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Shunki Kawatabi (Japanese: 川渡 (かわたび) 瞬己 (しゅんき) Kawatabi Shunki) was a third year wing spiker from Wakutani Minami High.

In 2018, he is currently a travel agency employee in Miyagi.


He has long maroon-colored hair that is usually tied up at the top of his head, resembling a pineapple. His eyebrows are long and point almost vertically. He has a medium build.


Kawatabi appears to be very carefree and easily impressed, and, like Hinata, gets flustered easily. He also gets distracted by pretty girls, which Takeru uses often to motivate him.


He was on the same volleyball club as Kenjirō Shirabu in middle school[1].



Kawatabi is seen on a volleyball magazine showing some top tier schools such as Wakutani, Aoba Johsai, Date Tech, & Shiratorizawa, which are the four schools Coach Ukai says to be careful of. After day 1 of the Interhigh Prelims, he is seen on a news broadcast where it's mentioned that Wakutani defeated Niiyama Tech, a school that made the top four the previous year[2].

He is later seen with Shiro and Nakashima watching the finals of the Interhigh Prelims between Aoba Johsai and Shiratorizawa.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Kawatabi is seen in his school's gym, walking with the rest of his team.

He also appears with his team after their first victory in the Spring Qualifiers.

Wakutani vs Karasuno

During the game against Karasuno, Nakashima tells the team to get Karasuno’s rookies’ quick the next time they encounter it, and Kawatabi cheers to tell the captain he’s understood. In the next rally, after Wakutani Minami uses two of its decoys to trick Karasuno’s blocks, Kawatabi dashes from the back and scores past the enemy defense. Sometime later, Nakashima and Kawatabi are the two leftover blockers ready to shun Asahi but are unable to do so. He later gets blocked himself, gaining a 2-point lead for Karasuno.

When Tsukishima manages to block Kawatabi, it allows Karasuno to finally gain a two-point lead. This frustrates Kawatabi, which is something that Nakashima notices and vanquishes his uneasiness when telling him a girl watching him the stands. When Kawatabi fails to defend Karasuno’s shots once more, he doesn’t seem fazed by his unsuccessful attempts and instead apologizes to Nakashima. In the next rally, Kawatabi boldly claims that he’ll spike the next pass after a good receive but Hanayama, Wakutani Minami’s setter, instead goes for a dump. Sometime during the 2nd set, he and Naruko block Tanaka.

At the beginning of the third set, Kawatabi manages an accidental let serve. Shortly after, Kawatabi frustrates Tanaka when nicely receiving his spike. When Karasuno is able to block Nakashima, Kawatabi yells in alarm. Shortly after, Nakashima gets frustrated at his height when Kageyama, a much taller player, comes out victorious in a joust against him. However, upon Kawatabi saving the ball for him, Nakashima tells himself that Hinata would not outmatch him either skill or in having more trustworthy teammates.

When Matsushima clearly begins to panic, Kawatabi threatens Matsushima to make him buy Häagen-Dazs when he rotates back in the front row. Despite what he said to Matsushima, Nakashima would sense Kawatabi beginning to get uneasy and refers back to the imaginary girl he created to motivate him. The hitter then performs a let serve that ends up being the last of the game. After losing, Kawatabi deeply mourns this event. When he is alone with Nakashima, Kawatabi is about to break into tears again when Nakashima’s composure cracks and expresses his sorrow over Wakutani Minami’s loss.


Kawatabi is seen watching Karasuno’s game against Kamomedai and is shocked when he sees that Hinata is sick.

Final Arc

Having graduated from Wakutani Minami High, Kawatabi is now a travel agency employee. Along with Nakashima, he watches the match between the MSBY Black Jackals and Schweiden Adlers and upon seeing Hinata's impressive serve, Kawatabi comments that they played monsters back in high school[3].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Besides his speed and jumping skills, he is an average player. He speed is well enough to get him from back of the line to cut in front to spike from the right corner, thus completing their delayed attack. His speed is also enough to block, receive, and dig spikes.

Jumping Reach: 322 cm


Takeru Nakashima

Takeru and Kawatabi appear to be close friends. Takeru knows his personality really well, as he's able to motivate him by mentioning a cute girl in the audience. Both of them appear in the Final Arc to watch the Jackals V Adlers game together and comment on how Karasuno had some pretty crazy players.

Wakutani Minami High

Kawatabi gets along really well with his team.


  • His favorite food is the plant giant butterbur.
  • His current concern: He gets nervous visiting his local convenience store because the old man who usually works there has been replaced by a cute girl.
  • His star sign is Gemini.
  • He is called Tabi by his team mates
  • Nomenclature:
    • Kawatabi (川渡) - River, To cross/To ferry across
    • Shunki (瞬己) - Wink/Moment, I/Oneself
  • Kawatabi seems to have been named after Kawatabi Onsen, an onsen district in Ōsaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.