Sendai City Gymnasium (Japanese: 仙台市 (せんだいし) 体育館 (たいいくかん) Sendaishi Taiikukan) is located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture and was the venue where the Miyagi Interhigh Preliminaries and Representative Playoffs for the Spring and Summer Interhigh Tournament were held, as well as the V.League match.

The Sendai City Gymnasium was renamed Kamei Arena Sendai (Japanese: カメイアリーナ仙台 Kamei Arina Sendai) in 2016[1].

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Sendai City Gymnasium was the venue for Block A and B team matches and the finals matches in the Miyagi Interhigh Preliminaries.

First Round

Second Round

Third Round


  • Aobajohsai High School vs Senseki High School (2:0 / ??-??, 25-22)


  • Aobajohsai High School vs Johzenji High (??:?? / ??-??, ??-??)


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Sendai City Gymnasium is a municipal gymnasium that opened on September 1, 1984[2]. It consists of two sports halls, a swimming pool, and other health and fitness facilities. In 2016 the naming rights to the venue were sold to the Kamei Corporation[1].

On August 16, 2020 a V.League exhibition match named Haikyū!! X V.League Dream Match (Japanese: ハイキュー!! X Vリーグ DREAM MATCH) will take place at Sendai City Gymnasium[3]. Players from men's Division 1 teams will form one-off Schweiden Adlers and MSBY Black Jackal teams for a match that will be broadcast live on the V.TV website and the Shōnen Jump YouTube channel[4].


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