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Takaaki Anabara (Japanese: 穴原 (あなはら) 孝昭 (たかあき) Anabara Takaaki) is the coach for Johzenji High.


He has narrow eyes and neat black hair. He wears thin-framed glasses and a gray tracksuit as his coaching outfit.


Anabara appears to be a calm, lenient person; he allows his team to run its own practices and was initially accepting towards Hinata's participation in the summer camp.


He went to the same high school as one of Shiratorizawa's coaches and played on the school's volleyball team together. He started coaching at Johzenji boys' volleyball team recently, possibly the previous or current year. It's due to him that Johzenji was able to advance to semifinals.


Spring High Preliminary Arc

When a comment is made on Higashiyama’s poor pass, Anabara thinks to himself that as long as the ball gets in the air, something could be made out of it, and this especially applies to Johzenji. As he thinks this, Futamata proves him right while doing a one-handed set. When Johzenji loses the first set because of their failed synchro attack, Anabara tells Terushima to mind his timing next time.

During the second set, Anabara notices Misaki scolding the team for their reckless behavior and asks if there is something wrong. When she explains what she is trying to do, Anabara sheepishly condones her attempt. After this, Anabara becomes proud of his team’s surprising but thoughtful ways of scoring. Even when Karasuno reaches their 24th point, Johzenji attempts another synchro attack. Despite it being successful, it lands out of bounds and Anabara admits that losing in such a way is very in-character. When leaving the court, Anabara thanks Misaki for her support. As a post-game pep talk, Anabara tells Johzenji to keep playing as they did in the last few moments of the game.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

First Year Training Camp

After the qualifier tournament, Anabara had set up a training camp at Shiratorizawa Academy for selected first years around the prefecture. On the first day, he and many others were surprised to see Hinata among the invited players as he had not been requested to attend the camp; although Anabara later reveals that he had indeed recommended Hinata be one of the first years invited to the camp. After Washijō had allowed Hinata to stay under the conditions of being a ball boy and not participating in any matches, Anabara continued to coach the rest of the players through various drills and practice matches. Throughout this time, he takes notice of how Hinata is studying the players and their individual playing methods which he learned to use himself and develop his skills.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

When Karasuno began playing at the Spring Tournament, Anabara watched their match against Inarizaki and witnessed Hinata receiving Aran Ojiro's spike. He would initially dub this as a fluke but later changed his opinion when Hinata made receive of Rintarō Suna's spike[1]. When Karasuno won the match, Anabara, in his excitement, accidentally called Washijō. The older coach simply stated that he had seen the outcome of the game.

Final Arc

Anabara is revealed to still uphold the position of head coach at Johzenji High. He is seen watching the game against the MSBY Black Jackals and Schweiden Adlers and laughs when seeing Hinata score with his left hand.


Johzenji High

  • Hana Misaki:
    Hana and Anabara 2.png
    The two seem to have a good relationship. They are often seen talking to each other and commenting on the boys playing during matches. When Johzenji loses to Karasuno, he compliments Misaki for being able to keep the team in shape.

Karasuno High

  • Shōyō Hinata: Although Karasuno and Johzenji had faced each other during the qualifier tournament, Anabara would formally meet Hinata during the First Year Training Camp at Shiratorizawa when the middle blocker decided to crash the camp. Even though Anabara had originally recommended Hinata be one of the players to attend the camp, he began to gaze upon Hinata as somewhat of a 'wild child' who didn't put much thought into his plays. Throughout the week, he would see that Hinata was studying other players to develop his own skills while inspiring others around him. It would be through watching Hinata play at Nationals that Anabara would silently apologize to Hinata for having repeatedly called his actions a fluke and begin to see him as a formidable player.

Shiratorizawa Academy

  • Akira Saitō:
    Saitō and Anabara.png
    It's implied the two coaches went to High School together and that they both played on the volleyball team. They appear to have a good friendship.


  • It is implied that Anabara went to the same school as Shiratorizawa's current coach, Akira Saitō[2].
  • Nomenclature
    • Takaaki (孝昭)
      • 孝 - Filial Piety
      • 昭 - Clear
    • Anabara (穴原) - Original Hole