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Sō Akama (Japanese: 赤間 (あかま) (そう) Akama Sō) is a second year student at Nohebi Academy. He plays on the volleyball team as the libero.


Akama has a brown buzz cut and long eyebrows. He is the shortest member of the volleyball team. Akama is usually seen wearing the Nohebi team uniform assigned for the libero; which consists of green shorts, and a white jersey with yellow and green accents.


Numai describes Akama as ‘too nice’. He’s often seen trying to calm his teammates down, but when all the third years were all staring at Suguru, about to ‘attack’ him after their loss, Akama was simply looking at his seniors with a sort of a fearful look on his face. Despite this, he doesn’t try to stop his teammates when taunting their opponents, though he doesn’t join them in their taunts. He also follows their lead when trying to gain the upper-hand for themselves in games by calling opponents spikes as landing out and blocking the referee's line of sight.


Akama currently attends Nohebi Academy, located in Tokyo Prefecture in the region of Honshū.


Spring High Preliminary Arc

Sometime after Nohebi wins against a match, they hear their opponents loudly complain about them having cheated. When Numai asks if he can go beat them up, Akama tells him to cool down and that they’re just frustrated over their loss, trying to calm the rest of his teammates as well[1].

During Nohebi's match against Nekoma, Akama does not seem to join in his teammates' taunts, since most of them come from the team’s third years, but he does play along with their goody-two-shoes act. When the ball is heading to the back of Nohebi’s side of the court, due to Yaku’s extravagant save, Akama is able to receive it, though ultimately Nekoma earns the point after Lev smashes the ball on the other side of the court.

Right after when Fukunaga scores against Nohebi, Numai yells at them to grab them a ticket to nationals no matter whatever it takes, and his team gets more motivated to win. Akama looks up at his senior with a look of confident admiration[2].

As the match progresses, Numai serves, but Fukunaga is able to receive it and shoots the ball near the back of the court. Akama is aware that he would be unable to dig the ball so but he and Numai decide block the ref’s line of sight, both yelling 'out' at the same time to assure that he would confirm it since he wouldn't have been able to see the ball. During Numai’s second serve, he scores a service ace, and Akama cheers with the rest of his team since they are now in the lead.

After Nohebi’s loss, the third-years all stare at Suguru after he returned from speaking with Mika with a tried look on their faces, and Sakishima says that there is no mercy for the lucky guys. Akama looks at his seniors with an intimidating look and they all start attacking each other playfully while having tears in their eyes.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Not much is known about his abilities, but he seems to be a decent libero.


  • Receives/Digs: He seems to be decent at digs, being able to receive a blocked ball from Lev.


Akama seems to get along with his teammates, but he’s often seen trying to stop them from doing something foolish, though Suguru is often found keeping them in check in the end.



  • Akama's name, like the rest of Nohebi, comes from the name of a snake. Akama may come from either akamata (アカマタ) or akamamushi (アカマムシ)
  • His seiyuu, Taishi Murata, is also the seiyuu of Akinori Konoha
  • Nomenclature
    • Sō (颯) - Sudden, Sound of the Wind
    • Akama (赤間) - Red Interval/Space