Remember. We are blood. Never stop flowing. Keep moving. Keep bringing oxygen...So that our "brain"...can operate at his best

Tetsurō Kuroo (Japanese: 黒尾 (くろお) 鉄朗 (てつろう) Kuroo Tetsurō) was previously a third-year student from Nekoma High. He was the Boys' Volleyball Club's captain and a middle blocker, known as the "Scheming Captain". As of November 2018, he is part of the Japan Volleyball Association's sports promotion division.


Kuroo is noted to be tall and lean with broad shoulders, well-built arms, and a muscular frame. He has narrow, hazel colored (grey in the manga) eyes with cat-like pupils that make him appear sly and intimidating. His black hair is naturally messy and spikes upwards due to his bed head. He also has a fringe on his right side that partially covers his eye. As a result of his peculiar hairstyle, he is occasionally called "Rooster Head".

Kuroo is often seen wearing a black shirt, red sweatpants, and the Nekoma High jacket. During official matches, he wears the Nekoma uniform numbered with a '1'.


Kuroo has a laid-back yet scheming personality and is considered a "provocation expert" by many[1]. He would actively provoke others and is unrelenting when dishing out snide remarks. This is demonstrated in the way he angers Tsukishima when the first-year blocker maintained a nonchalant attitude toward volleyball during the summer training camp. However, Kuroo is kinder and genuine than what his exterior image conveys. After realizing he has overstepped a line, Kuroo seeks out and apologizes to Daichi about the provocation. Later on, proving that while he is a "provocation expert," sportsmanship is still important to him[1]. He also cares and respects his elder coach, Yasufumi Nekomata, immensely, enough to help Karasuno improve to fulfill Nekomata's dream of competing against each other at nationals a reality.

According to Kenma, Kuroo was a shy and withdrawn kid who first moved into his neighborhood when he was eight years old[2]. He was quiet in front of strangers and awkward around Kenma at first, despite the two being close in age. Both of them bonded over video games and eventually practiced volleyball together. Slowly, Kuroo began to come out of his shell as the two got increasingly involved in the sport. He became a much louder and energetic person, made new friends at school, and started going out to play soccer with the other kids.

Kuroo is also shown to be a highly observant and intuitive person when it comes to both volleyball and other people. Even as a kid, he was incredibly mindful of Kenma's quiet, withdrawn personality, and had the sense to not drag him out to do something the boy didn't have any fun in doing[2]. In matches, his attentive nature as a middle blocker proves to be extremely lethal for Nekoma's opponents. He quickly tracks down and analyzes every move of the spikers, allowing him to put up a successful block and destroy the momentum of the opposing team.

Around his teammates, Kuroo is a reliable, strong captain, often responsible for lifting the spirits of the team when they are feeling down using sly quips. He seems to derive enjoyment from facing strong opponents and hides his frustration with sharp smirks and boisterous remarks, all the while scheming strategies to break down the opposing team.

Despite seeming sly and cool on the outside, Kuroo possesses a silly side that is on display when he belts out in loud obnoxious laughter and engages in frivolous conversation with Bokuto [3]. Kuroo also seems to either see himself as more of an old man or people only a year or two younger than him as children, as shown when he proclaims "Ah, youth" after seeing Inuoka and Hinata and talking with Tsukishima. [4]


Around 8 years old, Kuroo moved next door to Kenma with his family, which consisted of his father and grandparents. Whenever he was left alone, he would come to Kenma's house instead. He was noted to be shyer and more withdrawn than Kenma, so the two had a difficult time getting to know each other.[2]

Initially, Kenma and Kuroo just played video games. One day, Kenma asked him if there's anything he would like the play. Kuroo took this opportunity and introduced volleyball to Kenma. The two ended up playing volleyball outside and grew familiar with each other.

