Runa Kuribayashi
Japanese 栗林 るな
Translation Kuribayashi Runa
Character information
Gender Female
Age 15
Home town Miyagi Prefecture
Home country Japan
Team Johzenji High
Position Manager
Occupation High School Student (1st Year)
Affiliation Johzenji High
Background information
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Runa Kuribayashi (Japanese: 栗林 (くりばやし) るな Kuribayashi Runa) is a first year student at Johzenji High and the school's boys' volleyball team's manager.

Appearance Edit

She has thin, light-colored hair, that's depicted as brown in the anime and blonde in official art, and a fringe cut above her eyebrows. Her eyes are of a similar light colour.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about her, but she seems to be a gentle, kind individual.

Background Edit

She is currently a first year at Johzenji High and is one of the managers on the boys' volleyball team.

Plot Edit

Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

She goes with her team to the Spring High, but as only one manager is allowed onto the court, she has to stay in the bleachers[1]. Runa is shown watching her team after it loses to Karasuno; in the manga, her face is neutral while in the anime, she's in tears.

Statistics Edit

Not much is known about this.


Hana MisakiEdit

They are both managers on Johzenji's boys' volleyball team and are shown to have a good relationship as Hana refers to Runa by her first name and a -chan suffix.

Johzenji HighEdit

She has a good relationship with her team.

Trivia Edit



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