The coolest thing about blocking is to just knock the ball down!

Satori Tendō (Japanese: 天童 (てんどう) (さとり) Tendō Satori) was a third year student at Shiratorizawa Academy and one of the volleyball team's Middle Blockers. He was often referred to as the Guess Monster (Japanese: ゲス モンスター Gesu monsutā) by other teams. He quit volleyball after high school, and currently works as a chocolatier in Paris, France.


Tendō has spiky, bright red hair, with eyebrows of a corresponding color. He also has large, downturned eyes giving him a sleepy looking expression. His pupils are small and dark red, while the ends of his mouth curve into a slight smile. He sports the standard Shiratorizawa uniform, is tall standing at 6' 2" and has a medium build.

Post time-skip he is mostly the same but has shaved his hair.


He is cheerful and loud, though a bit sardonic. Tendō enjoys teasing both his teammates and opponents, usually annoying the latter. However, when he gets into the game, he becomes a different, more intimidating person, relishing the look of defeat on people's faces when they are denied. He is also extremely confident in his blocking abilities (referred to a guess block) as his guesses are nearly always correct, as a result of his sharp intuition. Nevertheless, throughout the game he learns that his guesses sometimes may not be correct, and Hinata can read through them as well.

Tendō is also often seen by others to be quite creepy or odd. As a child he was picked on for this, but becoming a middle blocker seemed to raise his confidence, and now he doesn't seem to mind being percieved this way. Post time-skip he is seen creeping out a woman walking her dog as he talks to Ushijima on the phone.

On another note, he does seem kind and generous on occasions, such as when he asked Ushijima if they could let Hinata sleep in a room at the first years intensive training camp at Shiratorizawa Academy, or trying to cheer up Goshiki when he started crying. Tendō also seems to be quite a good friend, as post time-skip, he even calls Ushijima to check on him, then gives him his own version of words of wisdom when the latter requires a pep talk.


As an elementary school student, he was called a monster for his looks also probably due to the meaning of his name (Satori refers to a Yokai) and was told he couldn't join the volleyball team by other students because of that. Using his guess block, he was able to block the spike of one of his bullies. This event made him feel happy and he continued to use his unique blocking technique to feel that way again, which faced some opposition from coaches, until high school where Washijo didn't care how he blocked, as long as it was successful. Since he had a high success rate, he joined the team with little resistance.

He was a third year of high school in Shiratorizawa Academy and played as a middle blocker on the Boys' Volleyball Team.


Spring High Preliminary Arc

In the anime, he is first seen once the Spring High begins.[1] In the manga, he doesn't appear until the Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno match.[2]

Tendō entered the stadium with his team for their match against Karasuno. As both sides were warming up, Hinata accidentally sent a ball over to Shiratorizawa. Ohira picked it up for him and after Hinata left, Tendō teased Ohira, saying that Hinata must've nicknamed him "Benkei" due to his looks. As the match was about to start, Tendō approached Ushijima and reminded him that the team would be counting on him. The members of both teams were soon introduced to the audience before the game began.

Shiratorizawa won the first set easily. During the break, Tendō asked Ushijima if he knew Hinata and the latter replied affirmatively. However, to Tendō's surprise, Ushijima replied that he hated Hinata due to his baseless self-confidence.[3]

The second set then began and Kageyama and Hinata tried to perform their famous quick. It was completely blocked by Tendō who stated happily that if the two wanted to get to Ushijima, they had to pass him first. He then went on to block all of Karasuno's attacks but was finally stopped by Kageyama's new tactic of disguising his movements. Hinata spiked the ball right over Tendō's head and Tendō complimented Kageyama sarcastically.[4]

Tendō then switched to fake blocking to distract Karasuno, allowing Ushijima to score. Soon, Karasuno substituted in Tsukishima who Tendō instantly pointed out as "that average guy."[5] Tendō tried spiking, but Tsukishima blocked it right down, introducing himself as "that average guy". He stated that the one-man time difference might work on Hinata, but it won't work on him, his condescending attitude annoying Tendō. He angrily shouted that all Karasuno first years annoyed him, but Tsukishima was the worst.

