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Sachirō Hirugami (Japanese: 昼神 (ひるがみ) 幸郎 (さちろう) Hirugami Sachirō) is a second year student at Kamomedai High. He plays as a starting middle blocker on the boys' volleyball team.

By November 2018, he is a fifth year veterinary school student.

He is the younger brother of Fukurō Hirugami and Shōko Hirugami.


He has wavy light brown hair with matching colored eyes and eyebrows. He is also quite tall and has a lean but muscular build. His eyelids are hooded and he is normally seen with a calm smile.

During middle school, he was shown to have had a buzz cut style[1].


Hirugami possesses a very calm and composed demeanor and is not easily distracted or fazed in matches, thus allowing him to take in and process all information on the court. He is also highly observant and calculating, as shown when he purposely targeted Asahi with a difficult serve knowing that the ace was already under heavy pressure to perform well[2].

It is revealed that he used to be a perfectionist who strived to be the ideal player during middle school. He would feel guilty over every mistake he made and practiced intensely to make up for it. However, after a talk with Hoshiumi and realizing that quitting is an option, Hirugami moved on from his uptight personality to become more relaxed. As such, he is much more mature and calm compared to his other teammates, specifically to the other second-years, and is often seen taking care of Hoshiumi and keeping him from getting out of control. However, he is still shown to enjoy openly taunting both his teammates and opponents.


Born into a family of accomplished volleyball players, Hirugami is blessed with both the physique and natural talent for the sport. He started playing when he was young and eventually enrolled in Yurisei Junior High, the top volleyball middle school in his prefecture[1].

Hirugami had an intense desire to perform well to the point where he would become overly critical of every mistake he made. He practiced relentlessly and referenced many physical training books to build up his physique in hopes of minimizing his failures. Eventually, his efforts garnered him an Outstanding Athlete Award[1]. However, Hirugami continued to be unsatisfied and had every mistake he made weighted heavily on his mind.

One day while walking back from practice, Hirugami blamed his own hands for making mistakes and mindlessly started scraping his right knuckles against the stone fence along the road, drawing blood in the process. He was stopped by Hoshiumi before tearfully confessing that he might not like volleyball after all. Hoshiumi told him that it was okay to quit as he believed that Hirugami was simply burnt out from being so intensely devoted to the sport.

At some point in Middle School, Hirugami faced off against the Miya twins from Inarizaki.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

Kamomedai vs Chikuida

Shortly before the match begins, Hirugami goes to get Hoshiumi. When Hoshiumi explains that he wanted to get a cool willpower shirt before it went out of stock, Hirugami comments that it probably wouldn’t be in high demand either way, which offends the ace.

Kamomedai s4-e12-3.png

After the game ends, Fumi Enaga interviews Hoshiumi and unintentionally upsets him with the questions she asks. Immediately, Hirugami has a bad feeling as he knows about Hoshiumi’s dislike of interviews. When Hoshiumi declares that he would win despite being short, Hirugami apologizes to Enaga for the ace’s behavior and scolds Hoshiumi to do so as well.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

Near the beginning of the match, Hirugami is caught off guard by seeing Hinata's wide broad attack that easily got by Inarizaki's blockers thanks to his speed and jump height. Later, Hirugami speculates that Hinata has an impressive serve as he isn't faltering to Inarizaki's provocations. However, both he and Hoshiumi are at a loss for words when seeing it being a regular serve.

Kamomedai vs Karasuno

During the warm-ups before the game against Karasuno, Hirugami notices that Hoshiumi seems to have something on his mind. When he questions his friend, Hoshiumi confesses that he is aware that no one will underestimate him anymore because the team has made it to the quarter-finals. Hirugami seems to brush off Hoshiumi's concern.

Though he tried to block Hinata's first attack, he was unable to make it in time. Afterwards, Hirugami was able to correctly guess that Kageyama would send the first attack down the center and that he himself was also aware that Kamomedai would know this. In the next rally, Hirugami demonstrates perfect read blocking by waiting and watching to see who Kageyama will send the set to and is therefore able to easily block Tanaka; living up to his nickname 'The Immovable Hirugami'. After he admits to his team that he is not too fond of the nickname, Hirugami openly taunts Hinata and Kageyama that all their efforts will be worthless[3].

