束 (やくそく) Yakusoku) is the four hundred first chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 32nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


The match between the Adlers and Jackals come to an end with the Jackals emerging victorious. Post-match, friends and former teammates gather and converse among themselves. Years later, the oddball combo dons the national team jersey as they stand on the world stage together.


Hinata and Kageyama face off at the net. Kageyama is reminded of his grandpa's advice that he will encounter stronger opponents if he gets better in volleyball. Hinata attempts to evade the block, but Kageyama shifts his arm to push the ball back over. Recalling his training in Brazil, Hinata saves the ball with his foot while in midair. Upon landing, he immediately starts a run-up for a broad attack. His flashy movements attract the Adlers' attention, allowing Atsumu to take advantage of the moment to toss to Bokuto on the other side. Bokuto scores and wins the match for the Jackals.

The Jackals win with a set count of 3 - 1 over the Adlers. During the post-game handshake, Kageyama and Hinata meet on the opposite side of the net and tally their total win-loss record since high school. In the audience, Yamaguchi and Yachi lament the end of an exciting match, but Tsukishima reminds them that it's only the start of the season. The two brighten up and offer to spectate Tsukishima's matches much to the latter's reluctance. Later, Romero approaches Hinata to ask him to take a photo with his son Rubens.

Udai and Akaashi interview Bokuto for an Olympic special in their Weekly Shonen Vai magazine. Akaashi remarks that Bokuto is in top form, but the latter insists that he is "normal". Akaashi quickly realizes their definition of "normal" differs and changes his tune to go along with Bokuto's. Meanwhile, most of the old Karasuno team meet up. Sugawara nags Kiyoko for baring her legs in the cold weather. Kiyoko replies that she wanted to look her best and also show off her scars as badges of honor.

A staff notifies Hinata that someone from the Japan Volleyball Association is looking for him. Hinata goes to meet the said person and is delighted to find Kuroo, who is now part of the Sports Promotion Division. Kuroo has been working diligently to make volleyball more accessible to a wider audience. He is planning a video collaboration with the renowned Kodzuken and asks Hinata to join in.

While signing autographs, Kageyama notices Kindaichi and Kunimi. He calls out to them requesting that they play volleyball together again much to their confusion. Kageyama elaborates that he can wait until they are all old and retired. Kinidachi openly accepts, and so does Kunimi albeit less upfront. Seemingly reconciled, the three former Kitagawa Daiichi teammates smile and laugh as they go their own way.

Enaga, accompanied by Akane, inquires about Hoshiumi's thoughts on Hinata. After Hoshiumi prompts for her thoughts first, Enaga points out Hinata's stability in midair and versatility as his strength. The Adlers wing spiker is in full agreement and admits that Hinata is slightly better at setting and defense. Enaga notes that Hoshiumi has found a remarkable rival, and Hoshiumi adds that they will take on the world together.

In the year 2021, the Tokyo Olympics is taking place at the Ariake Arena. Hinata and Kageyama stand side by side as they prepare to take on their world in their number 10 and 9 national team jersey.


Chapter notes

Haikyū!! featured on the front cover of Weekly Shōnen Jump

Character revelations

  • In terms of their score tallies, Hinata has 1096 wins and 1100 loses against Kageyama.
  • Romero's son is named Rubens.
  • Udai's manga is about to be cancelled with only 7 chapters left to go. He plans on starting a new series.
  • Kuroo now works for the Japan Volleyball Association as part of the Economy Supply Service Department.
    • He plans on recording a collaboration video with Kozuken (Kenma) and wants Hinata to join in.
  • Kuroo is said to give off a con man vibe, as noted by Atsumu and Sakusa.
  • According to Hoshiumi, Hinata is slightly better at setting and defense.
  • Hinata and Kageyama have their old jersey number #10 and #9 respectively on the Japan National Team.



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