Shion Inunaki (Japanese: 犬鳴 (ぬなき) シオン Inunaki Shion) is currently a libero for the V.League Division 1 team, MSBY Black Jackals

Appearance Edit

Inunaki has light coloured hair with bangs. He is of an average height and build. 

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Inunaki's personality but he appears to be someone who enjoys teasing others, such as his teammates. 


Final ArcEdit

MSBY Black Jackals vs Schweiden AdlersEdit

Set 1Edit

Inunaki is first introduced in the MSBY Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers match.[1] During the first set, Ushijima hits a hard spike towards Inunaki, which Inunaki is unable to get. Inunaki seems to cringe slightly from the force of Ushijima's spike but has an annoyed yet determined look on his face. Later on, Inunaki teases Atsumu Miya for missing his first serve in response to Miya comforting Hinata for missing his serve. A few points later, Inunaki recieves a ball from Adriah Tomas who had gotten Hoshiumi's serve after it bounced off the net. Hinata proceeds to hit the ball over. 

Set 2Edit

Inunaki teases Tomas for letting Hoshiumi get a spike through and tells him to tighten his block and close the gap, speaking in English. Later, Kageyama does a setter dump which Inunaki is unable to get, frustrating him and the rest of the Black Jackals.  As the game proceeds, Kageyama serves (his second in a row) and gets a net in, which Inunaki recieves. 

Set 3Edit

On Kageyama's second serve of the set, he gets a service ace which goes right by Inunaki. Kageyama's third serve however, is received by Inunaki. After Miya gets several serves in, Hoshiumi is able to receive one. Shūgo Meian gets a one-touch on the returning spike, Miya connects and Inunaki passes the ball to Bokuto who unfortunately hits the ball out. 


  • Inunaki is shown to speak English. 
  • Nomenclature
    • Inunaki (犬鳴) - Dog Sound; Ringing

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