When Hinata changes his tempo to blend in with the team for a synchronized attack, Hirugami is quick to notice this but still does not fall for the decoy. Though he follows to try to block Tanaka, he and Nozawa were unable to block.

When Hirugami later serves, his serve stretches and throws Karasuno off when Tanaka receives it. Despite this, Hirugami is aware that the team will most likely not be affected by it since Kageyama is their setter. Later, Hirugami would be surprised when he witnessed Hoshiumi's spike get blocked by Karasuno. After seeing Hoshiumi overhear Hinata praise Hoshiumi's set, Hirugami sees Hoshiumi starting to become overconfident. At the end of the first set, Hirugami and the other blockers were nearly lured into blocking Hinata. Though he and Hoshiumi were able to see that the attack was actually going to Asahi. Hakuba would ultimately be the one to stop the spike and win the set for Kamomedai.

In the second set, Hirugami would become cautious of Hinata in the front row once the wide broad attack was used. Shortly after this attack, Hirugami noticed Kageyama attempt a setter dump and try to stop it. Near the half-way point of the set, Hirugami unleashes a jump float serve and is able to score a service ace when Asahi is unable to receive. His second jump float lands out when Daichi notices the trajectory change and Asahi does not attempt to receive it. After remembering how he and Hoshiumi officially met and he began to wonder if he should quit volleyball, Hirugami proves to be a blocker that does not feel burdened by mistakes he may make and is able to stop Asahi once more.

However, he is later caught off guard when Asahi was able to get a feint shot above the block to score when it looked like he would use brute force as he normally does. Hirugami later shows mild surprise when he sees Hinata utilize the same jumping method that Hoshiumi uses. When Karasuno is nearing set point, Hirugami is able to use his float serve to score once off of Daichi but his second serve is received and stopped.

After Tsukishima was able to dodge Hoshiumi's spike at the end of the set, Hirugami would admit that he was nervous about facing Hinata's minus tempo quick attack now that he has combined it with the new jump and that Hoshiumi is most likely on edge from his spike being dodged, though Hoshiumi claims that he is not on edge.

In the third set, Hirugami would notice that Hinata is able to use his new jump only when he uses both feet to do it properly and that he cannot use the jump when he tries the wide broad attack since he would use a single leg to jump. When everyone believed Kageyama would attempt a setter dump, Hirugami did not fall for attempt and was able to successfully block Hinata. At Karasuno's next synchronized attack, Hirugami nearly gets so caught up in trying to figure out who will be attacking that he is nearly too late to block when Hinata attack from the side. When Hinata next uses his new jump combined with the minus tempo, Hirugami and Hakuba are so caught off guard that they nearly miss trying to block him.

When Hinata would later attempt another fast attack, Hirugami actually shifts toward Hinata as if to block but stops himself before he can. After the attack, Hirugami would claim he would have to resign from the nickname 'The Immovable Hirugami'. For the rest of the match, Hirugami is seen trying to block Karasuno's attackers and making several spikes until Kamomedai eventually won.

Final Arc

Hirugami is currently a fifth year veterinary student[4]. Because he was occupied at the time of the Jackals and Adlers game, he would have to watch the game later on. The Adlers captain, Fukurō Hirugami, is revealed to be his older brother.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Hirugami is a highly known Middle blocker, nicknamed "Immovable Hirugami" in the spring tournament. Being consider the cornerstone of Kamomedai's blocking game. He very rarely gets fooled by decoys and is excellent at read blocking. His read blocking can be compared to that of Aone, being able to quickly react to where toss will go to and getting a touch on the ball.