Kuroo used to have a volleyball club and friends where he lived before, and had trouble adjusting to a new place. So while heading home, Kuroo, not wanting to go to an unfamiliar place alone, invited Kenma to come to a volleyball training camp that weekend. There, they encountered a younger Nekomata, who told the two that it's important to experience the joy of playing. Kuroo was inspired by Nekomata's words and became more proactive in volleyball and his life in general.

He joined a volleyball team and made new friends at school. Since there were no volleyball players in the neighbourhood, Kuroo would still drop by Kenma's house to watch videos of professional volleyball matches together. He would mimic moves he saw, later showing them to Kenma.[5] When he saw Kenma's interest in volleyball tactics, he urged his friend to become a setter, saying it is a perfect position for a strategist and not having to move around much. He and Kenma went to the same middle school and high school.

Later, Kuroo convinced Kenma to join their junior high's volleyball team and they have played volleyball together since then.[6] When Kenma was debating leaving the team in his first year of high school due to troubled relationships with the upperclassmen, Kuroo encouraged him to stay by telling Kenma he is a big asset to the team. 


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Kuroo first appears at Tokyo Station with Kenma, on their way to Karasuno High for the practice match[7]. Sometime later, he heads out to search for Kenma, who had gotten split up from the group.

Nekoma’s first practice match is against Tsukinokizawa High. Kuroo walks in as two opponents are criticizing Kenma and corrects that Kenma is Nekoma’s backbone. In the end, Nekoma wins 2-0[8]. At the inn that night, Kuroo yells at Yamamoto several times for being too loud.

The day of the match arrives and the current Nekoma and Karasuno meet. As Daichi and Kuroo shake hands, Daichi notes that Kuroo’s the cunning type. Nekoma then gathers around for Kuroo’s usual speech.

Kuroo doesn’t play much until late into the second set[5]. As he moves to the front of the net, Hinata watches warily. Kuroo then teases him, unnerving Hinata who yells back. Kuroo’s initially surprised by the first years’ quick but doesn’t seem perturbed by it. In response, he attacks back with a personal time difference he’d perfected with Kenma since childhood.

In the end, Nekoma wins all the matches. Kuroo approaches Tsukishima after and comments that he’s not like a high school student at all. Before leaving, Kuroo shakes hands with Daichi again, though both are squeezing hard in challenge.

Tokyo Expedition Arc

Kuroo takes Karasuno around before the training camp begins[9]. He asks Daichi about Hinata and Kageyama before leading the group to the gym.

Later, he sits in the cafeteria with Daichi and talks about the Interhigh results. Kuroo reveals that Nekoma was up against last year’s champions on the second day and only made it to best eight. Though Daichi remarks that it’s still a good position, Kuroo replies that if they don’t move forward, then there’s no point.

Sometime later, Kuroo’s practicing with Bokuto and Akaashi in the third gymnasium when Tsukishima passes by[10]. He calls Tsukishima over and asks him to join, though he’s shocked when Tsukishima refuses. In response, Kuroo brings up Tsukishima’s position as a middle blocker. Tsukishima gets riled up and joins.

Practicing in the third gymnasium.

As they practice, Kuroo gives Tsukishima tips and examples. However, when he compares Tsukishima to Hinata, Tsukishima gets silent and leaves when the rest of Nekoma walks in a second later. The next day, Kuroo approaches Daichi and apologizes for his behavior.

Sometime later, he’s practicing with Bokuto and Akaashi again when Tsukishima approaches them. Tsukishima starts by mentioning their teams’ strength, annoying Kuroo. When Bokuto interrupts with an off-topic comment, Kuroo goes along with him[3].

The practices continues, with Hinata and Lev eventually joining. Kuroo suggests a 3-on-3 with the tallest members against the shortest ones. Tsukishima asks him why he’s helping them so much even though they’re opponents. When Kuroo responds that he’s always this kind, Hinata and Tsukishima stare at him in disbelief. Kuroo then reveals that he wants to make the Battle of the Trash Heap a reality since he doesn’t know how long the Head Coach would stay on the team.

