Sumida City Gymnasium (Japanese: 墨田区総合体育館 Sumida-shi taiikukan) is located in Sumida Ward of Tokyo and was the location where the volleyball tournament for the Tokyo representatives was held.

In Haikyū!!Edit

Sumida City Gymnasium first appears in Chapter 190 of the manga and the Land VS Air OVA.

Matches heldEdit

Spring Interhigh -Tokyo Representative Playoffs (2012)

First Round

Third Place Game

  • Nekoma High School vs Nohebi Academy (2:0 / 28-26, 26-24)


  • Itachiyama Institute vs Fukurōdani Academy (2:1 / 22-25, 25-19, 25-22)

In real lifeEdit

Sumida City Gymnasium is a real gymnasium located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, that opened in April 2010[1]. It is home to the Fugador Sumida futsal team, and is also used for basketball and volleyball.


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