Takeharu Futamata is a 2nd year student from Johzenji High. He is the team's setter.


He has messy, dark brown hair and arched eyebrows with big dark colored eyes.


He seems to be very easy-going and somewhat careless.


He is currently a second year at Johzenji High. He plays as a setter on the school's volleyball team.


Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

Futamata is introduced as the setter for Johzenji in the match against Karasuno High. Right as the game starts, he's shown to have incredible reflexes when he saves a ball with his foot. However, he just barely makes his serve in right afterwards. Futamata surprises Karasuno again when he makes a toss with one hand and later when he calls to spike.

After seeing Karasuno's synchronized attack, Johzenji decides to try its own. However, Futamata tosses much too far, causing the team to lose the first set. After a series of mishaps, including Futamata's surprise spike that went out, Misaki scolds them. After the talk, Futamata walks back onto the court with a serious expression on his face.

He plays much calmer, but still retains his elements of surprise, including tricking Kageyama with a fake dump shot. However, Johzenji loses the match in the end when they mess up their synchronized attack.


Futamata seems to be a decent setter with great reflexes and versatility, having saved a ball with his foot and tossing with one hand in the match against Karasuno. His movement seems to be very fluid and he's taken Karasuno by surprise with his dump shots and random spikes. However, similar to his teammates, he plays too individually, leading to collision on the court.

Jumping Reach: 320 cm


Yūji Terushima and Kazuma Bobata Edit

The three are usually seen conversing and hanging out with each other during matches and outside of volleyball club. They are most likely close friends outside of school.

Johzenji HighEdit

Futamata has a good relationship with his team overall. Like the rest of his teammates, he holds Misaki in a high regard and was impressed when she used foul language to admonish them.


  • Nomenclature
    • Takeharu (丈春) - Length of Spring
    • Futamata (二岐) - Two Gifu



Johzenji High

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