This is a very important moment for the senpais. If you dare to go out there and screw it up, I won't forgive you!

Shigeru Yahaba (Japanese: 矢巾 (やはば) (しげる) Yahaba Shigeru) was previously a 2nd year setter at Aoba Johsai High. As of 2021 he's working as a sports instructor.


He has neatly kept light caramel hair and swishy bangs. His eyes are round and brown, and he has thin eyebrows. In the manga, his hair is shown to be more silver-grey than brown. He has a bit of a soft appearance making him seem sweet and kind, so he looks quite boyish, almost innocent, though his personality says otherwise. He is quite tall compared to the average person but seems about average for his team.

On the court, he wears the standard uniform of the Aoba Johsai High School team with the number six on the back.


He is a rather calm and carefree guy but can be forceful when he needs to, such as when he lectured Kyōtani for missing practice. Kyōtani also comments on how he thought Yahaba was a 'more shallow guy' in which Yahaba agrees. He is not worried about being a reserve setter, but on the contrary - he is cheering his older colleagues with all his heart and with them, he is losing to Karasuno High School. Sometimes he is a bit fearful. According to Kindaichi, he also seems to be a show-off (as seen when he throws a ball in front of Yachi so that she would notice him during the Spring High Preliminary match).[1]



Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Not long before Karasuno arrives, Yahaba asks Kindaichi about Kageyama, who they would be facing shortly. As they talk, they also bring up Kiyoko and Tanaka, but the latter hears them talk bad about him, as well as Karasuno, and creeps in front of them[2]. They also find Tsukishima and Kageyama behind him, who are quick to intimidate Yahaba. Following this, Yahaba complains to Kindaichi about Karasuno, which is when they stumble upon Hinata, who in his turn complains, but about Kageyama, and Yahaba remarks that he’s really disliked.

During Hinata and Kageyama’s second quick set, Yahaba notices that Hinata is different from the first set, and is surprised at Hinata’s quick set. As the match progresses, Aoba Johsai is proven that Kageyama has actually changed from middle school, which makes Yahaba ask Kindaichi about it although the middle blocker himself is unsure of what to say. Despite this, Coach Irihata tells them that Kageyama is actually working with Hinata to make their quick set happen[3].

After Karasuno wins the second set, Sugawara expresses his relief over how Aoba Johsai doesn’t have a player as good as Kageyama. However, Yahaba would soon be revealed to not be the starting setter for Aoba Johsai, and that he was actually filling in the position during the practice match until Oikawa appeared. Even after Oikawa is subbed into the game, Yahaba continues to play until the end of the match.

Interhigh Arc

Spring High Preliminary Arc

As Seijoh and Karasuno are preparing for their match, Yahaba notices that Karasuno has a new female manager; Yachi. Jealous that Karasuno has a second female manager, he quickly devices a plan in an attempt to speak to her. He tosses a ball in her direction and asks if she could get it for him. When Hanamaki missed a receive from Iwaizumi and the ball went directly to Yachi, Yahaba attempted to help her only for Kiyoko to step in and prevent the ball from hitting the younger girl. Tanaka would then hand Yahaba the ball with an intimidating look which caused Yahaba to return to his team.

When Karasuno won the second set thanks to Kyōtani using too much power in his spike, Yahaba explains to Kunimi that because Kyōtani has never beaten Iwaizumi in any kind of athletic competition, Iwaizumi is the only one who he’ll listen to. During the start of the second set, Kyōtani is subbed out because he was creating tension and he was being disrespectful to his teammates. In the warm-up zone, Yahaba snaps at Kyōtani to hurry up and pull himself together.

When Kyōtani harshly answers back, Yahaba lectures him by saying that his uncontrollable temper was only but a hindrance. This offends Kyōtani, but Yahaba continues and tells him that the team’s non-regulars aren’t happy about having to see Kyōtani come back to practice after having been gone for months and being put into a tournament. Continuing, he says that he acknowledges that Kyōtani was put into the tournament for strategic decisions and that the team needs people who can give it effort rather than excuses. Yahaba lecturing Kotani confuses the other team members, but they don’t step in.

