This is a very important moment for the senpais. If you dare to go out there and screw it up, I won't forgive you!

Shigeru Yahaba (Japanese: 矢巾 (やはば) (しげる) Yahaba Shigeru) was previously a 2nd year setter at Aoba Johsai High. As of 2021 he's working as a sports instructor.


He has neatly kept light caramel hair and swishy bangs. His eyes are round and brown, and he has thin eyebrows. In the manga, his hair is shown to be more silver-grey than brown. He has a bit of a soft appearance making him seem sweet and kind, so he looks quite boyish, almost innocent, though his personality says otherwise. He is quite tall compared to the average person but seems about average for his team.

On the court, he wears the standard uniform of the Aoba Johsai High School team with the number six on the back.


He is a rather calm and carefree guy but can be forceful when he needs to, such as when he lectured Kyōtani for missing practice. Kyōtani also comments on how he thought Yahaba was a 'more shallow guy' in which Yahaba agrees. He is not worried about being a reserve setter, but on the contrary - he is cheering his older colleagues with all his heart and with them, he is losing to Karasuno High School. Sometimes he is a bit fearful. According to Kindaichi, he also seems to be a show-off (as seen when he throws a ball in front of Yachi so that she would notice him during the Spring High Preliminary match)[1].



Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

He first appears in the practice match against Karasuno as the setter. However, he was simply filling in for Oikawa, who was recovering from a minor injury.

Interhigh Arc

Spring High Preliminary Arc

During the warm-ups, Yahaba noticed that Karasuno has a second female manager. Jealous that Karasuno has another manager that he finds very cute, Yahaba tossed the ball in Yachi's direction and attempted to speak with her until a stray ball nearly hit her but she was saved by Kiyoko. In the anime, Yahaba heads back to his own team where Kindaichi points out his shallow behavior and then he is knocked over by Kentarō Kyōtani.

When Kyōtani is subbed out during the match against Karasuno, Yahaba lectures him about the importance of his position on the court to the team and that he should respect it (And his senpai's, of course)[2]. He is later shown on the court, where he tosses the ball for Kyōtani to spike down but the set had been slightly too short though Kyōtani was able to spike it with his left hand. Yahaba is later subbed out of the game when he is unable to save Hinata's feint shot and puts his faith in Kyōtani to help win the game.

Tokyo National Arc

With his team in the school computer lab, Yahaba watches Karasuno's game against Inarizaki and is seen cheering excitedly when Asahi lands a spike that Kageyama had saved from Inarizaki's side of the court. He tries to defend his excitement by saying that he only wants to learn more about Karasuno since they are a team he already knows and gets slight ridicule from Kyōtani [3].

Final Arc

Yahaba's final appearance of the series is when he is shown watching the match between Argentina and Japan and he becomes angry at how the announcers mention that Oikawa had never made it to Nationals in high school. Yahaba has become a sports instructor.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Though his skills weren't really shown, he seems to have moderate setting skills as a setter. He also can do jump serves at a normal level.

Jumping Reach: 320 cm


Tōru Oikawa

Like the rest of the team, Yahaba seems to have deep respect towards Oikawa. As his kouhai, he feels a little concerned about having to replace him as a setter and as captain. And after graduating from high school, like the majority of his former teammates he was seen supporting Oikawa and having painted his cheeks with the argentina colors. Additionally, he was angered after the commentator had said that Oikawa had never been to nationals in neither middle or high school while watching his former captain's match.

Kentarō Kyōtani

Yahaba confronts Kyōtani

Although they're in the same grade, Yahaba is extremely hostile towards Kyōtani, more so than the rest of the players. At Kyōtani's return, the first thing Yahaba does is scold him and complain. Despite Kyōtani's personality, Yahaba doesn't seem intimidated by him. During the Spring High Preliminaries against Karasuno, Yahaba slams him against a wall when the latter starts to play more recklessly and lectures him about respecting their senpai and asks Kyōtani to lend them his strength. His words seem to affect Kyōtani, who after that seems to cool down a little and get his head in the game as an actual part of the team. After that, Kyōtani scores a point and Yahaba can be seen cheering loudly[2][4].


  • Favorite Food: Ikura don
  • Current Concern: Filling Oikawa-san's shoes is tough...
  • He shares his birthday with Matsukawa (1st March)
  • He is one of the few Aoba Josai members not given a cute nickname by Oikawa.
  • He shares a dub voice actor with Keiji Akaashi.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Shigeru () - to blossom/manifest/cultivate; beautiful/elegant; outstanding
    • Yahaba (矢巾) - Width of an arrow



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