Setter Battle: Round 2 (Japanese: セッター対決 (たいけつ) Round (ラウンド) 2 Settā Taiketsu Round 2) is the one hundred thirty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 50th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


The Chapter continues to the second set of Aoba Johsai VS Karasuno.


Nishinoya receives Kindaichi's serve and the ball is later set to Hinata who spikes but is received by Iwaizumi. Kageyama notes that Aoba Josai seems to want to keep one blocker on Hinata. The ball is later passed to Takahiro Hanamaki who then passes the ball to Kentarō Kyōtani. With the intention to spike, Kyōtani faces 3 blockers but was shut down. Mizuguchi (young coach) reprimands Kyōtani and tells him that there are other techniques that can be used to score but Kyōtani shouts that for him, it doesn't feel satisfying unless he attacks with full power which shocks his team and the opponents. Sadayuki Mizoguchi (Aoba Johsai's younger coach) was about to scold him but Nobuteru Irihata (Aoba Johsai's older coach) tells him to hold back. At the same time, Tanaka teases Kageyama about his earlier statement about Kyōtani possibly being shrewd while Hinata pities Kyōtani for not knowing that satisfaction from doing a feint.

Later on, Nishinoya receives another spike, passing it over to Kageyama who sets it to Asahi, using Hinata as a decoy. Hanamaki manages to receive the spike and Oikawa sets the ball to Kyōtani who was up against 3 blockers, however, he spikes the ball into a net. Around this time, Ukai deduces that from Kyōtani's play, he is a 'double-edged sword'. Hinata admires Kyōtani's strength.

Oikawa mentally praises Kyōtani's physical abilities which enhances his spiking abilities. The Aoba Josai coach comment on how much Oikawa was using Kyōtani on the court. The match continues until Hinata notices that Aoba Josai's receive was in disarray (at that moment) but Oikawa mentally states that it was on purpose as the set-up was for Kyōtani to spike at first tempo which was carried out successfully.

The match continues and Kageyama signals Hinata to do a back-attack which was shut down by Oikawa who stated to have predicted that Kageyama had intentions to use the attack, riling up Kageyama especially. Throughout the match, Yachi notices that Sugawara was called to the bench. The chapter ends of with Shimada (Yamaguchi's float serve mentor) commenting that Kageyama was most likely not going to be subbed out with Sugawara and Keishin Ukai hints to us that he would put Sugawara in in the next chapter.


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