At some point, after the night practice, Kuroo talks to Tsukishima and Hinata about how one point is as good as a hundred points, though the more he tries to explain it, the more he loses his train of thought.

During the BBQ, Kuroo brings food to Kenma and discusses the country’s top three aces with Lev and Hinata[11]. He later teases Tsukishima with Bokuto.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Nekoma vs. Fukurōdani

Nekoma makes it to the top four in the Spring High and faces off against Fukurōdani in the first round[12]. As the team is preparing, Suguru Daishō of Nohebi Academy approaches Kuroo and insults his team for just being known as defenders and that Kuroo lies about his height due to his unique hair style. In response, Kuroo brings up that he is aware of Suguru being dumped by Mika Yamaka and may be too heartbroken to play in the match.

The match begins and Kuroo preps his team, while also being worried about Bokuto. Though it took some time at the start of the match, Kuroo is able to block Bokuto many times and helps carry out Kenma's plan to cause Bokuto to fall into one of his moods. But Fukurōdani still pulls ahead when Akaashi is able to counter Kenma's plan. In the end, Nekoma loses after Bokuto scores with two cross spikes past Kuroo. 

Nekoma vs. Nohebi

Nekoma faces off against Nohebi[13]. Kenma calls Kuroo’s attention to help Lev, who’s depressed after the match. Kuroo explains that Lev may not fit in completely with the team yet, but that’s not the most important part; what’s more important is if Lev can feel himself fitting in.

The third years are tense as the game’s starting as this is their last chance at nationals. As Kuroo and Daishō shake hands, they tease each other, but Kuroo gets serious and remarks that they both lost so they can’t criticize too much.

Kuroo doesn’t play in the beginning and watches the match from the side, warily taking note of Nohebi’s tactics. He later goes into the game, but Nohebi has the advantage with the referee. After Yaku gets injured, Kuroo waves it off, but as soon as Yaku leaves the court, he becomes completely serious.

Kuroo helps Shibayama relax when the first year libero is showing signs of letting his nerves get to him. With Yaku out, Kuroo has to take on a bigger role on the court when he agrees to stay in the rotation when he is moved to the back row. He can receive a jump floater perfectly. When he is at the net, his presence greatly pressures Nohebi’s setter and he is able to block some of their attacks. With the help of Lev and Kenma, Kuroo wins the first set with a back attack[14].

The second set begins and Kuroo worries about Lev, wondering how to advise him without discouraging him. Kai notices his distress and remarks that it doesn’t matter what type of mistakes Lev makes because the team will always be behind him.

Kuroo and Kenma use their one-man time delay attack. Nekoma would later suffer a blow when Kuroo later busts his nail when attempting to receive and has to be switched out to stop the bleeding. He watches in amazement as Lev pulls off a magnificent block to direct a spike to go directly to Shibayama which would lead to Nekoma claiming victory. As Kuroo and Kai hold up Yaku, the former compliments Lev for going beyond his expectations. He then hears some players from another school complaining about Nohebi using underhanded methods and defends Nohebi, stating that they had actual skills. Because Nekoma won the match, it’s one of the three teams representing Tokyo at Nationals [15].

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Nekoma vs. Kiyokawa

During the match, Kuroo is seen repeatedly trying to block Kiyokawa's ace to either block him or direct where his spikes should go. He eventually gets a one-touch on a spike that would allow Kenma and Fukunaga to score the winning point for Nekoma to win the match and advance to the next round.

Nekoma vs. Sarukawa

During the match, Kuroo sees Sarukawa's tactic of trying to crush Kenma so that the rest of Nekoma will fall. However, Kuroo knows that the team will adapt to this strategy and turn things around in their own favor. With the rest of his team, he does everything possible to keep Kenma going and even help keep his mind on track when it's noticeable that the setter is reaching his limits. Near the end of the game, Kuroo and Kenma pull off a center attack that gives Nekoma the break point they needed and they come to match point. 

