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"Task Focus" (Japanese: タスクフォーカス Tasuku Fōkasu) is the three hundred thirty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 6th-7th double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2019 series.


After being benched, Akaashi observes his teammates from the sidelines and reflects on his error. He soon bounces back and utilizes his top-notch skills to lead Fukurōdani to another point.


Akaashi is substituted out for another first year setter, Shūichi Anahori, after failing to perform to his usual standards. While benched, Akaashi starts to mentally berate himself until Coach Yamiji reminds him of Fukurōdani's motto, which uphold the notion of securing each individual point instead of focusing on the outcome of the match.

On the court, Fukurōdani is putting up a good fight despite not having their usual setter. They manage to hinder Kiryū's spike and maintain a rally with Mujinazaka. Just when Mujinazaka assumes Bokuto would perform a back attack, Konoha unexpectedly sets to Sarukui from the left to earn another point for the team. Fukurōdani narrows the point deficit to one, and the team celebrates. After watching his teammates shine, Akaashi recognizes his error of trying to control the flow of the game and regains his composure.

Fukurōdani ultimately drops the first set, and Akaashi returns to the game for the second. With a clear mind and renewed focus, Akaashi shows off his prowess as a setter for a powerhouse school. After Konoha sends a subpar toss, Akaashi skillfully executes a rebound to reorganize their offense. This time, Akaashi makes a perfect toss to Bokuto's spike point, allowing the latter to break through Mujinazaka's defense.



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  • This chapter includes a cover of Akaashi standing in front of Fukurōdani's team banner. The text reads, "The words hoisted proudly behind us are the very words that light our path forwards!! Will Akaashi bounce back?"
  • Fukurōdani's official banner is revealed to be "一球入魂" ("Ikkyū nyūkon") or "Pour all your soul into each ball."


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