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Sakanoshita Market (Japanese: (さか) (した) 商店 (しょうてん) Sakanoshita Shōten) is a convenience store located near Karasuno High School in Miyagi Prefecture. It is a popular shopping location for many of the school students. The store is currently run by Keishin Ukai.

In Haikyū!!

The store first appears in chapter 10, when Daichi Sawamura treats the Karasuno Boy's Volleyball Club to Nikuman from the store.

In real life

The real life store that Sakanoshita Market is based on is located at the bottom of the hill on which Karumai High School (the school Karasuno High School is based on) is located.



  • The store originally belonged to Keishin Ukai's mother's family, hence being named Sakanoshita Market rather than Ukai Market[1].
  • Post-timeskip, Ukai is stated to now own the store[2].