We're like the blood in our veins. We must flow without stopping. Keep the oxygen moving and your mind working.
Tetsurō Kuroo
Kanji 黒尾 鉄朗
Rōmaji Kuroo Tetsurō
Character Information
Also Known As Scheming Captain, Comb Head, and Rooster Head (by Hinata)
Kuro (by Kenma, Bokuto)
Pain-in-the-ass Kuroo-san (by Akaashi)
Rooster-hair bastard (by Suguru Daishō)
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 17
Age 18
Height 187.7 cm (6' 1.8")

188 cm (6' 2")

Weight 75.3 kg (166.0 lbs)
Background Information
Family Unnamed father

Mentioned grandparents

Goal Make the Battle at the Trash Heap happen.
Likes Volleyball
Grilled Salted Mackerel Pike
Mikasa volleyballs
Girls with long hair
Going to the beach during the summer
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (3rd Year, Class 5)
Teams Nekoma High
Number 1
Position Captain
Middle Blocker
Debut Information
In the Manga Team Karasuno, Full Speed Ahead
In the Anime Decision
Seiyu Information
Voice Actor Yuichi Nakamura
English Actor Ty Mahany

Tetsurō Kuroo (Japanese: 黒尾 鉄朗 Kuroo Tetsurō) is a third year student from Nekoma High. He is the Boys' Volleyball Club's captain and a middle blocker, known as the "Scheming Captain".

Appearance Edit

Kuroo is noted to be tall and thin with a muscular frame. Kuroo's features appear sly, with narrowed eyes and hazel colored cat-like pupils, grey in the manga. It has also been noted by several people and hinted at through reactions that Kuroo appears intimidating. 

His black hair is naturally messy like that due to his bedhead, he has fringe on his right side that partially covers his right eye; as a result, he's occasionally called "Rooster Head".

He is often seen wearing a black shirt, red sweatpants, and the Nekoma High jacket. During official matches, he wears the Nekoma uniform numbered with a '1.'

Personality Edit

He has a laid-back yet scheming personality, and is considered a "provocation expert." This talent is demonstrated in the way he angers Tsukishima during the Tokyo Expedition Arc. However, he apologized to Daichi about the provocation later on, proving that while he is a "provocation master," sportsmanship is still important to him. Despite seeming sly and cool on the outside he is also shown to belt out in loud obnoxious laughter and do silly things from time to time.

Around his teammates, he takes on a more leading role and is a reliable, strong captain; this does not mean he eases up on the sly smirks he is constantly seen sporting. He also seems to care about and respect his elder coach, enough to help Karasuno become better so they can make his dream of versing each other at nationals a reality.

Kuroo also seems to either see himself as more of an old man and people only a year or two younger than him as children, like when he observes Inuoka and Hinata and proclaim "Ah, youth," or when Lev and Tsukishima talk and he calls them kids. He is also more intelligent and shrewd than first impressions would usually let on, which is not made obvious due to his intimidating image.

Statistics Edit

Original Statistics
Game Sense

Kuroo is considered by many to be a blocking expert and is excellent at pressuring opponents. He possesses fine-tuned techniques and is recognized to be Tsukishima's blocking teacher. In addition, Kuroo is an amazing all-rounder, essential to Nekoma in both offense and defense. Like the rest of his team, Kuroo is flexible and efficient with receiving. Even though a middle blocker is usually rotated out with the libero, Kuroo has shown the ability to play back row capably after Yaku is taken out due to injury. He is also currently the only starting member to have a good jump serve.

Jumping Reach: 330 cm


  • Masterful Blocking: Kuroo is a skilled read blocker and is capable of stopping Bokuto's spikes, despite the latter being one of the top five spikers in the country. His expertise in blocking is mainly derived from his firm grasp of the nuances, such as the proper posure, timing, and jumps. When jumping to block, Kuroo would stop and jump straight up instead sideways. At the same time, he tries to match his blocking timing with the moment the ball is spiked downward.[1] This allows Kuroo to block spikers taller or stronger than him.
  • Personal Time Difference Attack: Kuroo picked up the personal time difference attack after watching volleyball matches in his childhood and perfected the move with Kenma over the years.[2] It's one of Nekoma's strongest attacks and can be used to throw off the opposing blockers.
  • Jump Serve: Kuroo is currently the only one on Nekoma shown to be able to use a jump serve. He first showed off his jump serve in the match against Fukurōdani Academy in which he is able to land a free ball for Nekoma.[3] Since then, he has used the jump serve reliably either for service aces or breaking the opponents' formations.

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite Food: Grilled salted mackerel pike.
  • Current Concern: Can't get rid of his bedhead hair.
  • His hair sticks up like that because it's his natural bedhead, according to Kenma.
    • Kenma had also stated that this happens because Kuroo sleeps on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair.
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Kuroo placed in 6th with 4035 votes.[4] In the second, he placed 8th with 6511 votes.[5]
  • It has been theorized that Kuroo could possibly be ambidextrous as he has been shown spiking with both hands in the manga. However, Furudate has stated right-handed players spiking were occasionally drawn spiking with their left hand due to drawing while half-asleep.[6]
  • In the official English sub of the anime his name is written as 'Kuro'.
  • His star sign is Scorpio.
  • He is in Class 5, a college preparatory class.
  • He knows the full term for DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
  • Nomenclature:
    • Tetsurō (鉄朗) - Iron Cheerfulness
    • Kuroo (黒尾) - Black Tail


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