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Takeharu Futamata (Japanese: 二岐 (ふたまた) 丈春 (たけはる) Futamata Takeharu) is a second-year student at Johzenji High. He is the volleyball team's setter.


He has messy, dark brown hair and arched eyebrows with big dark colored eyes.


He seems to be very easy-going and somewhat careless. Like his teammates, he tends to play freely and only takes things seriously when Misaki pointed out how their free nature was working against them.



Spring High Preliminary Arc

Futamata is introduced as the setter for Johzenji in the match against Karasuno High. During the match’s beginning, Futamata is able to save a ball going into the net with his foot and leads way for Īzaka to spike. After this, Futamata and his team are seen cheering for their victory. Shortly after, Futamata and Īzaka perform a quick set, and one spectator remarks that despite their wild style, they can still manage regular plays. In the following rally, Futamata does a let serve, which seems to be about to score, until Tanaka saves it in a hurry. Shortly after, Futamata does a one-handed set to toss to Numajiri. In another rally, Futamata does a setter dump that tricks Tsukishima. Futamata and Higashiyama would also bump into each other when a ball comes their way, which is explained by their habit to play 2-on-2 games.

Shortly after, Tsukishima remarks that Futamata, as Johzenji’s setter, and dismisses him as a possible hitter. However, he is proven wrong when Futamata calls for Higashiyama to set for him. Futamata follows up by spiking past Tanaka and successfully scores. Futamata would once more surprise Karasuno when Kageyama seems to be going for a setter dump but instead spikes, however, the rookie setter instead blocks with his face. As the first set approaches its end, Futamata is the center of Johzenji’s attempted synchro attack. Despite their attempt, Futamata and Terushima’s teamwork fall flat and they lose the first set.

During the second set, Futamata jumps up to spike only after the second contact on Johzenji’s side, which surprises Karasuno’s own setter, Sugawara. Despite the surprising attempt, he scores out of bounds, which makes it clear for the spectators that Johzenji is starting to panic. When Misaki uses foul language to lecture the team, Futamata starts murmur in the team. After this, Futamata seems like he’s going to spike on the second contact again but instead sets from behind to Terushima, which even surprises the captain.

The next day, after Johzenji’s loss, Futamata admits he admired Kageyama’s skills during the game but also agrees that Daichi's captaincy had been a big part of Karasuno’s foundation.


Near the end of the match between Karasuno and Kamomedai, Futamata is shown watching the match with Terushima and Bobata. They are shown to be highly impressed when Daichi was able to save the ball using his foot[1].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Futamata seems to be a decent setter with great reflexes and versatility, having saved a ball with his foot and tossing with one hand in the match against Karasuno. His movement seems to be very fluid and he's taken Karasuno by surprise with his dump shots and random spikes. However, similar to his teammates, he plays too individually, leading to collisions on the court.

Jumping Reach: 320 cm


Yūji Terushima and Kazuma Bobata

The three are usually seen conversing and hanging out with each other during matches and outside of volleyball club. They are most likely close friends outside of school.

Johzenji High

Futamata has a good relationship with his team overall. Like the rest of his teammates, he holds Misaki in a high regard and was impressed when she used foul language to admonish them.


  • Nomenclature
    • Takeharu (丈春) - Length of Spring
    • Futamata (二岐) - Two Gifu