Rintarō Suna (Japanese: 角名 (すな) 倫太郎 (りんたろう) Suna Rintarō) was a second-year student at Inarizaki High School and one of the volleyball team's middle blockers. Post high school, he becomes a middle blocker for the EJP Raijin, a professional volleyball team in Division 1 of Japan's V. League. He is also a member of the Japan Men's National Volleyball Team.


Suna has dark brown, slightly-combed down hair, with few strands sticking out at the top of his head and middle-parted bangs. He has grayish-yellow narrow eyes and thin eyebrows. He is often seen wearing a blank expression.


Suna appears to be a deadpan, quiet person. He tends to slack off when his team has a huge point lead and seems to be winning the game. He’s more expressive with his thoughts, wishing he could find a reason to poke fun at Kita or make snarky remarks against Tsukishima and Tanaka. He's also quite analytical, being able to manipulate the opposing blockers and figuring out that Tsukishima was baiting him to shoot around his block.


Suna is from Aichi Prefecture, but he got scouted and came to Inarizaki which is in Hyōgo.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

Suna plays in the match against Karasuno. In the first set, Suna is able to block out Tanaka several times as he and the other blockers are noted to be getting faster at setting the block up. Early in the second set, he causes surprise when he is able to score past blocks that were perfectly timed to stop him. One of the Inarizaki fans explains that Suna is able to manipulate blockers by saying it is how he is able to hit his spikes. What differentiates Suna from other spikers is that he is able to use his torso to lean farther from side to side and get past the blockers due to having a wider angle[2]. This ability is further demonstrated when Suna is able to spike past Kageyama and Tsukishima and he is clearly seen using his torso to adjust his spike.

At the end of the second set, Suna starts to become frustrated that Tsukishima does not seem to be getting closer to his level despite Suna being known to slack off when Inarizaki has a large lead in a game. Later when he is faced with Tsukishima trying to block him, Suna is still able to spike past him but is surprised to see Daichi receive. Suna quickly figures out that Tsukishima has only been blocking him when he tries the cross-shot. He gets Tsukishima to admit this when he thanks the first year for letting him so many cross shots and Tsukishima in turn thanks Suna for hitting exactly how Tsukishima expected.

Mid-way into the third set, Suna points out Tsukishima's low stamina and then is able to receive Tanaka's spike. For the majority of the rest of the set, Suna attempts to block Karasuno's spikers and is able to get a spike past Tsukishima only for Hinata to make the receive. When Inarizaki eventually loses the match, Suna is shown with a neutral expression.

Final Arc

Suna currently plays as a middle blocker for the Eastern Japan Paper Mills (EJP) Raijin, a Division 1 team in Japan's V-League. He is teammates with Washio and Motoya. He watches the Adlers and Jackals game with Motoya.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

According to Tsukishima, Suna is one of the best middle blockers at Nationals. Although he is considered short for his position, Suna is a very formidable player with incredible instincts and game sense.[3] On defense, he is shown to be a fast, capable blocker that can think, similar to Tsukishima, but his most notable trait is his ability to utilize his torso when he spikes. This makes him one of Inarizaki's top scorers along with the ace, Aran. Suna's unique spikes are so difficult to deal with that throughout the entire game between Karasuno and Inarizaki, he was never stuffed a single time. However, he is noted to be a slow starter and tends to slack off when his team gains a comfortable lead.


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception
  • Sharp Game Sense: According to Coach Ukai, Suna possesses a sharp instinct, akin to a sixth sense for the game. He can quickly adapt to the opposing team's pace to put up an effective defense. During the match against Karasuno, he reacts almost immediately to Kageyama's toss to shut down Tanaka's spike.[4]
  • Wide-Range Spike: Suna's strong suit is the incredible breadth of his spiking range. In addition to using his shoulders, he is capable of rotating his entire upper torso while spiking to increase his range, all the while retaining spiking power.[5] He would use his approach run and body direction to manipulate the blockers into guarding one direction before he attacks to a different angle.



I don't care if it's too loud or quiet.

Hurry up and get on my level already.
To Kei Tsukishima, {Link

Hey, You're still pretty good at middle blocking.


  • Favorite food: Chuupet, also known as jelly fruit sticks.
  • Pre-timeskip Concern: “There’s no way I’d let myself get caught up in the twins' dumb antics.”
  • Post-timeskip Concern: He regrets responding to the twins' jokes on social media.
  • He has been stated by Keishin Ukai to be one of the two main point-getters for Inarizaki.
  • Suna's name is derived from the Tibetan Sand Fox, also known as "チベットスナギツネ" or chibetto Suna gitsune.
  • He is the only character on the Inarizaki team that does not speak in the Kansai dialect and instead speaks in the standard Tokyo dialect.
  • He is from Aichi Prefecture, which explains why he is the only one that speaks in the standard Tokyo dialect because Aichi is located in Honshu Island (which is the most populous island with the capital Tokyo) while Hyōgo is in the Kansai region. According to Furudate, he got scouted and came to Inarizaki.
  • His star sign is Aquarius.
  • Nomenclature
    • Rintarō (倫太郎)
      • 倫 - Correct Relationship
      • 太 - Thick
      • 郎 - Man
    • Suna (角名) - Reliable


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