Nekoma vs. Karasuno

As the match against Karasuno is about to begin, Kuroo shakes hands with Daichi while teasing the captain about his team being the master of the flying laps. Daichi would credit his team becoming masters of the penalty laps thanks to Kuroo and the others while squeezing Kuroo's hand greatly.

Kuroo's first play in the game is when he attempts to make a direct spike off of Lev's receive. He and Kai then try to block Asahi but they are unable to withstand the power behind Asahi's spike. Kuroo is able to score soon after when Kenma tried but failed to fool Hinata with a decoy glance. When Karasuno execute the synchronized attack, Kuroo is successful in shutting down Daichi's spike, though Bokuto would claim that this was out of pure luck. Kuroo would then right away tease Tsukishima on his blocking but admit that he's just trying to rile him up[16].

After Fukunaga scores a point, Kuroo receives great praise from the announcers on his reliability as a blocker and that his receiving of high quality; being referred to as an opposing spiker's worst nightmare. Kuroo further demonstrates his blocking abilities when he is able to get Hinata to spike where Fukunaga was waiting to receive, and then repeats the same action to allow Yamaoto to make a receive. When Tsukishima rotates into the front row, Kuroo becomes intrigued when the first year admits he did not believe he could beat someone stronger than himself. When Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are able to stop Fukuanga with the serve and block technique, Kuroo is immediately blamed by Yaku for Tsukishima's increase in skill though Kuroo would say that half of it was Tsukishima's own doing. Kuroo would then ask Tsukishima how volleyball has been for him and Tsukishima would answer that lately, with Kuroo's help, it's fun at times[17].

After Lev rotates into the game, Kuroo is able to score a service ace. Kuroo later tries to get a ball that appears like it will cross over the net but is shocked to see Kageyama reach it first and set to Hinata. Moments later, Kuroo sees that Asahi would try to spike. Yaku was able to receive and Fukunaga tries to get it after. Kuroo attempts to get the last hit over by saving the ball with his foot but the ball didn't make it over the net. He and Nekoma later try to place themselves well to defend, and not give Asahi a place to hit, only for Asahi to do a block-out against Kuroo's hand.

Seeing Lev attempt to beat Kageyama to a ball going over the net, Kuroo knows that the first year middle blocker doesn't have the technical skills to beat the setter but would be able to use his power and height to his advantage. Kuroo is able to tie the score near the end of the set when he is able to stop Tanaka's spike.

Later in the second set, Kuroo noticed that Kenma seemed to be upset that Hinata was no longer his interesting self due to Nekoma's plan of containing the middle blocker being so successful. Kuroo starts to become a greater threat to Karasuno when he is able to spike past Tsukishima as well as get a one-touch on his spike. When Karasuno reaches set point and Hinata is able to receive and win the set, Kuroo is left speechless.

Before the start of the third set, Lev promises that he will score twenty points and leave the rest to the team. Kuroo is able to calm Lev enough to see that scoring points one at a time will be better than trying to get a larger amount at once. He encourages his team to go back onto the court with the goal of earning the reward for all their hard work.

Early in the third set, Kuroo is able to beat Tsukishima in a joust and afterwards comments how Tsukishima is dragging the match out despite his low stamina. Yaku and Tsukishima comments that it was because of Kuroo and Bokuto that Tsukishima had this newfound fondness for volleyball though Kuroo points out that Tsukishima should give himself some of that credit. Not long after, Kuroo is able to make a receive thanks to Lev, using his block to direct where Asahi should spike.

After Kenma is unable to reach Hinata's feint shot, the setter fell to the floor. Kuroo hurried over to check on him only to be surprised when Kenma confessed he was finally having fun in a game. When accidentally bumps into Kenma and knocks him over, Kuroo is shown being surprised at Kenma's sudden change in behavior when he snaps at Lev to keep the ball is still in play.