Nearing the end of the second set, Kageyama was about to toss again, and Tendō thought confidently that he would set to number 3 but to his shock, he was wrong. However, Shiratorizawa wasn't going to lose yet, and Tendō soon successfully pulled off a spike. He celebrated, thinking that his team had won, but Ushijima reminded him that they still had two more points left.

Tokyo National Arc

Usually with Goshiki, Tendō follows Karasuno's matches at the Spring Tournament and often points out plays and tactics used between teams. During Karasuno's match against Nekoma, he joins Goshiki in watching the game on Goshiki's tablet. He reveals that Shiratorizawa has played against Inarizaki and Tendō found difficulty in playing against Suna due to getting past Tendō's blocks with his unique torso ability and that he is not fond of the Miya twins[6]. During this time, Tendō admits that he would not like to face off against Nekoma in a game from seeing their incredible defense but finds amusement in watching them play.

Final Arc

In the Final Arc, Tendō has become a chocolatier in Paris, France.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Tendō believes that blocking isn't the art of stopping an opponent, but is the art of knocking down the ball.

He is an extremely skilled blocker who bases his blocks on his intuition and reading, which is known as guess blocking. In other words, he reads the attack before the toss is thrown and jumps almost entirely on intuition; his guesses are usually always accurate. No matter how minuscule the opponents' signals (glances, leg movements, ball handling, etc) are, as soon as Tendō discovers them, he will be able to block all the spikes. What's more, he usually intends to "commit block" all of his opponents and uses his block to score points and won't let the opponent get the chance to attack. He stated that about "since spikers look up at the spot to find the target of the intended spike", which make many spiker's attacks a telegraph to him.

He also has incredibly quick reflexes and once used his foot to save a ball. He did the same during the final of Nationals Qualifiers to stop Hinata's Diagonal spike.

Jumping Reach: 327 cm


Shiratorizawa Academy

Tendō gets along with almost everyone on the team due to his easy-going nature. He calls Ushijima by his first name, but the latter doesn't seem to mind. Not only Ushijima, but Tendō also prefers calling the rest of his teammates by their given name. Tendō is also usually the person in charge of breaking up disputes between the kōhais, namely Shirabu and Goshiki. Despite his lax nature, he has been shown to be nit-picky when it comes to Kawanishi's blocking.

Wakatoshi Ushijima

Tendō admires Ushijima's spiking form and often gives friendly gestures towards him. However, when Tendō talks to Ushijima, their conversations are very one-sided due to Ushijima's simplistic nature and Tendo's enthusiasm. This doesn't stop Tendō from talking though, and they do seem to be close, as Unshijima doesn't mind Tendō's odd personality, and Tendō's understands Ushijima's stoic nature. After closing the gap between Shiratoirizawa and Karasuno in the 4th set, Ushijima quoted Tendō. Following their match against Karasuno, Tendō told Ushijima that he was looking forward to seeing him on TV in the future and be able to say that he was Ushijima's best friend.

After the time skip, Tendo and Ushijima remain close friends.

Eita Semi

Tendō and Semi seem to have a banter-based friendship. Tendō occasionally calls Semi by his nickname "Semisemi," much to the latter's dismay. Tendō teases Semi about his fashion sense and Semi is critical of his forwardness. Despite this, the two of them keep each other in check when either gets riled up too much. It is shown after the time skip that the two still keep in contact.


  • Favorite Food: Chocolate ice cream.
  • Current Concern: None of his teammates want to talk to him about Shōnen Jump.
  • His star sign is Taurus.
  • Even though he thought the movie was scary, Tendō watched The Ring because he thought the actress who played Sadako was cute.
  • During a Haikyū! manga extra, he named a blocking move Shooting Star but it was shown to be unsuccessful.
  • He has the second smallest appetite out of all the characters in the series.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Satori (覚) - Consciousness; refers to a mythical creature that can read minds
    • Tendō (天童) - Heaven Child



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