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Stojković is a player on the Serbia Women's National Volleyball Team.


Stojković appears to be a tall and strong woman with long, light-colored hair pulled into a ponytail. She is shown in her volleyball uniform, which is a white jersey with the number 9, dark-colored shorts, and white kneepads.


Final Arc

Stojković plays in the match between Serbia and Japan on day 4 of the 2021 Summer Olympic Games. She aims her serves at Kanoka Amanai, who struggles with reception. Later, she fails to dig one of Amanai's spikes, causing Japan to win a point.


While her stats are not revealed, it's shown she has very powerful serves, being able to score an ace off of Kanoka. She is most likely the same way with her spikes.


  • She is likely at least partly inspired by Brankica Mihajlović, an outside hitter for Serbia Women's National Volleyball Team, known for her powerful serves. She also spent three seasons in Japan's Division 1, winning "Excellent Player" and "Best Outside Hitter" awards.