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"Regrets and New Goals" (Japanese: 後悔 (こうかい) 目標 (もくひょう) Kōkai to Mokuhyō) is the seventy-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 35th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Hinata finds out that the third-years would be retiring after the Prelims, and seeks out Takeda for confirmation. The teacher talks to the third years about their decision between continuing club activities and preparing for college to safeguard their future goals. The third-years choose the former, and Karasuno strives to go to the Spring High Nationals in order to fight stronger opponents. Suddenly, Takeda comes rushing at the gym.


As Aoba Johsai is facing Shiratorizawa Academy in the finals, Ukai and Takinoue discuss Karasuno's match against Aoba Johsai. Both men acknowledge how strong Seijoh is and are not sure how the team will fare against them in the future. They also realize how, during the time-outs, the Seijoh players would mostly converse between themselves without their coaches. Though Seijoh is a strong team, Ukai knows that the only team that could beat them is Shiratorizawa. It's at this point that Shiratorizawa is shown beating Seijoh in straight sets.

At school, Hinata is having lunch with a classmate who reveals that his team lost in their own tournament and the third years retired afterward. Hearing this, Hinata becomes fearful at the thought of Daichi, Sugawara, and Asahi retiring from the team, wanting to continue learning from and playing with them.

A brief flashback shows Sugawara having met with the school guidance counselor about leaving the volleyball club in order to put all of his focus on his studies. The counselor later meets with Takeda about his meeting with Sugawara. He is aware the third-year is not a starting player on the team and is concerned that both Sugawara and Daichi may not be able to handle their studies if they continue to stay on the team. Thus, the counselor asks Takeda to speak with all of the third years about whether or not they will continue to be on the team.

At that moment, Hinata walks in and overhears the conversation. He asks Takeda if it's true that the third years will continue on with the team but Takeda answers that the decision will need to be made by the third years and has to be one that they will not regret years later. Hinata begins sputtering how he wouldn't be able to quit volleyball until he won an Olympic medal until Takeda is called away by a phone call.

Hinata bumps into Sugawara in the hallway but Takeda calls for Sugawara before they can talk. With Daichi, Asahi, and Kiyoko also present, Takeda speak to all the third-years about the choice they need to make concerning their personal futures and whether or not to stay in the volleyball club. He warns them of possible injuries if they continue playing and says that he will personally stop them if they answer that they want to continue solely for the reason of 'All I have is now'. Takeda makes them aware that most other third years that have retired from clubs are now putting all of their attention on their studies and if Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, and Kiyoko continue with the club they may cause more strain for themselves. But he does know that the choice is theirs to make and asks that their decision is one they will not regret later in life.

In the gym, the present team members see the third years still have not arrived. They become nervous at the thought of their senior's not coming until the four finally appear with the announcement that they should prepare to head to the Spring Tournament.

Ukai later speaks with the team about their match against Aoba Johsai and how they were not strong enough to beat the team that had placed in the top four for several years. He then reveals that today was the last day of the InterHigh Preliminaries and Shiratorizawa were named the winning team with Seijoh as the second place team. Because they are aware that there is a team stronger than Seijoh and knowing their next goal is the Spring Tournament, their only choice is to get stronger. Because the Spring Tournament is held in January, the third years will be able to compete and it is known as their 'last battle'.

Daichi makes it clear that Karasuno has stood on the National stage once and is confident that they will do it again. Hinata is also hopeful that the team will also make it to play on the orange court where the Tiny Giant had once played. Ukai is very well aware that the way the team is now is not strong enough to make it to the Spring Tournament and that they will need more experience through as many practice matches as they can get.

Takeda suddenly rushes into the gym and announces that the team has been invited to Tokyo.


Chapter notes

Character revelations


  • Shiratorizawa defeats Aoba Johsai, and advances towards the Inter High Nationals.


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