When Nekoma loses the match, Kuroo dramatically falls to the ground in the warm-up box. He then makes his way to Kenma on the court where the setter would thank Kuroo for getting him interested in volleyball; leaving Kuroo stunned. When the teams shake hands, Kuroo embraces Daichi afterwards and then pats Tsukishima on the back. When Coach Nekomata thanked the team for their hard work and well played match, Kuroo is the first to voice his gratitude to Coach Nekomata. Kuroo and Yaku would soon burst into tears when Kai expressed his gratitude for having gotten to play volleyball with the two for the last few years.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

Kuroo joins his team in watching Karasuno play against Kamomedai High. Like many others, Kuroo is taken by surprise at seeing Hoshiumi using his special jump and spiking over the blockers but shortly afterwards appears to share in Kenma's annoyance that Hinata appeared to be clearly ignored by Kamomedai's blockers. Despite this, Kuroo was still impressed that Kamomedai was able to get three blockers ready in the attempt to stop Hinata's quick attack even though they were unable to stop him. He's greatly supportive of Tsukishima when he moves to the front row, before laughing at Kenma imitating the Karasuno middle blocker[18]. Right as Kuroo and Kenma notice that Fukurōdani has won their match, they see that Karasuno has lost the first set.

As the second set is about to start, Kuroo notices that Hinata and Tsukishima have switched their usual starting positions. He is shortly shown with an amused expression when Hinata is able to use his wide broad attack to score unmarked. Right after this, Kageyama was able to land a setter dump when Hinata was able to draw enough attention to cause an opening for Kageyama to score. Kuroo is aware that Hinata is able to score several points on his own and is incredibly effective as a decoy. He also notes that this gives the other spikers many opportunities to attack but, as Kenma points out, Hinata is also faced against Hakuba and Hirugami most of the time which could put a great amount of pressure on the middle blocker. Later, like the Date Tech players watching the tournament online, Kuroo shows great surprise when Asahi appeared like he would perform a powerful spike only to switch to a feint shot. Like many others, Kuroo is astounded when Tsukishima was able to dodge Hoshiumi's attempt at a block-out[19]. Despite the excitement of Tsukishima having managed to dodge the ball, Kuroo still points out that it won't be possible for him to manage whenever he wants now that he knows how to do it and that Hoshiumi will most likely be on guard for this and the possibility that Tsukishima won't be the only person who can avoid is spike.

When the third set is about to begin, Kuroo sees that Karasuno and Kamomedai have not changed their rotations and guesses it's due to Karasuno wanting to continue using Hinata to attack from the right while Kamomedai wants to have Hirugami facing Hinata. Kuroo later shows annoyance when Daichi was able to make a miraculous save using his foot and then eagerly watched as Tsukishima made a running approach and spike past a triple block[20]. When Hinata eventually collapsed from his fever, Kuroo expresses concern and watches as Kenma leaves; seeming to instantly know that Kenma was on his way to find Hinata. When Karasuno lost the match, Kuroo was waiting with Bokuto and Yaku to comfort and praise the Karasuno players for their well played match and hard work.

Final Arc

In the Final Arc, Kuroo appears after the match between the MSBY Black Jackals and the Schweiden Adlers. He has become part of the sports promotion division of the Japan Volleyball Association and approaches Hinata with an offer of appearing in a collaboration video along with Kenma with the hope of inspiring others through sports.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Kuroo is considered by many to be a blocking expert and is excellent at pressuring opponents. He possesses fine-tuned techniques and is recognised to be Tsukishima's blocking teacher. Kuroo is an all-rounder, essential to Nekoma in both offence and defence. Like the rest of his team, Kuroo is flexible and efficient with receiving. Even though a middle blocker is usually rotated out with the libero, Kuroo has shown the ability to play back-row capably after Yaku is taken out due to injury. He is also currently the only starting member to have a good jump serve.

