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Tamahiko Teshiro (Japanese: 手白 (てしろ) 球彦 (たまひこ) Teshiro Tamahiko) is a first-year student at Nekoma High. He plays as a backup setter and pinch server on the boys' volleyball team.

As of 2021, he works as a cram school instructor[1]


Teshiro has a relatively small stature among volleyball players. He possesses short, light-colored hair and matching thick eyebrows. He is usually seen with a composed expression.

Post-timeskip, Teshiro has let his hair grow out slightly.


Teshiro has been shown to remain calm and collected during high pressure situations such as nationals. He also seems to be perceptive and observant as he noticed Kenma's change in behavior during the last set of the Nekoma vs Karasuno match. Despite this, Teshiro is not without faults as his inexperience as a first year has meant that he easily falls for Hinata's decoy abilities and has imperfect receives.



Spring High Preliminary Arc

Teshiro makes his anime during the match between Nekoma and Fukurōdani during the Tokyo Prefectural Qualifiers. During this match and the match against Nohebi, he is mostly seen standing with the remaining Nekoma members on the sidelines.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Nekoma vs Sarukawa

Teshiro's first appearance comes when he is thought to be getting ready to sub in for Kenma during Nekoma's match against Sarukawa Tech High[2]. However, Nekoma would win the match before Teshiro would get the chance to be sent in.

Nekoma vs Karasuno

Teshiro would get the chance to play in the match against Karasuno. The game is in the second set with the score tied when Teshiro is subbed in when Lev is up to serve[3]. Though he admits that does not think he is ready to go in, he is able to stun everyone, and annoy Karasuno, when he delivers a ceiling serve.

His serve is received by Tanaka but is still able to throw Karasuno off balance. Asahi attempted to score but Teshiro was able to make a receive. Asahi would manage to score later and stop Teshiro's serve. Teshiro would agree with Yaku about how powerful Asahi's spikes are and admit it felt more like he was hit by the spike rather than receiving it. When questioned by Coach Nekomata on how he felt making his debut appearance, Teshiro would admit that he felt he was left behind. When Nekoma lost, Teshiro would admit his desire to want to play a match like the one he just witnessed.

Final Arc

Teshiro's final appearance comes when he gathers with his former teammates at Kenma's house. He currently works as a cram school instructor[1].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Teshiro is proficient at the ceiling serve, which he uses to disrupt Karasuno's rhythm. However, he has very little game experience and struggles to keep up with the intensity of the match. Nekomata has noted his level-headedness as his strong point.


  • Ceiling Serve: During the national's match against Karasuno, Teshiro demonstrates his ability to utilize the ceiling serve. While Karasuno had some familiarity of the serve due to playing against Tsubakihara, the serve was still enough to throw them off balance as it had been high enough to cause them temporary visual hinderance.
  • Receives: While Teshiro would attempt to make receives, he appears to not be at the same level his more experienced teammates; even admitting that he hadn't so much as received Asahi's spike rather than it slammed into him instead.


  • "...I was left behind." ()
  • "I felt entirely left behind. It's the end of a close set. Both teams are reaching the end of their stamina, and there is no room for errors. And yet... how can they be so... so... I don't know how to describe it." ()
  • "Only for a rally or two. I want to be out there for real. I want to play volleyball... like I saw all of you play it." ()


  • Current concern: He is sometimes asked, "Are you angry?"
  • Favorite food: Grilled salted cod.
  • Teshiro is the youngest of the Nekoma first-years.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Tamahiko (球彦) - Ball Boy
    • Teshiro (手白) - White Hand