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"Superstar" (Japanese: スーパースター Sūpāsutā) is the three hundred eighty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 12th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


The Adlers' Nicollas Romero lives up to his reputation as a world-class ace as he shows off his experience and versatility on the court. Having watched Romero's play since their high school years, the monster generation members are thrilled to be playing alongside and against Romero.


Hinata prepares to serve after the score reaches 4-4. He executes a jump serve targeting toward the sidelines but sends the ball a hairline out of bounds. Despite the error, those who are familiar with Hinata from high school recognize how dangerous of a player he has become. In particular, Sugawara recalls the time when Hinata drove a serve into Kageyama's head during their practice match against Aoba Johsai while Daichi comments about possibly breaking a neck if the same thing happens now. Naturally, Kageyama mocks Hinata about his serve.

Hoshiumi is next to serve and hopes to show off to Hinata how a proper jump serve is done. Bokuto receives the serve as a payback for Hoshiumi having earlier received his serve, and Atsumu tosses to Sakusa for the last hit. The Adlers deflect Sakusa's spike and keep the ball in play but not good enough for a set. Just when it seems like the Jackals will be getting a free ball, Romero jumps with his back to the net and spin around for a spike. Adlers earn a break point, and Hoshiumi makes his second serve. The serve bounces off the net but remains a net-in. Thomas and Inunaki save the ball, and Hinata sends it back to Adlers aiming to restrict Romero. However, Romero smoothly transitions into a spike after making the first touch and breaks through once more.

Everyone can't help but be amazed by Romero's feat. For both the Adlers and Jackals, Romero has been someone they idolized and have watched play on tv since their high school years. It dawns on them that they are playing with or against a world-class ace.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Hinata continued the habit of knocking off sand from the ball as his pre-serve routine even while playing indoors.
  • Additional character's future career path:
    • Takeru Nakashima is a sporting goods company employee and has switched to play libero for the Kiniro Sports Jumpers (Division 3). He and Reon Ōhira are teammates and share the same occupation.
    • Shunki Kawatabi works as a travel agency employee in Miyagi.
    • Yūji Terushima is an apprentice hairstylist.



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