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Ren Ōmimi (Japanese: 大耳 (おおみみ) (れん) Ōmimi Ren) was a third-year student at Inarizaki High. He played as a middle blocker for the Boys' Volleyball Team.

As of 2021, he is a customs officer in Osaka.


Ōmimi is one of the taller characters in the series. He is 191 cm tall, with narrow eyes with long, narrow eyebrows, and a somewhat menacing appearance in general; he is referred to by Hinata as the "scary-looking guy". He has short, dark hair that he keeps neatly done with his bangs combed to the right.

Post-timeskip, Ōmimi's intimidating appearance seems to have eased a bit.


According to Hinata, he gives off a scary feel due to his appearance. However, it seems that his personality is quite mild. Additionally, he tends to be very respectful. Ōmimi also appears to be observant of those around him, shown by his knowledge of being aware of Kita's cleaning ritual.


Tokyo Nationals Arc[]

Near the beginning of the match against Karasuno, Kageyama deals with a messy bump to set from his teammate with a rebound, which alarms Ōmimi. Following this, Hinata scores right past through him with his quick attack. Despite this, both Hinata and Kageyama think to themselves that Ōmimi nearly blocked them, even if they don't outwardly express their worry. Shortly after, Atsumu sets perfectly to Ōmimi and Karasuno is shocked at how they managed to do a quick set from such a distance from the net. Later on, Ōmimi is baited by Kageyama as he uses Hinata as a decoy.

During the second set, Ōmimi and Osamu jump to block with Hinata but are frustrated at his speed when they are unable to stop him. When he is next to Kita, Ōmimi is impressed at Atsumu's serve and remarks on his peak performance that day. Ōmimi is confused when Kita tells him that he would've done well with either jump floaters or spike serves but Kita explains that he predicted Atsumu would regret his decisions if he had chosen a spike serve. At this, Ōmimi is intimidated by his captain for his such sharp reads.

Omimi and Tanaka s4-e22-1

"You're just a weaker version of Bokuto."

Shortly after, Ōmimi notices Tanaka coming from the left and remembering his sharp cut shots, Ōmimi discards this and blocks him with no hesitation, simply thinking of Tanaka as a weaker version of Bokuto. When watching the match in Miyagi, Anabara recognizes Inarizaki's instability, though this makes this flexible, and uses Ōmimi as an example for this. After another impressive block from Ōmimi, the announcers praise Inarizaki for their blocking has become sharper as the match progressed. Ōmimi would harshly block Tanaka again but this time, Nishinoya saves it. Despite this, Ōmimi prevents Karasuno's victory with a hard block as the score reaches its 30s. Nevertheless, Inarizaki still loses and after the last point is scored, Ōmimi looks down in distress. Following this, Inarizaki bows to Karasuno.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He is one of the tallest middle blockers in the national tournament, standing over 191 cm. During the match against Karasuno, he was able to block Tanaka's inner cross spike. He is shown to do a jump serve, but it is unknown how skilled he is at it.


  • Blocking: Ōmimi's best known skill is his blocks. Thanks to his height and long arms, he is able to block or get one-touches of numerous spikes from the opposing teams spikers. He is also able to think clearly enough to know which spiker to try to block as seen when he was able to perfectly block Tanaka's cross spike.


Inarizaki High[]

  • Shinsuke Kita:
    Ren and Kita
    Ōmimi has a good relationship with Kita since they are both third-years in the same class (Class 3-7). In contrary to Aran, who questions Kita's robot-like personality, Ōmimi seems to be the one who understands Kita the best as they often converse when he is rotated out during the match against Karasuno. He also occasionally explains Kita's habits to the second- and first-years when they seem to not understand Kita's routine. Additionally, because they are often seen together and are both quite formal with each other, they are often compared to an old married couple.


  • Favorite Food: Whitefish Sashimi (Japanese: (しろ) () (さかな) (さし) () Shiromisakana no Sashimi).
  • Current Concern: When he and Kita drink tea together, Atsumu said: "They seem like a married couple."
  • Star Sign: Aquarius.
  • It is confirmed that he shares the same class as Shinsuke Kita.
  • He is the youngest third-year on the team.
  • Ōmimi is named after the Bat-eared Fox, also known as "オオミミギツネ" or oomimi gitsune.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Ren (練) – Kneading, Practice
    • Ōmimi (大耳) – Large Ears