Jumping Reach: 330 cm


  • Masterful Blocking: Kuroo is a skilled read blocker and is capable of stopping Bokuto's spikes, despite the latter being one of the top five spikers in the country. His expertise in blocking is mainly derived from his firm grasp of the nuances, such as the proper posture, timing, and jumps. When jumping to block, Kuroo would stop and jump straight up instead of sideways. At the same time, he tries to match his blocking timing with the moment the ball is spiked downward[21]. This allows Kuroo to block spikers taller or stronger than him.
  • Personal Time Difference Attack: Kuroo picked up the personal time difference attack after watching volleyball matches in his childhood and perfected the move with Kenma over the years[5]. It is one of Nekoma's strongest attacks and can be used to throw off the opposing blockers.
  • Jump Serve: Kuroo is one of the two players on Nekoma shown to be able to use a jump serve. He first showed off his jump serve in the match against Fukurōdani Academy in which he can land a free ball for Nekoma[22]. Since then, he has used the jump serve reliably either for service aces or breaking the opponents' formations.


Nekoma High

  • Kenma Kozume:
    Kuroo moved into Kenma's neighborhood when they were young, and they gradually became close friends. Due to both of their shy and withdrawn nature, the two ended up playing video games in silence until Kenma asked what Kuroo wanted to do one day. Kuroo suggested playing volleyball, and Kenma joined in despite his initial disappointment over it not being a video game. Once Kuroo began opening up more, Kenma realized that there is indeed a loud guy underneath it all.
    Kuroo remained close with Kenma even after joining a new volleyball club, making new friends, and becoming more outgoing. He continued to be understanding of Kenma's reserved personally and respected the latter's wishes to not participate in certain activities. Kuroo insisted on helping Kenma foster interests of his own, stating that if Kenma was interested in something he would invite him out; otherwise, Kuroo doesn't want to make Kenma uncomfortable.
    Kuroo and Kenma remain good friends into adulthood and would still work together occasionally. Post-timeskip, Kuroo revealed that he is planning a video collaboration with Kodzuken, the famous Youtuber/gamer, and asked Hinata to join them for more possible views.
  • Morisuke Yaku:
    Kuroo Yaku OVA.png
    At some point in junior high, Yaku's team crushed Kuroo's, leading to the latter's bitter resentment towards the libero. As a result, they often clashed as first years in Nekoma.[23] In contrast to Yaku, Kuroo prefers fish, girls with long hair, sweet curry, Mikasa volleyballs, going to the sea during the summer, dogs, and Japanese-style; however, it's unclear if he said some of those things so that he would oppose Yaku. As third years now, they have a strong relationship and mutual respect.
  • Lev Haiba:
    Kuroo and Lev OVA 4-2.png
    Kuroo is shown to be the person most responsible for teaching Lev proper blocking techniques, such as read blocking and correct arm placement. Though Kuroo at times can get frustrated by Lev's impulsiveness, he is also patient and always ready to help however he can. After Nekoma's defeat against Fukurōdani Academy, Lev was depressed about his performance, but Kuroo was there to try to cheer him up and help him understand the meaning of teamwork.

