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"Tenacity" (Japanese: (ねば) Nebari) is the three hundred seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 30th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


Undeterred by the mistake that cost them the first set, Karasuno continuously bombards Nekoma with vicious attacks. However, Nekoma is just as tenacious and thwarts Karasuno's attempts to score. The pressure is piling on Karasuno. 


Prior to the start of the second set, Coach Ukai discusses the communication error with the team. He explains that the correct action would have been to save the chance ball and have everyone attack afterwards. Before ending his talk, Ukai emphasizes on their unchanging goal: going at their opponent with a multi-person attack and dominating the rally. 

The score is currently 6-4 in Karasuno's favor. Asahi makes his second serve but hits it out of bounds. Kuroo returns the favor with a powerful serve of his own. Kageyama immediately sets up a quick with Tsukishima after Asahi receives Kuroo's serve. Nekoma barely saves the ball and Kenma once again tosses it back to a difficult spot. This time, Daichi lands a high first touch to give the whole team time to prepare for their synchronized attack. Tanaka comes through with a spike that flies off Yamamoto's arm, once again giving Karasuno a two points lead over Nekoma. Kenma and the others now realize that Karasuno is a lot more cool-headed and prone to think things through despite giving off a reckless impression. 

Nekoma thwarts Karasuno's attacks.

Lev scores for Nekoma, and Fukunaga steps up to serve. He aims a short serve toward Hinata, but Nishinoya moves forward to receive it instead. Kageyama tosses to Tanaka on the left. Lev lands a one-touch on Tanaka's spike, allowing Kenma to set for Yamamoto. The two teams start an intense rally with Karasuno continuously bombarding Nekoma with vicious attacks. However, Nekoma refuses to budge as they show off their tenacity in defense. Watching the game from a tablet, Tendō and Goshiki notice that it's not only Nekoma that's displaying tenacity. Tendō explains that Karasuno is just as tenacious but the only difference between the two teams is persistence on the ground or in mid-air. He is well aware that Karasuno is at a disadvantage since their style of attacking altogether is physically taxing. Suguru also shares a similar sentiment as he notes that Karasuno is the one enduring. 


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