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Shion Inunaki (Japanese: 犬鳴 (いぬなき) シオン (しおん) Inunaki Shion) is currently a libero for the V.League Division 1 team, MSBY Black Jackals


Inunaki has short, light colored hair with bangs. He is of an average height and build. 


Not much is known about Inunaki's personality but he appears to be someone who enjoys teasing others, such as his teammates. 


Final Arc

MSBY Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers

Shortly before the game starts, Inunaki is seen with the rest of the Jackals starting players throwing autographed balls into the crowd. Several rallies into the first set, Inunaki attempts to receive Ushijima's spike but the power behind it caused the ball to ricochet off Inunaki's shoulder and land out; leaving the libero attempting to cover how much pain he is in[1].

After Hinata missed his first jump serve, Inunaki hears Atsumu try to comfort the younger player but Inunaki reminds the setter that he too had missed his first serve. Inunaki later shows great court awareness when he is able to receive Romero's serve and right away removes himself from blocking Bokuto's attack path[2].

Early in the third set, Inunaki is able to pick up Kageyama's second serve. As the Jackals make it to set point, Inunaki is able to do an overhand receive of Sokolov's serve. Mid-way into the fourth set, Inunaki would be stunned at watching Hinata receive Ushijima's spike. When Tomas was able to counter attack from the receive, Inunaki and Bokuto heavily praise Hinata's accomplishment.

Inunaki becomes more determined not to let the Monster Generation players get the better of him and is able to receive Kageyama's serve. Inunaki continues to help defend the team until they are able to win the game.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

As a professional volleyball player, Inunaki is a highly skilled libero. He is shown to be able to dig many spikes from his opponents while only facing occasional trouble against Ushijima's raw power. Similar to Komori, Inunaki has incredible awareness on the court and is able to quickly remove himself from blocking his teammates path to attack.


MSBY Black Jackals: Inunaki appears to be on good terms with most of his teammates. He seems to enjoy casually teasing them on certain plays but also excitedly celebrates their accomplishments.


  • Inunaki is shown to speak English. 
  • Nomenclature:
    • Inunaki (犬鳴) - Dog Sound; Ringing