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Reon Ōhira (Japanese: 大平 (おおひら) 獅音 (れおん) Ōhira Reon) was a third year wing spiker and vice captain of the boys volleyball team at Shiratorizawa Academy.

As of 2018, he works for a sporting goods company and plays as an outside hitter for Kiniro Sports Jumpers, a Division 3 V-League Team. He also has a daughter.


He has black hair, thick triangular-shaped eyebrows, round eyes, a big nose, and large lips. His hair is a undercut, his top hair is relatively short. He has a large, muscular build.


Ōhira has a soothing personality and tends to be responsible for calming his teammates down when they're hyped up. He doesn't get riled up easily and is similar to Ushijima when it comes to his temperament; along with Ushijima, he wasn't upset about the hundred serves they had to do upon losing. He is confident in his own abilities, going up against three blockers and performing well despite being aware of the audience's disappointment that it wasn't Ushijima attacking.


He is currently a third-year at Shiratorizawa Academy. It's implied that he was accepted due to a sports scholarship for volleyball.


Interhigh Arc

Shiratorizawa's featured on TV after defeating Ohgiminami

Shiratorizawa wins easily against Ohgiminami High (2:0 / 25-10, 25-6) and eventually advances to the finals where they face off against Aoba Johsai High. That match ends with Shiratorizawa's win. Reon walks off the court behind Ushijima[1].

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno

Shiratorizawa faces Karasuno in the finals[2]. During warm-ups, Reon catches a stray ball and hands it to Hinata when he had chased after it. Tendō points out that Hinata probably realized his resemblance to Benkei and nicknamed him as such, but Reon replies that he doesn’t see the similarity.

The match starts and Shiratorizawa gains the lead right away as the players of Karasuno are riddled with nerves until Sugawara loudly yells at his teammates to calm down. After Hinata eventually rotates onto the court, Reon makes a receive of Sugawara's serve, proving to Karasuno that Shiratorizawa tries to prevent Ushijima from making any serve receives so he can always be ready to attack. Near the end of the second set, Shirabu set to Reon under the speculation that he does not want to tire Ushijima. Still, Reon silently apologizes to the audience as he felt they wanted to see the ace attack again. With Tsukishima leading the block, Reon performs a feint shot. Although Daichi is able to save the ball, it heads directly back to the net where Tendō scores with a direct spike.

In the fourth set, Karasuno is able to get ahead at 2-0. Goshiki becomes the target of Washijō's scolding again which causes the first year to become nervous. However, Reon is able to help Goshiki understand that Washijō is not doing this because he was playing poorly, but that he is in fact counting on the younger wing spiker the most[3]. For majority of the set, Reon is mostly seen trying land several spikes.

In the fifth set after Hinata is able to make an incredible receive of Ushijima's spike that cuts off Semi's serves, Reon notices that Ushijima appears upset that Hinata is being moved to the back row. When Goshiki starts to become undone after several of Yamaguchi's float serves, Reon watches as Ushijima is able to help Goshiki ease his nerves and get back on track. Reon smiles, seeing that this is the work of the grand ace helping the upcoming ace.

Later, as each team continues to reach match point and Ushijima is able to use such a perfected form that he appears to just hang in the air, Reon acknowledges that many believe that Ushijima is one to not ever appear to tire out or feel the pressure of any situation. While he admits that this is true to a certain point, he sees Ushijima as simply being crazy about volleyball[4]. Karasuno eventually goes on to win the match. As the team is walking off the court, Reon notices how quiet Shirabu has gotten. He asks the setter if he is alright. Shirabu answers that he is surprised that Shiratorizawa lost, as he wholly believed that they would be victorious again. Reon admits that he too thought that they would not lose the game before he and the others begin to cry. Afterwards, the team returned to the school. Reon and the other third years retire after Ushijima offered final words of advice to the remaining members of the team.

Final Arc

After graduating, Reon has become an employee for a sporting goods company and a player for a Div. 3 team called the Kiniro Sports Jumpers[5]. He and Semi attend the match between the Schweiden Adlers and MSBY Black Jackals together. There they reunite with Washijō and show great support for Ushijima throughout the game.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Reon is a strong player especially considering his position as a starter in Shiratorizawa. He is shown to be skilled at receives, and serves. His spikes are strong as well and he's pulled off a few successful feints in the match against Karasuno. Despite his skill set, Reon's role on the court seems to be background support for his teammates.

Jumping Reach: 332 cm


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception
  • Serves: Reon is capable of performing a jump serve. His serves are strong but Karasuno was shown to have little trouble in receiving them.
  • Receives: Reon is a stable player when it comes to receives. He often makes receives of opponents spikes and serves. He is also capable of receiving Yamaguchi's float serve.
  • Feint: Similar to many other players, Reon will use the feint when it believes is the best opportunity. Because he is a player that uses power, a feint will sometimes catch opponents off guard.


Wakatoshi Ushijima

Like many of his teammates, Reon greatly admires Ushijima as both an incredible player and reliable captain. Next to Tendō, Reon seems to know Ushijima best and the two appear to be close friends.

Tsutomu Goshiki

Reon appears to have a calming and encouraging relationship with the first-year wing spiker. Like others, Reon is amused at how Goshiki is determined to become the next ace of the team. When Goshiki becomes nervous or doesn't understand their coach's use of certain phrasing or insults, Reon is able to help calm him down and understand what Washijō is trying to say. Reon was also the one to point out to Goshiki that Washijō was being so hard on him because the coach was counting on him the most.

Shiratorizawa Academy

Reon gets along with all the members. He supports them all during plays and constantly makes sure they're playing well. Reon usually helps calm down Tendō whenever he gets too riled up.



  • Favorite food: Mackerel cooked in miso.
  • Pre-timeskip Concern: He can’t help but say stuff like “There we go.” when he sits down.
  • Post-timeskip Concern: His daughter is too cute.
  • He has been noted by several characters to resemble Benkei, although Reon says that their personalities are different.
  • He shares the same birthday with Lev Haiba.
    • Interestingly enough, both of their names have to do with lions.
  • His star sign is Scorpio.
  • He has the highest BMI of any high school volleyball player in the series.
  • His name is often written as "Leon" due to "R" and "L" sounds being interchangeable in Japanese.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Ōhira (大平) - Big; Flat / Ordinary
    • Reon (獅音) - Sound of Lion