Shūichi Anahori (Japanese: 穴掘 (あな ほり) 秀一 (しゅういち) Anahori Shūichi) is a first year setter at Fukurōdani Academy.


Anahori is a player of average height. He has short hair with a fringe that converge at the center.


Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit

When Akaashi fails to perform to his usual standard, Anahori is subbed in as replacement near the end of the first set against Mujinazaka High. He is eager to use this opportunity to prove his ability to his teammates, but he is quickly overwhelmed by Mujinazaka's high-level plays. In the end, he isn't able to contribute much as Fukurōdani drops the first set. Afterwards, he is subbed out as Akaashi returns for the second set.

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