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I am built upon the small things I do every day, and the end results are no more than a byproduct of that.
Shinsuke Kita to himself[1]

Shinsuke Kita (Japanese: (きた) 信介 (しんすけ) Kita Shinsuke) was a third-year student at Inarizaki High. He was a wing spiker and the team captain for the Boys' Volleyball Team.

As of 2018, he is a rice farmer in Hyogo.


Kita is of average height with an athletic build. He has dull brown eyes and thin eyebrows. His hair is short and light gray with black tips at the ends. His fringe is parted in the middle of his forehead, with one clump of hair hanging down in the middle just above his eyes. His typical attire consists of either his school uniform or practice clothes.


Kita has a very blunt way of speaking, similar to Ushijima, where he doesn't sugarcoat his words when voicing his opinion. Because of this, his teammates are often afraid to be on the receiving end of Kita's cold logic. Kita has a very mature way of thinking, saying that he tends to agree more with adults than his underclassmen, and goes as far as to have a logical reason for feeling happy and has stated that he does not understand the reason for being nervous.

Despite his outward demeanor, Kita cares a lot about his teammates. When Atsumu catches a cold, Kita tells Atsumu to go home to rest while also scolding Ginjima for praising Atsumu for not taking care of his health by continuing to practice.

On the court, Kita does what needs to be done and is confident in his skills, not in an arrogant kind of manner, but the type where he has faith that he will never screw up. He mentions that he does not feel nervous since there's no need for something you do routinely, including volleyball. He is also shown to be highly observant of his team and is very familiar with their good and bad habits when they play. This helps him to steer each player in the direction they need to go in order to perform at their peak. In addition to knowing his players so well, Kita is able to help cover any possible mishaps that occur.


Kita and Yumie s4-e20-1

When Kita was young, his grandmother Yumie Kita told him that "There is always someone watching", where "someone" is referring to deities. However, Kita stated that it's not that he did these for the gods, but he did things such as minding his manners, cleaning, and maintaining good grades because, according to him, "repetition, perseverance, and diligence just feels good". He keeps a strict routine of these tasks without cutting any corners, which leads to Ōmimi to call it Kita's "ritual".

It was revealed that Kita never owned the team jersey back in his middle school volleyball team and only participated in an official match for the first time during his third-year at Inarizaki. As such, he cried tears of happiness when he received his jersey and was named captain of the Inarizaki team.


Tokyo Nationals Arc[]

Karasuno vs Inarizaki[]

Kita makes his first appearance with the rest of the Inarizaki team on Day 2 of the Spring Tournament. As the team captain, he is responsible for handling interviews and press coverage. He reveals to the interviewers that the team is in good condition and their ultimate goal is to win nationals.

Kita s4-e20-5

Despite being a captain, Kita is not a regular, which makes Aran the court captain.[2] Kita does not play in the first set but is substituted in during the second set when his team shows signs of instability. When he goes in, he reprimands his teammates, in particular Ginjima, for being overly rash in his plays. Kita proves himself to be a reliable backbone of the team when he saves many spikes from Karasuno, including one from ace Asahi, a synchronization attack, and a jump floater serve from pinch server Yamaguchi. His presence on the court helps Inarizaki regain their composure while preventing Karasuno from scoring in situations where they would have usually scored in. The Inarizaki coach comments that players like Atsumu, Suna, and Aran are ones to bring despair upon their opponents while Kita is the one to ensure that despair lingers.

In addition to strengthening defense, Kita's calming presence balances out the team's rashness. Kita is very aware of his teammates' habits including the twin's competitiveness, Ginjima's strong desire to score, and Suna's tendency to slack off when there's a huge lead. As such, he keeps a close eye on them to make sure everybody is functioning as well as they should be. With Kita's contribution, Inarizaki successfully wins the second set with a huge point gap.[3]

Kita stays out of most of the third set until the latter half. He is once again substituted in to reinforce the team's defense and mental fortitude. As he steps onto the court, he reveals he is not fond of the team's motto "We don't need things like memories", because, to Kita, the road traveled is just as important as the road that runs forward. Kita can't understand players like the Miya twins or the oddball combo who can charge forward recklessly but admits that he gets fired up when he sees them at play. Despite not being a player who can change the tide of a game, Kita feels a strong sense of responsibility to watch over his teammates and feels a similar connection to Daichi. As such, he questions Daichi's choice of joining in on the offense instead of covering for his teammates. He even shows a slight sign of disapproval when Karasuno lost a point due to miscoordination when it could have been easily saved by a follow-up.

