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"Talent and Instinct" (Japanese: 才能 (さいのう) とセンス Sainō to Sensu) is the one hundred forty-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 13th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Thanks to Kageyama, Karasuno is now at match point. However, they still find trouble gaining the last point when Aoba Johsai gives their all to prevent Karasuno from wining the match.


Thanks to Kageyama's successfully setter dump, Karasuno is now at match point. Karasuno calls for their second time-out and Iwaizumi expresses his frustration at Kageyama's play.

As Yahaba comments how he envies Kageyama's confidence as a setter during such a critical time in a match, Oikawa recalls a time when he met with someone who he received advice from when he was troubled by others being better than him. He was told that he should not compare his talent and abilities to others who he thinks were born with natural talent and that he will have a tougher road ahead of him unless he is able to let go of such thoughts.

Before the teams head back onto the court, Iwaizumi states that if Sugawara serves the same way again that he will make the receive and is trusting the others to make the attack. Karasuno also prepares for possible attacks and soon they return to the court.

As predicted, Sugawara aims for Iwaizumi to make the first touch just in front of the net. Kyōtani is able to spike a cross shot past Kageyama but Tanaka saves the ball before it hits his head. Kageyama and Sugawara switch positions and the team launches a synchronized attack.

Asahi spikes and Hanamaki receives but the ball heads out. Oikawa gives chase. He points to Iwaizumi and makes an incredible set from outside the court. With this perfect set, Iwaizumi spikes. Daichi receives but the ball heads toward the back end of the court until Tanaka is able to get it up.


Chapter notes

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  • In commemoration of the Aoba Johsai High vs Karasuno High match point, a center color page of Oikawa holding his team’s banner. The text reads: “Set your mind on the objective and go forth without ever looking back.”


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