Takanobu Aone (Japanese: 青根 (あおね) 高伸 (たかのぶ) Aone Takanobu) is a 2nd year student at Date Tech High. He is one of the middle blockers and the main pillar of Date Tech's defense, famously known as the "Iron Wall". 

Appearance Edit

Aone is 192 cm tall and always wears a serious expression on his face. People often confuse his expression as a glare when he looks at them. Alongside his light hair color and large frame, his most outstanding feature is his missing eyebrows.

Aone is most commonly seen wearing a Date Tech Volleyball Club's tracksuit, consisting of teal pants and a white jacket with teal collar. During official matches, he first dons the jersey with the number 7 during the Interhigh. After the third years retired, his number changes from 7 to 1. This is quite unusual since the number 1 jersey is usually reserved for the captain. It's most likely he is chosen to wear number 1 for his central role on the team. 

Personality Edit

Despite coming off intimidating for his physical appearance, Aone is actually very kind-hearted and even-tempered. He dislikes when his team members argue and is usually the one to stop them, as shown when former captain Moniwa relies on him to stop Futakuchi and Kamasaki from fighting. He is also very respectful, which can be seen when he greets Hinata by bowing despite the latter being a year younger than him. Aone is shy around strangers and minds the opinion others have about him. He is almost always silent, thereby surprising his teammates when he talks.

During matches, Aone is calm and composed even during difficult situations. He is very determined and solely focused on stopping the opponents. It is noted that Aone has a habit of "locking on" to other team's aces as they are his natural opponents.[1]

Statistics Edit

Original Statistics
Game Sense

Aone is the undisputed backbone of Date Tech's famous "Iron Wall" defense. He is an experienced read blocker whose strong points include his sturdy physique, a calm mindset, and the tenacity to stop his opponents' attacks.[2] Aone mostly works with his teammates in using a blocking strategy called bunch shift, in which all three blockers congregate at the center and move together to block their opponents' spikes.

Jumping Reach: 335 cm


  • Read Blocking: Aone has a reputation as a formidable read blocker. He excels at reading the path of the toss and deducing where the ball will go to put up a block. As a result, he doesn't easily fall for decoys. On the occasions where he misreads, Aone has demonstrated the ability to quickly correct himself and still put up a decent block.[2]
  • Jump Serve:  Aone used a jump serve during the most recent practice match against Karasuno. He has yet to gain perfect control over it but his serve packs enough power to be a dangerous threat once improved.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite food: Kuri kinton.
  • Current concern: When he's riding the train, nobody wants to sit on either side of him.
  • His teammates are surprised when he talks.
  • He doesn't seem to know his own strength and has the unfortunate habit of accidentally hurting his teammates when giving high fives or chest bumps.
  • His star sign is Leo.
  • He shares his birthday with Wakatoshi Ushijima.
  • He is currently tied with Yūdai Hyakuzawa as the heaviest volleyball player that has been seen in the anime at 88.2 kilograms, or 194.4 pounds.
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Aone placed 21st with 1,003 votes.[4] In the second, he dropped to 30th with 1,403 votes.[5]
  • Nomenclature
    • Takanobu (高伸) - (高) Tall (伸) Stretch
    • Aone (青根) - Deep Blue


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