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Rintarō Suna (Japanese: 角名 (すな) 倫太郎 (りんたろう) Suna Rintarō) is a second-year student attending Inarizaki High. He plays as a middle blocker on the volleyball team.

Post-high school, he became a middle blocker for the EJP Raijin, a professional volleyball team in Division 1 of Japan's V. League. He is also a member of the Japan Men's National Volleyball Team.


Suna has dark brown, slightly combed-down hair, with a few strands sticking out at the top of his head and middle-parted bangs. He has grayish-yellow, narrow eyes, and thin eyebrows. He is often seen wearing a blank expression.

Post-timeskip, Suna's hair is now slightly shorter, and his body has become more muscular.


Suna appears to be a deadpan, quiet person. He's more expressive with his thoughts, wishing he could find a reason to poke fun at Kita or make snarky remarks against Tsukishima and Tanaka. He's also quite analytical, being able to manipulate the opposing blockers and figuring out that Tsukishima was baiting him to shoot around his block. He tends to slack off when his team has a huge point lead and seems to be winning the game. However, he is shown to quickly get back on track when he is aware that Kita is observing him.


Suna is from Aichi Prefecture, but he got scouted and came to Inarizaki in Hyōgo.


Tokyo Nationals Arc[]

Suna is shown participating in the warmups before the match's commencement. He is tasked with blocking Hinata as he does his first impressive jump of the day towards the beginning of the match. Fortunately for Suna, Hinata forgets to spike the ball, as he is already satisfied with his jump. After this, Suna confirms to Aran asking him about Hinata having said that he forgot to hit the ball. Because of this, Suna serves during the next rally. As Inarizaki's cheering squad attempts to encourage him, Suna thinks to himself that he couldn't care less if they did it or not. During the very same rally, Suna goes to bump the ball, but Atsumu jumps right in front of him before he can do anything. For his next serve, Suna hits it the moment the whistle blows, which catches Karasuno off-guard.

When seeing Atsumu and Osamu replicating Hinata and Kageyama's quick, Suna taunts Atsumu and talks like he's surprised, though his facial expression remains plain. After Osamu is used as a decoy for Suna, Daichi poorly bumps it, leaving Suna satisfied. In the very same rally, Suna blocks Hinata's quick. Shortly after, he goes against Tsukishima. Despite Tsukishima scoring past him, Suna remarks that his jump is higher than during Karasuno's match against Shiratorizawa. Near the end of the first set, Tanaka gets too determined to conquer the rally, but Suna swiftly blocks him. Seeing this, Inarizaki's crowd gets excited at how Suna is starting to get into the game. He is once again focused on Tanaka after cheering for his teammates' successes.

Suna and Tsukishima s4-e19-1

The blocker continues to stuff Tanaka in the following rally, and Tsukishima remarks his speed. Despite this, Suna notices that he will fail his next attack. When Tanaka tries to hype himself and the team up, Suna thinks to himself what an unnecessary move that is. Nevertheless, Suna's speed still impresses Tsukishima in a following rally but doesn't block Tanaka's cross-shot. When Atsumu makes a snide remark about having pulled a service ace, Suna insults him, which offends Atsumu. Shortly after, Tsukishima considers it his responsibility to block Suna. However, Osamu and Suna do a quick set, and Suna scores past Tsukishima. Having easily conquered the rally, Suna mockingly praises Tsukishima for being a good blocker nevertheless, which annoys him.

Seeing this, some spectators explain Suna's taunt to Tsukishima by saying that he uses his torso and entire core strength rather than just his hands, which allows him to manipulate opposing blockers, meaning that his posture can fool blockers no matter how good they are. Suna is soon out of focus when Osamu loses his temper at his twin brother, and Suna reminds a newcomer teammate of how similar Atsumu and Osamu remain despite Osamu seeming more mature. As Kita is subbed in and gets the team back in line, Riseki expresses how impressed he is at his captain. However, Suna surprises him when he informs the team's first-years that Kita's third-year is the only year he truly got to play.

Suna and Tsukishima s4-e21-1

Realizing Tsukishima was manipulating his spikes.

As Suna is subbed in, he reflects back on his captain's personality and his past attempts to find cracks in Kita's seemingly flawless nature. Nevertheless, he is still anxious as he goes back into the court. Despite this, Kita is proud of Suna for getting past Karasuno's defense once more. Still, Suna is impatient for Tsukishima to crack after being able to block him so easily numerous times. When seeing Kageyama block Aran, Suna reflects back at his fear of blockers jumping up to stuff him, especially at nationals. Following this, Suna manages to get past Tsukishima once more, but Daichi was, in fact, prepared to dig the ball. After this, Suna is not fazed and mockingly thanks Tsukishima for giving him such an easy hit in order to confirm his suspicion that Tsukishima was deliberately making paths in order to force Suna to spike a certain way. Later on, Suna asks Atsumu why he decided to set from such an awkward lunge position even though he scored. When his teammate answers that it's the job of a setter to give the best sets possible, Suna is annoyed.

