Tatsumi Ōsado (Japanese: 大佐渡 (おおさど) (たつみ) Ōsado Tatsumi) is the Head Coach of Tsubakihara Academy's boys' volleyball club.

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He is noted to be a generally closed person, only showing emotions in rare occasions.

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  • Nomenclature
    • Tatsumi (巽) - Abstain
    • Ōsado (大佐渡) - Handing Over Some Big Help to Someone

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  • "Everyone here has taken down one beast or another to get to this point. And in much the same way, beasts who have taken down other beasts could be themselves vanquished in the blink of an eye in the first match. Those who get swallowed up by their the courts...disappear." (To himself, Chapter 233)
  • "Even if you made it here last year. Even if your name is listed across all the magazines...There's always the possibility that you'll be eliminated in the first round. This is what it means to be at nationals. Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to leave their mark here." (To himself, Chapter 240)
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