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Shūichi Anahori (Japanese: 穴掘 (あな ほり) 秀一 (しゅういち) Anahori Shūichi) is a first year student at Fukurōdani Academy. He is part of the boys volleyball team and plays as a setter.


Anahori is a player of average height. He has short, light colored hair with a fringe that converge at the center. He has large eyes with small pupils.


Anahori was shown to be fairly excited about getting to play in the match against Mujinazaka and was determined to show his skills. However, once he got onto the court, he quickly became pressured by Mujinazaka’s blockers. Despite this, he was still able to play well until Akaashi returned to the court.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

During Fukurōdani's match against Mujinazaka, Akaashi is subbed out when it is clear he is off his game, and Anahori is sent in. Anahori, being a rookie first-year setter, is excited at this as he wishes to demonstrate his own skills. However, he is still surprised that Akaashi was the one who was being subbed out[1].

Once on the court, Anahori gets intimidated by Usuri, Mami, and Kiryū behind him. Because of this, he unintentionally set a low ball to Sarukui. While Sarukui was blocked, Anahori was able to get the ball up which gave Konoha the chance to provide Sarukui another chance to attack.

As the first set ended with Fukurōdani losing 23-25, Anahori expresses frustration at his performance even as Onaga tries to assure him that he played well. By this time, Akaashi has composed himself and was sent back into the match.


Keiji Akaashi

Anahori appears to think highly of Akaashi as he was surprised the second-year setter would be subbed out of a match.


  • "Wow, Akaashi-san actually got benched? Never expected that. But now’s my chance to show everybody what I’ve got." (Volume 38 Chapter 333)


  • Anahori is Fukurōdani’s only known first-year besides Onaga.
  • Anahori is Fukurōdani’s second shortest known player, the shortest being Komi.
  • He may have had another number since Fukurōdani's #10 was a libero during the Tokyo Prefecture Qualifiers[2].