Suna and Tsukishima s4-e25-1

Suna and Tsukishima shaking hands after the match.

The blocker confronts Tsukishima once more near the end of the second and recommends to his rival that he should work on his stamina. He is vexed again when Hinata and Kageyama pass his block. In the very next rally, Tsukishima fails to block Suna; however, this time, not intentionally, though Hinata receives it perfectly again. Following their loss, Suna does not show much emotion. After Inarizaki and Karasuno bow to one another, Suna is seen shaking hands with Tsukishima.

Final Arc[]

Suna currently plays as a middle blocker for the Eastern Japan Paper Mills (EJP) Raijin, a Division 1 team in Japan's V-League. He is teammates with Washio and Komori[2]. He and Komori watch the Adlers and Jackals match together.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

According to Tsukishima, Suna is one of the best middle blockers at the Nationals. Although he is considered short for his position, Suna is a very formidable player with incredible instincts and game sense[3]. On defense, he is shown to be a fast, capable blocker that can think similar to Tsukishima. His most notable trait is his ability to utilize his torso when he spikes, as it allows him to have a wider range from which to attack. This makes him one of Inarizaki's top scorers, along with the ace, Aran. Suna's unique spikes are so difficult to deal with that throughout the entire game between Karasuno and Inarizaki, he was never stuffed a single time. However, he is noted to be a slow starter and tends to slack off when his team gains a comfortable lead.


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception
  • Sharp Game Sense: According to Coach Ukai, Suna possesses a sharp instinct, akin to a sixth sense for the game. He can quickly adapt to the opposing team's pace to put up an effective defense. During the match against Karasuno, he reacts almost immediately to Kageyama's toss to shut down Tanaka's spike[4].
  • Wide-Range Spike:
    Suna s4-e19-3

    Suna using his torso to spike past a block.

    Suna's strong suit is the incredible breadth of his spiking range. In addition to using his shoulders, he is capable of rotating his entire upper torso while spiking to increase his range, all the while retaining spiking power[5]. He would use his approach run and body direction to manipulate the blockers into guarding one direction before he attacks to a different angle.
  • Blocking: Suna has proved to be a troublesome blocker to Karasuno during the Spring Tournament. He is shown to be similar to Tsukishima in analyzing his opponents to determine who he will need to block. Suna is also very quick in getting his block in place.


Inarizaki High[]

  • Atsumu Miya and Osamu Miya: Suna's current concern reveals that the twins and their antics bother him and that he does not want to get dragged into any of it. Despite Osamu seemingly having a personality similar to Suna's, the blocker doesn't forget that he is still Atsumu's twin brother nonetheless, so he doesn't try to meddle in their conversations or attempt to stop them in their quarrels. Despite this, he still answers to many of Atsumu's snide remarks and, at times, records them or takes pictures whenever they fight.
  • Shinsuke Kita: Suna seems to be the one to be the most cautious around Kita when in a game due to the pressure the captain can put on anyone. Knowing that Kita is always watching them, Suna acknowledges that he cannot slack off like usual as Kita will easily spot this and point it out. Having seen how "perfect" Kita is on a regular basis, Suna has admitted that he wishes he could catch the captain doing something silly, such as using baby talk toward a pet.


  • (To himself) "I don't care if it's too loud or quiet."[6]
  • (To Tsukishima) "Hey, you're still rather good at middle blocking."[8]
  • (To his teammates about Kita) "But apparently, Kita-san never played in a game until his third-year. Actually, not only was he not on the starting lineup in middle school, but they also never even gave him a uniform."[9]


  • Favorite Food: Chūpet (Japanese: チューペット (ちゅーぺっと) Chūpetto), also known as jelly fruit sticks.
  • Pre-timeskip Concern: "There's no way I'd let myself get caught up in the twins' dumb antics."
  • Post-timeskip Concern: He regrets responding to the twins' jokes on social media.
  • Star Sign: Aquarius.
  • Keishin Ukai has stated him to be one of the two main point-getters for Inarizaki.
  • Suna has been able to avoid blocks from Tendō thanks to his torso stability.[10]
  • He is the only character on the Inarizaki team that does not speak in the Kansai dialect due to him being from Aichi Prefecture, which is located in the Chūbu Region, where the dialect is closer to the standard or to the Tokyo dialect while Hyōgo, where Inarizaki is located, is in the Kansai region and has a specific Kansai dialect.
  • According to Furudate, Suna was scouted and came to Inarizaki.
  • He is the youngest second-year on the team.
  • He and Rintarō Numajiri share the same first name and pronunciation, but not the same first kanji character.
  • Suna's name is derived from the Tibetan Sand Fox, also known as "チベットスナギツネ" or chibetto suna gitsune.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Rintarō (倫太郎) – Ethics, Thick/Great, Son/Man
      • 太郎 is often used in the names of first-born sons.
    • Suna (角名) – Corner/Angle, Name/Reputation
      • Suna, with a different kanji (砂), means "sand," which is a reference to the species of fox that inspired his design.