Other Schools

  • Kōtarō Bokuto:
    Kuroo and Bokuto are good friends, know each other quite well and often team up in their antics. Although Kuroo is more sensible than Bokuto, and will sometimes fool around with him, they often share similar reactions to events unfolding before them. He and Bokuto have a rather competitive relationship, though mostly trivial, and enjoy each other's company. Kuroo practices with Bokuto and Akaashi at the training camp despite being on different teams, suggesting that they must have known each other for a while.
  • Kei Tsukishima:
    Kuroo constantly teases Tsukishima while the latter is neutrally respectful towards him, occasionally looking towards Kuroo for inspiration. Kuroo taught Tsukishima many proper blocking techniques during the training camp and gave him advice on how to improve. Kuroo was the first to notice that Tsukishima felt inferior to Hinata during the summer training camp and would later apologize to Daichi for upsetting the middle blocker when he unintentionally hurt his feelings. Because of how much he would help Tsukishima, Kuroo became known as his mentor.
  • Suguru Daishō: They are longtime rivals and enjoy mocking each other. From what Akane was told by her brother, Kuroo and Suguru have known each other for several years and usually seem to bicker any time they meet[24]. They also seem to have mutual
    Suguru and Kuroo OVA 4-1.png
    respect as they acknowledge their respective teams' abilities and have challenged each other to meet at the Spring High finals. Somehow, Kuroo knows a lot about Daishō's personal life, including his breakup with Mika. Kuroo calls Mika "Mika-chan", but it's unknown if he does it to tease Daishō or if he knows her personally.
  • Daichi Sawamura: Though he sometimes teases Daichi for his team being the one to do the most penalties during the training camps,
    Daichi and Kuroo s2-e14-1.png
    Kuroo and Daichi respect each other and share a desire to have their teams play against one another at Nationals. They are both seen having to keep an eye on their underclassmen on occasion. After their final matches at Nationals, they are shown sharing embraces and Kuroo is shown praising Daichi and the Karasuno team for their well-played game after they lost to Kamomedai High.
  • Shōyō Hinata:
    Hinata and Kuroo s1-e13-2.png
    Kuroo first meets Hinata when he found Kenma after the setter got lost. During the practice match between Nekoma and Karasuno, Kuroo would taunt Hinata about his height but recognized that he was faster than Inuoka and able to give him a hard time. During the summer training camps, he is friendlier to Hinata and would at times share blocking advice during free practices. Kuroo acknowledges Hinata as an opponent to be cautious of despite his lack of experience and short stature. Kuroo also seems to hold a certain level of gratitude toward Hinata for being a friend that Kenma was able make on his own. After Hinata's debut match in the V-League, Kuroo revealed himself to have watched the game and offers Hinata a chance to be in a collaboration video along with Kenma.


That unsteady shrimp you guys are talking about is the backbone of Nekoma. He's our brain and our heart.
To players from an opposing team during a practice match, Season 1 Episode 11
Remember. We are blood. Never stop flowing. Keep moving. Keep bringing oxygen...So that our "brain"...can operate at his best.
A “personal time difference attack!" It’s an offensive technique we can’t use yet, but if we practice it a lot from here on out, around the time we’re in high school, I’m sure that it’ll become one of our most magnificent special moves!
You and Lev are like oil and water; you guys don't mix very well.
..Isn't it more fun having enemies you can't seem to beat?
Then, isn't it best to attack before being attacked? They do say offense is the best defense, right?
Oho ho ho?
(In the Japanese raws, the quote is "Oya oya oya?"), Volume 10 Chapter 89
I've always been a nice person.
Read blocking is a block that consists of restraint and persistence, but it's also.. the block where you laugh last.


  • Favorite Food: Grilled salted mackerel pike.
  • Current Concern: Can't get rid of his bedhead hair.
  • His hair sticks up like that because it's his natural bedhead, according to Kenma.
    • Kenma had also stated that this happens because Kuroo sleeps on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair.
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Kuroo placed in 6th with 4035 votes.[25] In the second, he placed 8th with 6511 votes.[26]
    Kuroo spiking with his left hand
  • It has been theorised that Kuroo could be ambidextrous as he has been shown spiking with both hands in the manga. However, Furudate has stated right-handed players spiking were occasionally drawn spiking with their left hand due to drawing while half-asleep.[27]
Kuroo spiking with his right hand
  • In a flashback Tsukishima has of the training camp, Kuroo and Bokuto were shown to have switched hairstyles.
  • Kuroo is the youngest of Nekoma's third-years and is one of the youngest third-years in the series.
  • In the official English sub of the anime, his name is written as 'Kuro'.
  • His star sign is Scorpio.
  • He knows the full term for DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
  • Nomenclature:
    • Tetsurō (鉄朗) - Iron Cheerfulness
    • Kuroo (黒尾) - Black Tail



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