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"Rhythm" (Japanese: リズム Rizumu) is the fourteenth episode (and the first episode of the second cours) of Haikyū!! To The Top, season four of the anime based on Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on October 2, 2020[1].

The opening theme of this episode is Toppakō by SUPER BEAVER and the ending theme is One Day by SPYAIR.


Inarizaki begins building pressure on Karasuno with the help of the famous Inarizaki cheering squad using music and timing to throw their opponents off balance. Karasuno begins to feel the affects of Inarizaki's methods until help arrives in the form of a familiar face.


Kageyama and Atsumu s4-e14-1.png

With Inarizaki's marching band playing, Atsumu prepares to serve. Raising his fist, the band becomes silent and he serves. Atsumu lands a service ace as the Karasuno team was not able to react in time to receive. As Inarizaki celebrates the point, the announcers comment how Atsumu and Kageyama may be the setters to keep a close eye on during the tournament; calling it a setter battle between the East and West.

Hinata makes a running approach and uses his new jumping method, surprising many who are watching. Hinata is so caught up in the excitement of his jump that he forgets to hit the ball. Hinata is instantly faced with Kageyama's annoyance and the setter proclaims that if Hinata were to do something like that again, he will not set to him for the rest of the game. Despite his threat, Kageyama realizes that something must have clicked inside Hinata after watching Hoshiumi's jump the previous day. With Hinata now using the new jump, Kageyama notes that the middle blockers contact point has drastically changed and this will in turn throw them off.

Suna serves, aiming for a difficult spot, but Daichi is able to receive. Hinata sends the last hit to Tanaka but Inarizaki's blockers are able to get a hand on his spike. Though Suna is prepared to receive, he steps back when Atsumu rushes to get the ball and set to Aran. The ace spiker displays his power when he spikes the ball and scores though he quickly scolds Atsumu for the set catching him by surprise.

Watching from the sidelines, Bokuto proclaims that he is a better player than Aran while Akaashi sees that Atsumu used that play to send a message that Inarizaki will not be overwhelmed in their first match. When Suna serves again, he surprises Karasuno by serving the moment the whistle sounds. Daichi receives but the ball is long. Kageyama is able to perform a rebound by spiking the ball directly into Inarizaki's block, impressing Osamu.

Hinata starts running toward the net but catches Ren Ōmimi watching him. He quickly rushes to the end of the court for a wide broad attack. When he scores, Inarizaki and multiple other players are left in total shock. Atsumu especially is impressed by the attack, seeing that Hinata and Kageyama were fast enough to get through the block without sacrificing any height. Osamu remarks how Atsumu's excitement has caused his mental age to regress five years.

When Kageyama is preparing to serve, the Inarizaki cheer squad see that their attempts to distract him are not working; one even pointing out that Tsukishima had been smirking during their attempt to throw him off. With their booing not affecting Kageyama, the cheer section decides to switch methods and use a rhythm that gradually gets faster. The method is able to affect Kageyama when he serves but the ball clips the top of the net, allowing Akagi to receive. Atsumu makes a first step that greatly impresses Kageyama and Akaashi. Ōmimi spikes past Daichi and Hinata to score.

Osamu is next to serve but Shimada notices that he is waiting the entire eight second time limit to serve. Though he was a half-step late, Nishinoya makes the serve receive and Tanaka is able to land a spike and cut off Osamu's serve. As Shimada and Takinoue try to lead a cheer to praise Tanaka, Inarizaki's band easily silences them. Watching the game, Kanoka and her teammate are surprised at Tanaka's play. Kanoka points out how Tanaka use to just hit the ball as hard he could but now has a good eye on the blockers and ground defense.

Inarizaki begins to use their rhythm when Tanaka is next to serve. Takinoue recognizes that the method is often used by track athletes but because the pace is not set by the athlete it can have an affect similar to provocation and distraction. Tanaka's serve goes directly into the net and Ukai sees how much the rhythm is starting to have an affect on the team.

Saeko s4-e14-1.png

Aran serves and lands a no-touch service ace. With the score 7-4 and the Inarizaki band playing once more, Shimada states that the band and cheering section act more like cover fire instead of being a regular support system. Takinoue agrees, adding that Inarizaki is expanding their territory by using sound and timing to their advantage. Hearing someone behind them compliment how the Inarizaki team has an impressive cheer section, Shimada and Takinoue spot Saeko and her taiko drum group.

Karasuno calls a time-out. Atsumu is quickly called out by Coach Kurosu on his first serve being off and guesses that he had been distracted by the cheer section. In the stands, Mika and Suguru arrive and are instantly captivated by the Inarizaki band. Their attention, however, quickly switches when they hear the taiko drums on Karasuno's side. The taiko drums also gain the admiration of several Inarizaki fans. Hinata and Nishinoya especially are overwhelmed, claiming that Saeko's amazing presence is lethal. Makoto and Takinoue point out how Saeko arrived late, assuming that she had been out all night drinking. Saeko admits that she had been out drinking until the early morning hours but was still able to leave at the correct time; though the group did get lost when trying to find the stadium.

Aran serves again but Tanaka, Kageyama, and Hinata are able to cut his serve off. As Hinata gets ready to serve, the Inarizaki band once more tries to use a quickening rhythm. A brief flashback shows Shimada and Takinoue requesting Saeko and her group that they merely need to play loud enough to keep Karasuno's servers from being lured into Inarizaki's rhythm. Remembering how she was not able to help much during the game against Shiratorizawa, Saeko is aware that she and her group may not be able to out-do Inarizaki's band but can offer as much help as they can to the team. With the taiko drums covering the Inarizaki band's quick pace, Hinata feels like he is about to unleash the best serve he's ever done.

