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"Rupture" (Japanese: 決裂 (けつれつ) Ketsuretsu) is the eighty-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 47th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Hinata and Kageyama's misunderstanding worsens and later results into an argument. The persistent and determined Hinata claims that he wants to be strong to be able to fight alone. Annoyed and enraged at the same time, Kageyama completely denies Hinata's resolve and points out that he won't toss to anyone unless they are qualified for victory.


Before Karasuno's next practice match begins, Ukai has Narita sub in for Hinata. Ukai starts to think that the super quick can evolve but is not sure how to get that process started. He wants Hinata to hang onto the idea that the quick can change before telling him that he will be sitting out for the rest of the matches.

Later during a break, Kuroo speaks to Daichi about the Karasuno third years staying on the team; just as the Nekoma third years did. Daichi in turn reveals that he learned from Hinata that Nekoma lost during their prelims and placed in the top eight in Tokyo. Kuroo is not totally satisfied about this as he wishes for the team to continue to advance and make it to Nationals.

After the camp has ended, Coach Nekomata informs Ukai and Takeda that the next training camp will be in two weeks and that it will be the last one before the tournaments for Nationals. Though Nekomata wants them to work hard, he tells the two that he will still have them accompany him every night for drinks.

Lev is present to say good-bye to Hinata with the promise that he will stop him again the next time they play one another. Hinata in turn promises that he will prove that 162cm can beat 194cm. As Karasuno begins to leave, Sugawara notices that Hinata and Kageyama are still not speaking to one another.

Back at Karasuno, Takeda informs the team that there will be maintenance work in the gym so they will have time off until the work is done. Before heading home, Hinata asks Kageyama to set to him. Yachi spots the two in the gym and is asked to toss the ball for Kageyama to set. For several sets, Kageyama notices how Hinata is focusing on the ball too much and is not reaching his usual height when jumping. Remembering how Kageyama had pointed out that having the timing off by the slightest will mean disastrous results for Karasuno, Hinata continues to ask for more sets but misses each one.

Kageyama eventually stops, saying that Hinata has other areas that he should work on instead of an attack that may not work in the end. Hinata wants to continue working on the new quick, saying that if he doesn't make it work then there would be no reason for him to be on the court anymore. Kageyama argues that the first round of the next tournament is only a month away and that this isn't enough time for them to figure out the details of a new attack. Hinata still refuses to back down and things boil over when Kageyama pushes Hinata and says that his selfish desires will tear apart the team balance.

Hinata suddenly tackles Kageyama while demanding more sets. Kageyama throws Hinata to the ground and Yachi hurriedly runs out of the gym to find someone to stop the two. She finds Tanaka who promptly stops the fight.

Hinata escorts Yachi to her bus stop and apologizes for what she witnessed. He reveals that in the one and only tournament he had been in during middle school, he was defeated by Kageyama's team. Hinata promised revenge against Kageyama only to find that they were attending Karasuno together. Though it had been difficult at first, Hinata feels that he and Kageyama had not only become friends but also partners. He rides off as he begins crying.

At his store, Ukai thinks about ways of improving the super quick when Hinata appears and asks what sort of training he should do. Ukai admits he was thinking the same before requesting Hinata to wait for him until his shift is over.

At the Lil' Tykes Volleyball Class, Kageyama runs into Oikawa.

Ukai takes Hinata to meet his grandfather Ikkei Ukai, the former coach of Karasuno.


  • Yū Ogasawara (name still unrevealed)


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • It's revealed Nekoma placed in the top eight in the Tokyo Interhigh Preliminaries after losing to the previous years winners.



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