Meanwhile, Kita once again proves his reliability by receiving a powerful serve from Asahi and then covering for the twins when they didn't get a coordinated a minus-tempo attack, an act that Daichi fails to do for his teammates. However, Kita seems to understand and fully respect Daichi once Daichi displays his determination to make a difference instead of taking a backseat.[4]

Kita s4-e25-1

Afterward, Kita is subbed out but continues to observe the match in detail for the rest of the match. He reveals that people used to ask him whether he feels bitter about not being a regular or having such talented juniors to boot. Instead of feeling any insecurity or jealousy, Kita is happy and proud to be able to play along with these players, as he put it: "I'm like a mortal who's stumbled upon a monster's banquet".[5] After the team's loss, Kita reassures the twins that they didn't make a mistake with their last play. He also reveals that he is proud to be playing with his teammates and wishes that their time together could have been longer.[6]

Karasuno vs Kamomedai[]

Into the third set, despite the spectators knowing that Kamomedai has to process a lot of information to be able to produce effective blocks, they are still able to do so and be composed. While watching, Atsumu is frustrated because he just wants Kamomedai to be a normal team and be plain and boring. However, upon hearing this, Kita says that he's always liked Kamomedai because they're just plain good. After this, Atsumu notices that there was something that rubbed him the wrong way with Kamomedai, and not only because of Hoshiumi and Hirugami, but also because the whole team reminds him of Kita, who Atsumu sees as a successful perfectionist.[7]

Sometime later, Kageyama fails to do a dump but that it lands on Daichi's foot. At this, Kita thinks to himself that it would be a mistake to think of Daichi as an ordinary defense specialist so he's a wing spiker first but happens to be good at defense as well. After Karasuno loses, Kita asks Atsumu that if all he cares about are results, then that would mean all of Karasuno's third-years are losers and since Kita is going to stop playing volleyball after high school, so that would mean he would just go "poof".[8] Following this, Kita tells Atsumu that what matters is playing a good game and feel good about yourself.

Final Arc[]

Kita makes a brief appearance with Aran in the audience when Inarizaki defeats Karasuno at the Spring Tournament.[9] In 2021, Kita is a rice farmer and ships some of his rice to Osamu's onigiri shop. He joins Osamu at his shop to watch Japan's match against Argentina with his grandmother. When he sees Atsumu and Aran, he praises how amazing his former teammates are.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Kita acts as a defense specialist for Inarizaki. He is often substituted in when the team is losing their composure and stability in their plays. The Inarizaki coach has described Kita as a player who neither excels physically or technically, but can produce the same and reliable result during practice. Despite being an amazing player, he still is not a starting regular for unknown reasons.


  • Receives: Similar to Daichi, Kita specializes more in defense than in offense. During the match against Karasuno, Kita is seen making receives of spikes from Asahi and Daichi, and even making a perfect underhand receive of Yamaguchi's float serve. At times, Kita is also able to cover his own team when they make a mistake.
  • Jump Float: During the match against Karasuno, Kita has demonstrated he is able to perform a jump float serve that is able to throw his opponents off-balance.


Inarizaki High[]

  • Aran Ojiro: Kita seems to be the closest to Aran, mostly like due to both being third-years and captains. The two act casual around each other, and are seen walking home together after club activities. Kita is comfortable enough with Aran to share his thoughts and views. In return, Aran is one of the few people on the team to be able to talk to Kita from an equal standpoint.
  • Inarizaki High: Most of the underclassmen are somewhat fearful of Kita due to his stern personality. They get unusually nervous around Kita and are quick to obey his commands. Despite that, all of them hold Kita in high regard. It seems that he's close with the third-years, as many of them have been seen calling him by his given name.


  • Yumie Kita:
    Kita and Yumie s4-e20-2
    She is Kita's grandmother. Kita appears to have a very close relationship with his grandmother since his early childhood. Yumie seems to be the one who influenced Kita to enjoy routine and following things through properly. While Kita enjoys his grandmother's company and her support at his games, he has listed his current concern being that she is looking forward to his wedding already.


  • (To Karasuno in his mind) "Listen guys, you don't have to be that guarded. I'm just a substitute. I'm here to tide them [Inarizaki] over. So you don't need to be scared of me."[10]
  • (To Ojiro) "I don't understand the point of being nervous. I guess it's because they feel like they gotta do MORE than what they can. Everybody does stuff like eat, sleep and go to the bathroom, and nobody gets nervous over it. It's the same for volleyball. You just do the same stuff you've done every day in practice. Why get nervous?"[1][10]
  • (To Daichi) "I'm not a player that can change the flow of things, but I feel like I need to watch the backs of these guys who just keep running ahead. You're probably in the same boat."[11]
  • (To Inarizaki) "The kind of monsters who love volleyball day after day. We meet them, stand on the same court as them, and battle against them, with a net between us. I'm like a mortal who's stumbled upon a monster's banquet. Lucky me."[5][11]
  • (To Inarizaki after their defeat to Karasuno) "Now that we're here, I'm wishin' I had more chances to brag about you all... showin' off to everybody how amazing all my teammates are."[6][12]


  • Favorite Food: Tofu Hamburger (Japanese: (とう) () ハンバーグ (はんばーぐ) Tōfu Hanbāgu).
  • Current Concern: "That my grandmother is already looking forward to my wedding."
  • Star Sign: Cancer.
  • According to an extra in Volume 31, he dislikes static shocks; hence, he tends to drape his uniform jacket over his shoulders instead of putting his arms through the sleeves.[13]
  • It is confirmed that he shares the same class as Ren Ōmimi.
  • He is the second youngest third-year after Ōmimi.
  • Kita's name is derived from the Ezo Red Fox, also known as "キタキツネ" or kitakitsune.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Shinsuke (信介) – Trust and Assistance
    • Kita (北) – North