Despite his previous calm demeanor, Yahaba then grabs his teammate by the shoulders and threatens him if he were to foolishly ruin the third year’s last chance. Kyōtani, shocked, tries to retaliate but it only results in Yahaba asking Kyōtani to calm down and contribute to the game. Not long after, Kyōtani is subbed back in and gets past Karasuno’s defenses impressively. Yahaba and the rest of the team are delighted at this and they all congratulate him for such. Yahaba is soon subbed in as a pinch server, which allows Aoba Johsai to have two setters on the court. This allows Yahaba to set for Kyōtani, but despite the set being too short, he is still able to hit it with his left hand. In the next rally, Hinata is able to score past Yahaba.

After Kageyama scores a dump, Aoba Johsai requests a time-out and Yahaba expresses how he wishes Kageyama could’ve shared his skills as a setter with him. Upon hearing this, Oikawa remembers back at how even though the efforts for his work may not appear right away, they could always show up another time if he still keeps practicing, and Oikawa tells this to Yahaba and Watari next to him, which leads the both of them to find that their captain has changed.

After Aoba Johsai lost the match, Yahaba is seen with a remorseful expression. He, along with Kyōtani and Watari, vow to get revenge on Karasuno the next time they face each other.

Tokyo National Arc

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

With his team in the school computer lab, Yahaba watches Karasuno's game against Inarizaki and is seen cheering excitedly when Asahi lands a spike that Kageyama had saved from Inarizaki's side of the court. He tries to defend his excitement by saying that he only wants to learn more about Karasuno since they are a team he already knows and gets slight ridicule from Kyōtani[4].

Seijoh s4-e23-1.png

Yahaba later expresses frustration after Inarizaki is able to win the second set and mention how they have all of the momentum on their side. When Inarizaki first reached match point, Yahaba desperately pleads for Karasuno to ignore their fatigue and continue to give everything they have to keep playing[5]. When Karasuno eventually won the match, Yahaba and his teammates greatly celebrated.

Final Arc

Yahaba's final appearance of the series is when he is shown watching the match between Argentina and Japan and he becomes angry at how the announcers mention that Oikawa had never made it to Nationals in high school. After high school, Yahaba has become a sports instructor[6].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Though his skills weren't really shown, he seems to have moderate setting skills as a setter. He also can do jump serves at a normal level.

Jumping Reach: 320 cm


Tōru Oikawa

Like the rest of the team, Yahaba seems to have deep respect towards Oikawa. As his kouhai, he feels a little concerned about having to replace him as a setter and as captain. And after graduating from high school, like the majority of his former teammates he was seen supporting Oikawa and having painted his cheeks with the argentina colors. Additionally, he was angered after the commentator had said that Oikawa had never been to nationals in neither middle or high school while watching his former captain's match.

Kentarō Kyōtani

Yahaba confronts Kyōtani

Although they're in the same grade, Yahaba is extremely hostile towards Kyōtani, more so than the rest of the players. At Kyōtani's return, the first thing Yahaba does is scold him and complain. Despite Kyōtani's personality, Yahaba doesn't seem intimidated by him. During the Spring High Preliminaries against Karasuno, Yahaba slams him against a wall when the latter starts to play more recklessly and lectures him about respecting their senpai and asks Kyōtani to lend them his strength. His words seem to affect Kyōtani, who after that seems to cool down a little and get his head in the game as an actual part of the team. After that, Kyōtani scores a point and Yahaba can be seen cheering loudly.[7]


  • "This is a very important moment for the senpais. If you dare to go out there and screw it up, I won't forgive you!" (To Kyōtani, Volume 16 Chapter 141)


  • Favorite Food: Ikura don
  • Current Concern: Filling Oikawa-san's shoes is tough...
  • He shares his birthday with Matsukawa (1st March)
  • He is one of the few Aoba Josai members not given a cute nickname by Oikawa.
  • He shares a dub voice actor with Keiji Akaashi.
  • Yahaba's number was 5 during the Interhigh Preliminaries, but it was changed to 6 during the Spring Preliminaries. It's unknown if this was an error or not. An unknown member is later shown to be wearing the number 5. It's unknown if the member is new or if the number's were switched by error.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Shigeru () - to blossom/manifest/cultivate; beautiful/elegant; outstanding
    • Yahaba (矢巾) - Width of an arrow


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