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"Serving: The Ultimate Attack" (Japanese: サーブという究極 (きゅうきょく) 攻撃 (こうげき) Sābu to Iu Kyūkyoku no Kōgeki) is the one hundred thirty-eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 3rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Yamaguchi brings Karasuno back from the verge of defeat using his greatest weapon. With victory in reach, Karasuno puts in their best efforts, but Aoba Johsai won't go down that easily.


Karasuno ties Aoba Johsai at 23 - 23 thanks to Yamaguchi's last serve. Saeko believes Yamaguchi is extremely lucky for scoring another net-in just like the Wakunan game, but Shimada explains that this is done on purpose while the previous one is accidental.

Oikawa tries to calm his teammates only to see that they have remained leveled-headed and focused. On his next serve, Yamaguchi unintentionally added more spin to the ball, thereby weakening the floater's swerving. Iwaizumi makes an overhanded receive. With Matsukawa acting as a decoy, Oikawa sets for Hanamaki in the back row. Tsukishima accurately reads the offensive and lands a one-touch. Tanaka makes the save, and Asahi is sent the last hit. Faced against a triple block, Asahi slams the ball against the block with such force that the ball ricochets out of bounds on the backside of Karasuno's court.

Karasuno reaches match point, and Yamaguchi continues his serve streak. He executes a perfect jump floater, but Watari skillfully receives the troublesome serve with an overhand. Oikawa entrusts the final hit to Iwaizumi, who scores after blowing away Yamaguchi's receive with a powerful spike. To the relief of the Seijoh players, Yamaguchi's serve streak is stopped.

Upon returning to the warm-up box, Yamaguchi promises that he will score ten points next time. Determined not to waste the chance that Yamaguchi has given them, Karasuno puts up a good fight against Seijoh. After Daichi receives Hanamaki's serve, Asahi tools the block to regain the lead. However, Matsukawa quickly brings the score back to deuce when he lands a spike past Tsukishima. After Matsukawa serves, Tsukishima scores when Kindaichi hesitated to block. Kindaichi grows anxious about the prospect of losing and letting this be the third years' final game. Iwaizumi notices his junior's worries and calms Kindaichi down by redirecting his focus back to the game.

Hanamaki receives Asahi's next serve, but the ball goes long and nearly over the net. Oikawa manages to reach and make a one-handed set to Kindaichi. Asahi fails to dig the ball, and the score is tied 26-26. Karasuno becomes tense as Oikawa prepares to serve. 


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Takeda hails Yamaguchi as the hero of the game.



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