The Spring InterHigh, the national volleyball high schools championships or also known as Koushien of volleyball, is a tournament that take places during winter and is held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. A few years ago the tournament was held at Yoyogi Gymnasium before moved to the current venue. It is a tournament for high school volleyball teams. The Spring Interhigh is considered one of the most prolific events of the high schools level volleyball tournaments along with Summer Interhigh tournaments. 


The Spring Interhigh itself is in classic tournament structure, a single-elimination tournament, also known as sudden death. It begins with first round, second round, third round, quarter-final, semi-finals and eventually the finals.

Before the tournament begins, there is a qualifying round that usually starts in November and qualifying rounds are held in every prefecture in Japan. Only 1 team can represent the prefecture and there are some prefectures that can be represented by 2 teams. For the Tokyo prefecture, because the tournament itself is held in Tokyo, they are allowed 3 team representatives.

Teams CompetingEdit

Men's :Edit

  • Karasuno High (Miyagi Prefecture representative)
  • Nekoma High (Tokyo 3 Prefecture representative)
  • Fukurōdani Academy (Tokyo 2 Prefecture representative)
  • Inarizaki High (Hyōgo Prefecture representative)
  • Itachiyama Academy (Tokyo 1 Prefecture representative)
  • Kamomedai High (Nagano Prefecture representative)
  • Tsubakihara Academy (Kanagawa 2 Prefecture representative)
  • Sarukawa Tech High (Ishikawa Prefecture representative)
  • Mujinazaka High (Oita Prefecture representative)
  • Kiyokawa High (Kochi Prefecture representative)
  • Chikuida High (Ibaraki Prefecture representative)
  • Eiwa High 
  • Ohya Tech High (Hokkaido 1 Prefecture representative)[1]
  • Morikawa High (Hokkaido 2 Prefecture representative)
  • Furukata High School (Fukushima Prefecture representative)
  • Mimiya Tech High (Mie Prefecture representative)
  • Higashihara High (Saitama Prefecture representative)
  • Amanoshiro High (Okinawa Prefecture representative)
  • Kyōzen Tech High (Tokushima Prefecture representative)
  • Shinta Tech High (Shiga Prefecture representative)
  • Matsuyama Nishi Shōgyō High ( Okayama Prefecture representative)
  • Takagiyama High (Ehime Prefecture representative)
  • Chiseki Shōgyō High
  • Shiritsu Sakae High (Wakayama Prefecture representative)
  • Tamamine High
  • Minamiyama High
  • Senzan High
  • Oga Daifu High ( Aomori Prefecture representative)[2]
  • Yagitani High[2] (Nagasaki Prefecture representative)
  • Yamazaki Tachibana High (Kyoto Prefecture representative)
  • Kenritsu Yoshinami High (Fukui Prefecture representative)
  • Kamikawa High
  • Byouoka Chuuou High (Tottori Prefecture representative)
  • Takadani Daiichi High (Toyama Prefecture representative)
  • Matsukawa Tech (Kagoshima Prefecture representative)
  • Inubushi Higashi High (Hiroshima Prefecture representative)
  • Kikata High
  • Fukubayashi High (Kanagawa 1 Prefecture representative)
  • Ashiyasu Shougyou High (Yamanashi Prefecture representative)
  • Mineoka High (Saga Prefecture representative)
  • Hidawa High (Gifu Prefecture representative)
  • Shiobara Tech (Tochigi Prefecture representative)
  • Senami High (Niigata Prefecture representative)
  • Shirohama High (Chiba Prefecture representative)
  • Osawa High (Iwate Prefecture representative)
  • Ajisu High (Yamaguchi Prefecture representative)
  • Oikawa High  (Nara Prefecture representative)
  • Atsumi High (Yamagata Prefecture representative)
  • Ichibayashi High
  • Akaneyama High
  • Minamiike High

Women's :Edit

  • Niiyama Girls' High (Miyagi Prefecture girls' representative)
  • Iwaki Girls High School (Fukushima Prefecture Representative)
  • Kanai Trade High School (Ishikawa Prefecture Representative)
  • Takagi High School (Yamaguchi Prefecture Representative)
  • Iseoka High School (Aichi Prefecture Representative)
  • Morita Girls High School (Saga Prefecture Representative)
  • Sakura Chuo High School (Yamagata Prefecture Representative)
  • Sentoku High School (Hiroshima Prefecture Representative)
  • Omoyama High School (Nagano Prefecture Representative)
  • Geba High School (Osaka Prefecture Representative)
  • Yunokawa Girls High School (Hokkaido 2 Prefecture Representative)
  • Myouken High School (Kagoshima Prefecture Representative)
  • Hisamitsu High School (Tokyo Prefecture Representative)


1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round


Semi Finals



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