Rikuto Shibuya (Japanese: 渋谷 (しぶや) 陸斗 (りくと) Shibuya Rikuto) is a second year middle blocker in Tokonami High boys' volleyball club.


Shibuya has dark grey hair and short, bold eyebrows. His eyes appear to be of a similar color and he is tall and slender. He wears the standard Tokonami High volleyball uniform in light blue and white and has the number 10 on his shirt.


Shibuya appears to be a calm, happy individual.


He is currently a second year in Tokonami High. He plays as a middle blocker on the boys' volleyball team.


Interhigh ArcEdit

The first day of Interhigh, Tokonami faces Karasuno[1]. Shibuya notes that Asahi has a scary face. Tokonami is easily overwhelmed from the start, but Ikejiri boosts his teammates' morale with an encouraging quote. Shibuya chimes in, adding that as long as they hang in there, they'll have a chance to win. However, despite their efforts, they lose the match to Karasuno in the end.


Not much is known about his abilities.


Tokonami HighEdit

He gets along well with his teammates.


  • He shares his voice actor with Hisashi Kinoshita.
  • Nomenclature
    • Rikuto (陸斗) - Land Ladle
    • Shibuya (渋谷) - Astringent Valley



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