Schweiden Adlers (Japanese: シュヴァイデン アドラーズ Shuvuaiden Adorāzu) is a professional volleyball team in Japan's V.League, in the top tier of Division 1. The team's hometown is located in the city district of Koganei in Kodaira, Tokyo.

As of the 2018 season, the Schweiden Adlers have been reigning champions of the V.League Division 1 for three years straight. 


The team was started in 1953 under the name Imachi Electronic Volleyball Club. The company changed its name in 1982, and the team was renamed to "Schweiden Adlers." The Adlers have won a total of 11 championships and were runner-up 6 times in the Japanese League, V.Premier League, and the V.League. In the Kurowashiki Tournaments, Schweiden Adlers won the 14 times and placed second 7 times. They also achieved 4th place in the World Club Championship in 2012.[1]

"Schweiden" is a combination of the German word, Schweiß, and English "golden" while Adlers translates to "Eagles." It's a Japanese electronic company whose motto is "The sweat shed is as valuable as gold." Its name was chosen to represent the eagle, the king of birds. As such, the team aims to be a "gathering of champions" that soars to the top both collectively and individually.


Schweiden Adlers uniform

The uniform consists of a white jersey and matching white shorts. The jersey has a gold gradient at the bottom and has navy blue highlights on the front of the collar and orange highlights on the back.

Members Edit

2018-2019 Roster:

Name Number Position Status
Toshirō Heiwajima#1LiberoActive
Fukurō Hirugami#2Captain / Middle BlockerActive
Nicollas Romero#5Wing Spiker / Outside HitterActive
Tatsuto Sokolov#7Middle BlockerActive
Wakatoshi Ushijima#11Wing Spiker / Opposite HitterActive
Kōrai Hoshiumi#16Wing Spiker / Outside HitterActive
Tobio Kageyama#20SetterActive

V. League Division 1 (2018-19)Edit


  • Schweiden Adlers is a reference to the real life V-League team, Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler. In German, "Weisse Adler" means "White Eagle."
  • Most of the known players have some relationship to birds:
    • Ushijima, Kageyama, and Hoshiumi come from schools represented by birds. (Eagles/Swans, Crows, and Seagulls respectively)
    • Hirugami's first name "Fukuro" is a homonym of the Japanese word for owl.
    • The "Sokol" in "Sokolov" means falcon in Czech, Bulgarian and Russian.
  • While Schweiden Adlers is the reigning champion of the V.League Division 1, its real-life counterpart is one of the weaker Division 1 teams and would rank among the bottom.
  • Tatsuto Sokolov may be inspired by Tsvetan Sokolov  (Bulgarian professional volleyball player)
  • Differences between the Japanese and English version:
    • Nicollas Romero's name is changed to Nicolas.                                                                                            



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