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"Results" (Japanese: 報告 (ほうこく) Hōkoku) is the two hundred sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 25th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


Nekoma has secured a spot into the spring nationals. Daishō's ex-girlfriend Mika approaches him and apologizes for ever calling him a bore. After watching the match, she's come to understand him a little more and thinks he is really cool. She also asks him to teach her volleyball, something he agrees to do. On another court, Fukurōdani is facing against Itachiyama Institute for the first representative spot and the former lose 2-1. The teams going to nationals are Itachiyama Institute as the first representatives, Fukurōdani Academy as the second representatives, and Nekoma as the host city representatives. At Hinata's house, Hinata receives a text from Kenma saying that Nekoma is going to nationals.


Nekoma has won the match and have become the third Tokyo representative for the Spring Tournament. The team reunites with Yaku who happily hugs his teammates.

Coach Kiyoshi Ōmizu recalls when he spoke to the team about the method's they use before reprimanding them and saying they could do better. In the present, Kuguri tearfully apologizes to Numai for letting Lev intimidate him into where to send his spike. Numai praises Kuguri for having been an impressive force that got through Nekoma's defenses in the first place and admits that he's relieved to see Kuguri is actually feeling emotional about it.

The Nekoma players are gathering their things when Kuroo expresses how Lev was able to go beyond his expectations during the game. Yaku tells Kuroo not to be such a softie and not to hold back when telling Lev to correct himself when needed. Kai says that such a thing is not so easy when some of them are not as confident as Yaku when it comes to receiving.

Kuroo soon hears players from another school discuss how Nohebi deserved to lose. Kuroo quickly goes over to the teens who he learns are the team that lost to Nohebi in the prelims and warns them that, despite the underhanded method's Nohebi uses, Nohebi is still solid in terms of defense and in their use of tooling the blocks. He warns the players that, unless they work on their own skills, they will continue to be beaten by Nohebi in future games.

In another hallway, Suguru is approached by his ex-girlfriend Mika Yamaka. She apologizes for thinking that he only cared about volleyball and tells him he looked amazing on the court before requesting to be taught how to play. Suguru returns to his team who have learned that he has gotten back together with Mika and promptly tease him about it.

In the game between Fukurōdani and Itachiyama Institute, Bokuto instructs the team to block Itachiyama's ace, Kiyoomi Sakusa. Despite being faced with a triple block, Sakusa is able to ricochet the ball off Akaashi's hand and thus scores the winning point to make Itachiyama Tokyo's first representative team.

While many find that it was clear that Itachiyama would win the game, it was still no surprise that Fukurōdani was able to take the first set. Bokuto is quick to promise revenge on Sakusa until Akaashi points out that the ace missed his last three serves and should get to work on correcting them.

Later that night, Hinata receives a text message from Kenma that Nekoma will be participating in the Spring Tournament.



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