Hoshiumi watches Hinata carefully, noting that he is not falling victim to Inarizaki's provocation and wonders if he will do a spike serve or a float serve. Hoshiumi and Hirugami are surprised when they see Hinata do a regular serve. Watching Ōmimi and Ginjima approaching for a quick, Tsukishima figures out that Ginjima will get the set. He and Daichi quickly get a block up but Ginjima is able to spike past them. Hinata positions himself to receive only for the ball to bounce off his foot. Hinata is quickly heckled by the Inarizaki side but his embarrassment quickly ends when Nishinoya praises Hinata for getting to the right position in time. Ready to regain his dignity, Hinata attempts a back minus tempo attack only for Kageyama to set to Daichi. With the Inarizaki blockers having been focused on Hinata, they were too late to block Daichi in time and he is able to score.

As Daichi is cheered on by Karasuno's cheer section, Ōmimi realized that Kageyama was trying to lure him into blocking the wrong person. Having watched the play unfold, Akaashi figures out that simple decoy attempts wouldn't work on Inarizaki's read blockers but because Kageyama had set from the center of the court it had looked like he was setting to Hinata. Though Akaashi guesses that Kageyama most likely is aware of how his opponents are watching him, Bokuto proudly states that Hinata has a great presence on the court despite how small he is.

Keeping in mind that Inarizaki placed second in the InterHigh and has an overwhelming cheer section, Takeda believes that they may be overestimating Inarizaki more than necessary. After Ginjima puts Inarizaki at a two point lead, Atsumu is next to serve. Makoto and Shimada point out how Atsumu is a dual wielder and Saeko mistakenly believes that he will use two balls to serve. They correct her by explaining that Atsumu can do both spike serves and jump float serves with no prior indication of which one he will do. Unbeknownst to them, a flashback of Karasuno's meeting the night before reveals that Ukai figured out that Atsumu has a routine when it comes to his serves. He explains that Atsumu has a certain number of steps he will take when he will use a certain serve, four steps for a jump float and six steps for a spike serve. By counting the number of steps he takes, they will know which serve to be ready for.

Seeing Atsumu walk four steps from the back line and know this means he will use a float serve, Daichi, Nishinoya, and Tanaka move forward. Osamu notices that Karasuno has figured out Atsumu's tell but is certain that it will not do them any good. Atsumu serves and the ball is so quick that it is instantly in front of Nishinoya. The libero attempts to save the ball but he is unable to. With Inarizaki at a three point lead once more, Daichi tries to keep the team together by reminding them that they've dealt with powerful serves before and this should be no different.

Osamu and Atsumu s4-e14-1.png

Atsumu does another jump float serve. Nishinoya is able to receive it and Tanaka sends Asahi the final hit. Asahi gets past the blockers but Akagi manages to receive. As Osamu begins his running approach, Kageyama is startled as he realizes what the Miya twins are up to. Calculating the perfect position, timing, and angle, Atsumu and Osamu successfully copy and execute Hinata and Kageyama's freak quick attack. All of Karasuno is left speechless by what they just witnessed.






Episode Notes

Character Revelations

  • Atsumu has a routine he strictly follows when serving. He will pace four steps for a jump float serve and six steps for a spike serve. 


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Anime: Wakatsu Kiryū makes his debut appearance in this episode. Manga: He originally appears right after the scene of Tanaka and Kanoka speaking the previous night. 
  • Manga: When Hinata forgets to hit the set, he imagines that Kageyama would not be too upset about it. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: After Suna serves directly at the whistle, Shimada is shown yelling at the team not to get caught up in Inarizaki's rhythm. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: After Hinata's broad attack, Inarizaki's band, the announcer, Sakusa, and Motoya are shown expressing surprise at the attack. Anime: They were not shown. 
  • Manga: Members of Inarizaki's cheer section are shown wearing Inarizaki headbands and shirts with the ics logo. Anime: They were not wearing headbands and are wearing plain black shirts. 
  • Manga: Suguru and Mika are shown among those in the crowd before and after Tanaka serves. Anime: They don't appear until after Saeko and the taiko drum group does.
  • Manga: After Saeko and her group begin playing, a flashback shows Tanaka explaining to Kinoshita about Saeko's taiko group when she was first introduced. Anime: This was not shown. 
  • Manga: After Hinata spikes and cuts off Aran's serve, the taiko drum group give him the first personalized cheer. Anime: This was skipped and Daichi was given the first cheer. 
  • Manga: When Shimada is explaining to Saeko what a dual wielder is, flashbacks of the game with Aoba Johsai are shown. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Atsumu is shown walking the steps for the jump float with Daichi, Nishinoya, and Tanaka watching before the flashback of the meeting. Anime: This is shown after the flashback.
  • Manga: The Karasuno team notice that Atsumu and Osamu are attempting the super quick attack right as Osamu is about to spike the ball. Asahi is also shown trying to block Osamu. Anime: They notice it's the quick attack after Osamu has spiked and no one was trying to block him. 
  • Anime: During the end credits, players and students from Shiratorizawa, Aoba Johsai, Date Tech, Karasuno, and Hyakuzawa are shown watching the match. Manga: Their appearances are shown at different times during later parts of the game/tournament.

OSTs Used


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