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"Self-proclaimed Ace" (Japanese: 自称 (じしょう) ”エース "Jishō" Ēsu) is the one hundred ninety-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 11th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


The battle between Nekoma and Fukurōdani continues, and both sides refuse to let the ball drop. Bokuto tries to spike the ball, but since there is nowhere to aim, he hits the ball out of bounds. Kenma lectures Lev after he makes a mistake. The game continues and Lev tries to apply what Kenma told him and spikes the ball at its peak but Fukurōdani still manages to connect the ball and score. Fukurōdani is in the lead with 18-21.


Nekoma is now two points behind Fukurōdani in the score thanks to Kuroo's block. Kenma now instructs the team to start blocking Bokuto's straight shot as much as possible. For several plays, both sides have not let the ball drop until Akaashi eventually sends a set to Bokuto.

When Bokuto goes to spike, he sees that the Nekoma players have positioned themselves so well to defend that he has nowhere to send the ball. He takes a chance spiking over Kenma but the ball lands out and scores a point for Nekoma despite him trying to get the ref to call that Nekoma had touched the ball.

With Nekoma now in a groove, Lev rotates in. Akane admires his height, musing that Lev is most likely the tallest player Nekoma has ever had and may still be growing taller. As Akane continues to admire Lev's athletic abilities, Alisa notices the younger girl admiring her brother.

Kuroo delivers the next serve. Konoha receives but the ball heads back to Nekoma's side. Kenma sends Lev the set but the middle blocker barely manages to get it back over. Shibayama wonders if the set was too high but Yaku sees that something else occurred.

Konoha manages another receive that once against heads back toward Nekoma. Kuroo and Yamamoto call for Lev to do a direct spike but he completely misses. The ball bounces off his heads and lands on Nekoma's side before Fukunaga can save it. Completely embarrassed, Alisa apologizes for her brother's mishap while Akane tries to assure her that things like this happen even on the national level and as Inuoka and Shibayama try to keep Yaku from storming onto the court.

Nekoma calls for a time-out where Coach Nekomata informs Kenma that he will leave Lev in his care. Though Kenma is displeased with the idea, he does scold Lev for being quick to panic and getting worked up. Kenma tells Lev to at least keep his eyes on the ball and to prioritize height over speed. Lev becomes overwhelmed by the numerous instructions Kenma gives him and fearful of how Kenma seems to be angry at him. Kenma eventually walks away after delivering the final blow of saying how Lev is not as good a player as Hinata.

After Kai receives Bokuto's serve, Lev aims to get the set as he keeps in mind of what Kenma instructed of him. Lev spikes from an incredible height that gets Akane's admiration once more. Konoha proves to be troublesome when he once more gets the receive and lands a back corner shot before taunting Kenma and Lev on not being able to truly work together.


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