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Puyopuyo!! Quest (Japanese: ぷよぷよ!!クエスト) is a free-to-play puzzle role-playing game for iOS and Android, developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega Networks in Japan.

From January 17 to January 27, 2020[1] and from November 13 to November 23, 2020[2] characters from Haikyū!! To The Top were available to unlock and/or purchase within the game.


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Puyopuyo!! Quest is a color matching game where players match five types of "Puyo" (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) on a 6x8 square grid. When four or more "Puyo" are matched together, they disappear and create an ally card attack based on their color and points.


Key art

Haikyū!! Cards

The following cards were available to unlock within the game[3][4]:

Haikyū!! Character Art

The following Haikyū!! characters appear in the game[5]:


In-game statistic screens:


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