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"Substitute Foundation" (Japanese: 土台代理 (どだいだいり) Dodai Dairi) is the one hundred eighteenth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 34th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


When Daichi is injured and removed from the game, second year Ennoshita is sent in as his replacement but Ennoshita does not feel that he is able to fill Daichi's shoes as captain.


At Johzenji High, Terushima complains how he and the team would currently be playing in a game if they had won their match against Karasuno. Bobata states that their defeat won't look too bad if Karasuno is somehow able to beat Shiratorizawa before putting the blame for their loss on Hinata. Though Futamata puts the blame on Kageyama, Terushima instead believes that Daichi was the main reason for their loss as he created the foundation that Karasuno relied on.

Daichi slowly begins to regain consciousness. Iwaizumi questions what happened, having missed the play, and Oikawa explains that Daichi and Tanaka collided when they had tried to make the last receive. Daichi finally awakens and Ukai and Takeda quickly begin to check if Daichi is alright. Although Daichi remembers where they are and what team they are playing against, Takeda still insists that Daichi go to the medical office to be checked for a possible concussion. Daichi reluctantly agrees and, just as he is able to leave, suddenly spits a tooth out.

Due to the injury, Oikawa believes that Daichi will possibly be kept out for the rest of the game. Tanaka tries to apologize to Daichi but Daichi instead says it was his own fault, having seen Tanaka attempt to save the last hit but was unable to stop himself until it was too late. From past encounters, Oikawa knows that Tanaka is a player with great mental fortitude but wonders how he will react to the guilt he feels for Daichi being removed from the game. Daichi leaves the team to Asahi before finally being led out of the gym by Ukai.

Iwaizumi and Oikawa begin to wonder who will be sent in to replace Daichi for the rest of the game. Iwaizumi wonders if they will send Sugawara in but Oikawa does not believe Karasuno is use to having two setters in at the same time. The two Seijoh players soon hear encouragement being shouted to someone and watch as Ennoshita is sent in.

As he makes his way onto the court, Ennoshita is immediately overcome with nerves at the thought of having to live up to Daichi's example. Oikawa questions Ennoshita's skills as a player and Iwaizumi answers that he was a solid player despite not leaving the biggest impression. On the court, Ennoshita is right away welcomed at the next captain as Kageyama asks if he is ok with being set to right away and Nishinoya warning Ennoshita of Takeru constantly tooling the blocks. Sugawara understands that Ennoshita would be concerned about having to replace Daichi but also knows that the rest of the team have long since welcomed the second year as Daichi's successor.

Tanaka tries to apologize to Ennoshita about the situation only for Ennoshita to suddenly scold him for an accident that was out of his control. With how bad the collision had been, Ennoshita points out that it was a miracle that Tanaka hadn't needed to be removed from the game as well. Asahi agrees and tells Tanaka that they are all relieved that he is not hurt as well. Ennoshita further encourages Tanaka not to feel bad by saying they can't have him feeling depressed about what happened to Daichi as he is still needed in the game.

Shimada is somewhat surprised that Ennoshita was sent in to substitute for Daichi as he thinks the second year seems on the softer side. Saeko insists that Shimada has the wrong impression as she has seen that Ennoshita is the undoubted leader of the second years. Sugawara and the rest of the players also acknowledge Ennoshita as being the one able to keep the rowdy players under control and has been spread good influence onto the first years.

Ennoshita is first to serve when the game continues. His serve is received and Wakunan scores. Takeru gives his sympathies to Karasuno for Daichi having gotten injured and being removed but still plans to not show any mercy. He serves and Ennoshita misses the receive. As Nishinoya offers to cover more area, Ennoshita begins to put himself down and thinks that he does not have the skills necessary to make up for Daichi.

But after remembering how he ran away from the club and his team before, Ennoshita realizes that he cannot make any excuses and does not want to feel like he abandoning his team again. At Takeru's next serve, Ennoshita receives and the counter attack begins.


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