Yoohoo! Long time no see, Tobio-chan. So nice to see you.You still doing the King thing?
I believe in all of you.
To the team, before their match with Karasuno, Season 1, Episode 19
Even if I'm no match for his [Tobio's] talent, I have confidence that I can set the best tosses for everyone. That's why I won't lose as a setter.
Spikers are all different. Once you're able to bring out 100% of the strengths of each and every one of them, that's when you'll be a true setter!
Once we get into high school...that's when we'll [Tooru and Hajime] show Shiratorizawa who's boss!
...And Tobio-chan, I don't know where you'll be headed after this [Oikawa's last junior high tournament], but I'm gonna crush you, so you better be prepared!
My perfect trust with you, Iwa-chan
All of a sudden, I feel invincible.
Tobio, I might actually lose to you, considering how quickly you evolve, but...that won't be today!
I'm going to crush you today. You'd better prepared, Ushikawa-chan.
All of our [Aobajohsai] practices, experience, and strategies are being broken by force.Well, I guess the actual path to victory doesn't matter. The one that lets the ball fall on the court loses. That's everything.
During the Inter-high tournament match against Shiratorizawa, Season 1, Episode 25
If you're going to hit it, hit it until it breaks.
In an interview with Monthly Volleyball, Season 2, Episode 1
The one who has leadership in an attack isn't you, it's the shrimp.
To Kageyama, Season 2, Episode 6
Just because a super receive is flashy, doesn't mean it's good. If a ball that had always gone up for them suddenly doesn't go up anymore, that will slowly but surely get to them. I think they're feeling that right about now.
The chance to let your talent truly blossom, perhaps it's today. Or maybe, it's tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or next year. Or perhaps even when you're 30? In regards to physique, I can't say much. But if you yourself think that you don't have talent, then you'll probably never have it.
Six who are strong together, are stronger!
Worthless pride, huh? That's true...Listen up, Ushijima. I never thought my decision was wrong, and my volleyball hasn't ended at all. Don't you ever forget my worthless pride.
Thank you for these three years!!!
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