  • Read Blocking: Hirugami is highly skilled when it comes to read blocking, that it rivals even Aone. It is hinted on the first play against Karasuno when Kageyama performed their minus tempo quick attack, Kageyama was surprised Hirugami was even able to react so quickly even though it was his first time seeing it. He observes each play that is happening in front of him and narrows down those unable to join in the attack and moves in to block on his own will. Commented by Kenma, He is a very experienced read blocker who doesn't get tricked by decoys and is able to quickly track down the ball.
  • Jump Floater Serve: Like Suwa, Hirugami also knows how to do a jump floater serve. Hirugami's floater can be compared to Atsumu's floater, as it slowly floats and suddenly travels fast. It was shown to be difficult to receive, as when Daichi couldn't even receive it.


Kōrai Hoshiumi

Hoshiumi and Hirugami seem to be very close friends throughout the series. In middle school, after Hirugami scrapes his hands on the wall after losing a match, Hoshiumi is the one to stop him before he can cause serious damage. Hirugami tells him that he might not like volleyball that much, and Hoshiumi suggests that he should just quit if he doesn't like volleyball. He compliments him on his natural talents, abilities, and physique, but then tells him he's probably just burned out on volleyball, as anyone would be after going at it for so long. The two of them are seen standing together in their first year of high school while the coach is introducing himself to the team. While Hoshiumi is confronting Hinata by the t-shirt stand at the Spring Tournament, Hirugami shows up to tell him they have a match starting, and only Hoshiumi should be the one getting in trouble for being late. Hirugami interrupts Hoshiumi yelling at an interviewer, Enaga Fumi, and tells him he was being complimented, and he's too self conscious. He makes him apologize afterwards. They're also seen together spectating the Inarizaki VS Karasuno match at the beginning, making comments to each other here and there. After the Karasuno VS Nekoma match, Hoshiumi goes up to Hinata with Hirugami and Hirugami asks him why he likes the title of little giant so much when he hates being called short. Hoshiumi then explains why, but when asked if he was listening, Hirugami says no. During the Kamomedai Match, Hoshiumi and Hirugami are frequently seen together on and outside of the court. After Kamomedai wins Nationals in 2014, Hirugami and Hoshiumi return to the place they first met so Hirugami can tell Hoshiumi about his acceptance into vet school. Hirugami tells him that he used to know that if he messed up, nobody will die, but now there is a real chance that someone will die. Even though that's a chance, he's happy that he's able to do the things he really likes and is passionate about. Right before Hoshiumi goes to jump in the middle of the Black Jackals VS Adlers match, he reminisces on Hirugami during that scene once again. In the Volume Extras for Volume 45, Hoshiumi thinks that his receive was worth seventy points, and Hirugami is seen spectating and thinking that Hoshiumi was probably thinking that it was 70 points.


  • "...But knowing that I can just quit whenever I want... All of a sudden it felt like the world opened up to me." (To himself, Volume 40 Chapter 351)
  • "Bumping serves is a skill that can be practiced. Blocking is a skill that can be practiced. Even the way you think is a skill that you can practice and perfect. But... it was what he [Hoshiumi] taught me that day that's become the foundation of it all. Making a mistake won't kill you." (To himself, Volume 41 Chapter 360)
  • "Welp! I always griped about that 'Hirugami the Immovable' nickname because it made it seem like I don't move at all. But I can't really complain about it now, can I? I guess I'll just have to give up and accept it for what it is." (To himself, Volume 41 Chapter 362)
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, our star is on a roll. Bow your heads and make way!" (To himself, Volume 41 Chapter 363)


  • Favorite Food: Shumai with extra large fillings
  • Current Concern: His sister's boyfriend is annoying when he's being lovey-dovey.
  • Hirugami mentions that he dislikes his "Immovable" nickname because it sounds like he stands still and does nothing[3].
  • He has a brother 7 years older than him and a sister 4 years older.
    • His older brother, Fukurō, is the captain of the V1 League team Schweiden Adlers.
    • His sister, Shōko, is an opposite hitter for the Light Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits.
  • It's hinted that he owns a dog as he has been seen in photo's with a dog at different points in the series.
  • Hirugami won an Oustanding Athlete Award in junior high[1].
  • The first characters in his and his brother's name combine to make "幸福", meaning happiness.
  • Nomenclature
    • Sachirō (幸郎) - Good Luck
    • Hirugami (昼神) - Day God